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I just noticed that once you upload a save game to PS Plus you have to wait 24 hours before downloading it again. Is there some technical reason for this or what?

If i'm paying for online storage then i should be able to access my saves whenever i want.

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It's there to prevent you from cheating by backing up autosaves and then replacing them with a cloud copy once you screw up (Dark Souls comes to mind).

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I'm pretty sure it also varies on a game to game basis.

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Preventing cheating barely seems like a valid reason, and 24 hours seems excessive.

But tell me again what's being discussed? We can save games without cloud so what the point of cloud is, I'm not sure.

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It's not just cheating, it's to prevent trophy exploitation as well. I went and messed around with it some and it seems that any game that doesn't let you copy saves to usb sticks or other profiles are the one that enact the 24 hour download limit. So in actuality the clod saves enable you to move saves to other consoles that wouldn't normally be movable.

Also I'm not sure what the big deal is. How many times do you really need to download the same exact save? If you download it, play the game, save and upload then you can download it again.