Should I buy the game if I'm not playing Pokemon Go ?

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I'm a disabled person, I can't play Pokemon Go, but I loved pokemon yellow on my GameBoy Color ( it was one of my fist game ever played )
Will I enjoy this game even if I'm not able to play Pokemon Go ? Or should I wait for Pokemon in 2019 ?

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Not that much is know ATM. I ain't a Pokemon go player either so functions so far seems to be, your able to port over Pokemon from GO to the switch version. Am guessing if your able to play a switch game in handheld mode you will probably be ok playing this game. They only switched up the catching mechanics in this one with a weird pokemon go catching mechanic where you have to play a mini game throwing a pokeball at a pokemon in order to catch it.

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So far all we know about the integration is that you can move the original kanto pokemon from go to let's go. It moves then into a park where you can catch them. You wont be at a disadvantage during the actual game since you can still catch these same pokemon during the game as well.

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It looks like it will be something you can play without using pokemon go. I'm not able to play it ether but I'm still going to pick it up =)

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The Pokémon go aspect seems like an extra than a necessity. Like people have said, it just lets you transfer Pokémon you catch in Go to the switch game. You can still catch those Pokémon in the game without the app

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shits not out for over a year man, but the small amount of footage showed a "go park" so its more than likely some small fun gimmick. i play pokemon go from bed honestly though you dont need to beat feet to get the occasional pokemon they respawn.

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The Pokemon GO functionality is an extra. Take that out and you still have a gorgeous remake of Pokemon Yellow with a whole bunch of quality of life features. You'll be fine :)

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@gtb08: No, that's the new "core" title you're thinking of. This is the spin-off/remake out this November.

I say "spin-off," as a lot of the changes made to this game will likely not stick. This is specifically developed for the casual crowd. The crowd that played Go, but hasn't ever played the real deal, or at least not in a long while.

There's no EV training, no HMs. Pokemon appear on the map and can only be caught Go-style, not fought. Multiplayer is downgraded all the way back to the 90s except with online. There's no GTS or anything like that.

But yes, the Go interconnectivity is very much optional. I mean, do you really need the means to import Pokemon in a game that only has a little over 150? I'd make it a rule to only trade for the missing Pokemon.

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Whoops, didnt realize 3 games at once were being referenced. Not sure how i feel about this but it looks fully featured enough. Sorry for the misinformation

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So has anyone on here played it yet as it seems from reviews that’s it not that bad

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@shades846: It's quite good if you're a casual Pokemon fan or just want to play a remake of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. I just finished the 2nd gym today and have been having a lot of fun with it. Only major difference from the originals is this doesn't feature random battles in grass anymore. Now you see the Pokemon walking around and walk into them to engage in a catching mini game that works similar to Pokemon Go. There are still battles of course but they're only against other trainers within the world or against the Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo.

If you're way into the hardcore aspects of modern Pokemon with breeding and perfect IV stats and things like that this probably isn't for you. This is very much a nostalgia piece for fans of the first couple games and a good entry for folks who have never played a Pokemon game before as it's so simplified compared to the last couple games.

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To answer the question of the OP, when you link Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let's Go, it imports them to a special "pokemon GO park" in Fuchsia City where the pokemon from your GO account roam about and you can catch them to use in Let's Go.

I can see this being useful if you've already invested a whole chunk of time collecting rare pokemon in GO, but most of them will be available in Let's Go out in the wild so it shouldn't make any difference to your playthrough. The fact that they're not even available until you have 3 or 4 gym badges should indicate it's not a huge deal.

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I don't play Go and am going to pick it up and play through it during my Christmas break.

I didn't realise it was a soft remake of Yellow until yesterday then got super excited to actually check it out. It seems like a nice and easy game to play over the holidays.

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We're getting Let's go Pikachu for one of the kids as their first pokemon game.

But from the coverage it looks like this has removed enough of the grinding that I'm considering getting a copy for me as well. However, we only have one Nintendo Switch. I guess we wouldn't be able to trade if we have both Let's go Pikachu and Let's go Eevee carts, but just one system?

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On the podcast this morning Jan made it seem like a great game in it's own right. He mentioned that it's basically Pokemon Yellow? That sounds exciting to me.

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Short answer, yes.

Long answer: Are you looking for a game that is, essentially, the Pokemon Yellow experience remastered? Also, yes.

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@brendan said:

On the podcast this morning Jan made it seem like a great game in it's own right. He mentioned that it's basically Pokemon Yellow? That sounds exciting to me.

Yeah, I'm pretty happened I picked it up, it is incredibly neat to see this world I spent hundreds of hours in as a kid in 3D.

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The game is basically your classic Pokemon Yellow with a few changes.

I like the changes, but I'm sorta disappointed they didn't update other things too. An example would be where a Pokemon learns a new move and you need to forget a move or keep the old moves... the menu there and dialogs are unchanged. It just feels unnecessarily long these days!