Have you been enjoying the game?

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Poll: Have you been enjoying the game? (51 votes)

Yes 88%
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Hey all, have y’all been enjoying the game? I’m not terribly far, only on route 3, but I kind of am hating the catching mechanics. Particularly the need to chain together the same species over and over to get the rarer species in an area to spawn. Three times tonight I got a chain up to 9 only to have one run away from me and reset it. It’s wildly frustrating. There are definitely cute and novel things in the game but at its core it’s about catching Pokémon and if that isn’t fun, then what’s left?

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#1 Posted by soulcake (2811 posts) -

Not a fan off the new catching mechanic, but i get it pokemon go is a huge thing and this game is made for set people in mind. Also this might be the first game ever that i think is to easy. Like my Eevee one shots almost every trainer pokemon. Also you can turn pokemon into candy, witch is a weird thing but hey what are you gonna do with 20 pidgeys anyway. Also a tip catch every pokemon you encounter cause i didn't and now i need to catch 40 pokemans to get that charmander.

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Having a blast with it so far and I honestly much prefer the new catch system to the old random battles. I hated in the old games having to swap around weak Pokemon so I didn't one-shot the wild Pokemon I was trying to catch and then you'd have an attack crit and screw you over anyway. I'm indifferent to the catch combo system, at least it gives you a way to tilt the odds in your favor as opposed to wandering threw tall grass just hoping the Pokemon you want attacks. The catch combo doesn't reset on screen changes so you could always go back to the start to catch a bunch of Rattata and build a high combo if you're having issues of Pokemon fleeing.

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As someone who's played every mainline Pokemon, I thought I would hate the new wild Pokemon mechanic, but after playing through the first three gyms, I actually vastly prefer it and am going to be really sad when they change it back to normal in the next games. It's not like you were ever in danger from wild Pokemon in the previous games anyway; more than likely you'd just catch one of each thing you didn't have yet on each new route (assuming you didn't oneshot it because your Pokemon are already 10 levels above the wild Pokemon) and then use repels or run constantly.

The game's definitely easy (my Eevee has insane type coverage just with Headbutt + the first three special moves), but it's not like you couldn't beat literally every other Pokemon game's story with 1-2 sweepers already. I honestly don't remember the last time since I was a kid playing Gen I/II that I 'blacked out' in a Pokemon game; it's not like you couldn't just go grind on wild Pokemon if you felt underleveled (which you still can do in this game as well, just that you're catching them instead of oneshotting them with a move).

My tip would be to play in handheld mode (not docked) because then you don't have to use the bad motion controls for catching.

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Yes. Overwhelmingly so.

Let's Go is a love-letter to Pokemon's Generation 1, and it feels like something of a revelation to have a full-fat Pokemon experience on a home console. Apart from the way the game handles wild Pokemon encounters--which is for the better, ultimately--this is the Pokemon experience players have been asking for for years.

I'd like to see Pro Controller support added. Right now, the game forces you to play single-Joycon if the Switch is docked, which also forces you to use motion controls. The motion controls aren't pervasive--you're really only using them to throw Poke Balls during encounters--but you're incentivized to capture Pokemon so much that you end up spending a lot of time with the throwing mechanics anyway. I've noticed a disappointing lack of responsiveness with the motion controls. Often my Poke Balls aren't properly thrown, they roll on the ground beneath the feet of the Pokemon I'm trying to capture. And trying to hit a Pokemon that has moved left or right is a trial-and-error process that just feels miserable.

But, otherwise, I have few complaints. The changes to random encounters, primarily in the form of being able to see the wild Pokemon roaming in the tall grass/caves, cuts out 100% of the tedium of grinding through battles just to get the Pokemon you want. I love being able to see Pokemon at their full size (Onix is MASSIVE, holy crap). And the battles are genuine Pokemon fights as you remember them. No corners were cut, the battles aren't truncated or reduced. This is Pokemon.

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#5 Posted by KittenTactics (102 posts) -

I'm adoring it, but it's a Pokémon tailor-made for me. I wouldn't refer to myself (or anyone for that matter) as a "genwunner", but Gen 1 was definitely the peak of my fandom. I still loved Gen 2 a lot and have had fun with each game I've tried, but it's never been the same for me. Kanto and the original 151 are what I fell in love with and it's hard to recapture that feeling. On top of that, from day one, Eevee was by far my favorite Pokémon. He's so damn cute and I loved his ability to evolved into an ever-growing number of evolutions, he represents the best of Pokémon as a whole. So a game that brings it all back to Kanto, all back to the 151, and lets me run around with an Eevee on my head is literally everything I want in a Pokémon game.

From a mechanics standpoint, I'm on the fence. I love the elimination of random battles, because battling is my least favorite thing about the series. I love not having to grind battles but instead grind captures. The only place that falters is in the actual capturing. I don't really know what I would do differently, but because throwing at the right time, at the right target, with the right conditions is the name of the game - I can't shake the feeling that any failed capture is 100% my fault rather than RNG or a bit of both. I really don't understand why I can't play with two joycons as well. I get that they want me to engage with the motion controls, and that's fine, I just wish I would navigate with the Left and throw with the Right. I throw right-handed in real life, but the stick on the right joycon is in the middle of the joycon, so it isn't as comfy to play with.

But all things told, I'm enchanted by it. It's everything I hoped it would be, and everything I've wanted since FireRed/LeafGreen. Bring on Snap 2!