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I was wondering how playstation plans on handling our plus accounts when ps4 comes out? My account runs out next month and I was planning on resigning up for another year plus they are currently adding 3 more months for free. So this got me wondering how they will handle plus account on ps4 if there even is such a thing. Will I be able to get all my old/current games onto my ps4 or will I have to keep my ps3 hooked up if I want to play something on it? If the plans are similar can I have one plus account on both ps3 and 4? I'm pretty sure sony will not have anything to say about this for some time, but it seems alittle shitty to ask me to resign up for a year long membership when they know there will be a new system in 8 months.

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It's a bit of quandary. I don't think they could get away with offering free full retail PS4 games at launch or even PSN games for that matter. If the PS4 is backward compatible then they could still give out PS3 games. But that's a big if.

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There is almost no way PS4 will be backwards compatible, but I believe that has more to do with discs than downloads. I think it would be easy to offer a free digital copy of a ps3 game on ps4. This would also help out greatly when it comes to launch lineups. An easy way to beef up the number of games is to have tons of old ones that you can download right away. Also I would assume sony throws in 3 free months of new-plus with all systems so people learn how great it is, than buy in.

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It'll be the same as they did with the Vita, for the first year, it will just be game saves/auto patching/discounts then after a year they will slowly add games, maybe 1 retail and 1 downloadable a month.

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I just re-upped my Playstation Plus membership because I wanted to play Darksiders. I also doubt there will be any hard B/C this time around, but speculation has suggested that Sony's purchase of streaming service Gaikai will play into this somehow. I guess we'll find out more later this year on that.

When the PS4 drops, I expect PS+ members who have a new console will be able to choose from a couple of downloadable games and probably timed-demos of the full-length titles. Sony has been touting one account to rule them all, so I don't think you'll need separate PS3 and PS4 accounts.