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Hey guys,

I bought my PS3 a little under a year ago and I have always had trouble with the quality of the picture. I am using HDMI on a 22 inch LG HDTV. I usually play my games on the Xbox 360, where I actually use VGA and I had no problems there.

But with HDMI, I have had all sorts of problems. By default, I found the picture quality to look blown out. Text looks a bit garbled and graphics generally are a bit grainy. There is also some overscan too.

This is all solved when I go to my TV settings and go from "DTV" mode to "PC" mode. The graphics look great and no overscan.

However, there is one problem that bugs me about PC mode and it is how the colours look. They look dull, muted and washed out. The colour is all definitely there but the colours just aren't very vibrant.

Maybe it's just me, being a picky sod but if anyone has had this problem, I would love to hear from you. I have been trying to Google search this stuff for months with no joy.

Thanks guys.

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Hey! By enabling pc mode on your tv makes it think that there is 0-255 signal coming in but, even tho PS3 is sending 16-255 signal. You can fix this by going to PS3 display settings and find an option RGB Full (HDMI) and choosing Full. If that doesn't help with the colors, you should try fiddle around with your tv settings.

Hope that helps!

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@fierrze: Oh thanks for the response! I have actually already done that, I should have mentioned that before. It does make a positive difference but I still think it could look more colourful. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Just a update from myself about this:

A friend told me to play about with contrast/brightness on my TV. I didn't think it would make much of a difference but it did. My TV has a "Dynamic" setting, which is just an automatic setting which looked great with VGA on the 360. However, with HDMI on the PS3, it was the main reason why a lot of colour was being sucked out. I've been playing Resistance 2 recently and it looks great now.

Even though only one person replied, thanks anyway!

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You should definitely mess around with your TV's settings until you find what gives you the best results. Presets and factory settings are never the way to go. I took me about six months of testing and scouring the internet before I found the perfect settings for my current TV.

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@a_e_martin: The main problem is that there isn't a lot for me to adjust. It is mainly just the brightness and contrast. But as I said, I think I have it pretty good now and I am happy enough continuing to play Xbox 360 games with VGA.

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I had the same problem but when I first got my tv. I changed all my contrast, color settings, sharpness and all that crap till everything looked great. Just mess around with options until it looks good or something breaks.