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#1 Edited by GoranP (1265 posts) -

Final Update

This thread is now over. We've had a great run and sorry to all the folks that missed out! Most of the people added everyone as we planned but some only added a portion. So if we remove those people from the list we can no longer operate under the assumption that everyone will be adding everyone which was the whole point of this. If someone wants to continue the torch with another mass PM feel free to start up another thread with another big group of people of course.

Since this was a trading thread as well for the people involved, I'll leave that link up. Someone else can create a generic trade thread if they wish that involves everybody.

I have requested this thread to be locked.

Original Post

Read before automatically posting your code, this thread is a little different and you will not get added if you don't follow how we do things.

Iknow there's an old 3DS friend code exchange thread, but I figured we could make one for Pokemon specifically. It's a bit annoying since both parties have to add each other, but I figure the interested people can come to this thread and post their code. After a few posts, I could start a continuous mass PM where I add the codes and names of the people once a day. This way everyone is sharing codes right away and it's better than having a fat table and PMing people individually. You can just mass add people that you know are looking to mass add other people. If someone wants to back out they can be removed from the PM thread (I assume that function still exists) and I would remove them from the daily update so that others stop adding the person. I could also update this thread with a table of everyone's codes just for the extra option (we could mass add this way as well, I just think people tend to post in threads and forget about them often).

Specify whether you want to be included in the mass add PM thread + table or only one of them. If you do not specify I am assuming you want the PM and are ok with the table. Include your at least TRAINER's name in the post (game version is good too). The PM system will give you the whole thread once you are added, so make sure you use the stuff on the latter pages for the most updated info.By being a part of the PM you are agreeing to add everyone, so don't be a jerky jerk!

The next PM will be sent either late on the 14th or early on the 15th. My 3DS name is drpoplove and my trainer name is PoP


Not everyone can voice chat/wants to voice chat/is familiar with the same language/etc. and the trading options are pretty barebones without communication. I have created a google drive page where you list your username, the Pokemon you are seeking and the Pokemon you would trade. Note- if you have nothing good for trade but are still seeking a Pokemon, feel free to add yourself to the list. I'm sure plenty of us GB folks are generous and have copies of cool Pokemon. Please don't abuse the file because anyone can edit it. The only real rule is that you need to be a part of the thread or PM to be involved in the trading. If your name is not there you will be removed. Pro tip: use control + f and type the name of the Pokemon you want if you don't feel like reading every single entry.

The Meat

Yes adding everyone drags on but the experience you end with is incredible and you'll only be doing it a few times. Not to mention the game HUGELY rewards you for having a lot of friends later on (keep things spoiler free). I also just want to give everyone a fat thank you for making this game one of the best online experiences. Cheers!

Edit: Yes there are a lot of codes to add if you're late, but you only have to mass add a few times. Once we max out: if you do not add people within a reasonable time frame (a few days for example), we will remove you from the thread/PM in order to free up slots since 3DS has a 100 friend limit. Eventually we'll have to start another thread as well for another circle of people. If you are in game when someone adds you back they will not show up in your game until you go to your friends list and see the thing that says " person has added you back!"

Name/Version3DS CodeName/Version3DS Code
GoranP (Y)0576-4788-5744bearklaw19 (X)2895-7633-6460
Colourful_Hippie (X)2062-9338-1304bawalo (X)0447 - 6344 - 2372
Turtlebird95 (Y)0301-9912-8111maxB (X)5284-2637-3586
insouciant (Y, table only)1118-1028-9858DarkShaper (Y)3497 - 0207- 6600
CoinMatze (X)3325-2026-9116Proctorb (Y)5370-0466-9339
Itwongo (X)0275-7770-9539theimmortalbum (Y)4768-7597-8164
Forcen (Y)4484-8480-1829hiono (Y)2766-8680-1423
SpaceKangaroo (X)4553 - 9944 -1241Mattyboysmith (X)1075-1934-6121
NZJem (Y)0989-2835-2220supercool117 (Y)2234-7231-5969
redyoshi (X)2595 -0380-1366nickd777 (Y)4312-9889-6272
MentalDisruption (Y)4828-4417-9808meatballLOL (X)4227-2016-4068
vikingdeath1 (X)2595-0062-8136stephenab10 (X)0877-1009-0993
TooWalrus (X)2122-5993-6455Hfields (X)2681-0135-3484
mracoon3239-3561-4910Gonmog (Y)0044-2952-3172
Hunter5024 (Y)3780-9657-6078Potango (X)0216-0832-1664
ThaMilkMan (X)3093-7398-3347SuperKcross (X)5026-5490-2344
Benny (Y)0748-2105-1435Chennie (Y)3582 - 8750 - 3968
Lumley (X)2638-0210-5895cliveevilc (Y)2809-8380-1227
I_Stay_Puft (X)1032-1247-4392calophi (X)2406-5156-6588
alanm26v5 (X)5370-1559 -1227hachiroku (X)4227-20515199
murph267 (X)0404-5937-2704Ketchupp (X)3652-0639-8511
Kain55 (X)4055-2768-5359
Marmalade (Y)2423 -1827-4759
Forderz (X)1607-2033-0458
SerHulse (Y)2492-4103-1882
DonChipotle (Y)1075-1382-0066
Carlos1408 (X)1907-9167-8554
ominousbedroom (X)4656-6215-8774
metalsnakezero (X)0232-8031-3218
ISuxors (X)4957-2751-8506
TheSilentGod (Y)5198-2654-1659
CaptainCharisma (X)5026-5520-2527
Phatmac (Y)0533-4184-7804
djgoodnews (X)3952-7017-0231
lupusmaximus (X)0404-6266-9941
poisonmonkey (Y)2895-7171-1702
Nux (X + Y)4038-5999-2820
Pudge (X)4511-0737-8283
TheMasterDS (X)1977-0387-8995
Shishkabob (Y)4570 - 7347 - 0617
Weltal (X)2148 - 9079 - 5352
Varulv777 (Y)5327-1985-9688
Svamp (X)5129-1190-0587
peachesrcool (Y)3007-8076-3837
gike987 (X)4055-4068-3028
certmcgurt (Y)4682 - 9769 - 0264

If you have posted in this thread saying you expect people to PM you once they've added you, you haven't been added to the list. Read the actual post.

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#2 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5710 posts) -

I'm getting X version as soon as it's out on E-Shop. I'm ok with the PM


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#3 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -


I'm fine with the PM.

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#5 Posted by CoinMatze (546 posts) -


I got dat X. PM is good.

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#6 Edited by Itwongo (1735 posts) -


I think I'll be getting X.

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#7 Edited by Forcen (2294 posts) -


I got Y early. Is there a friend limit or a region wall for friends?

I'm fine with both mass PM and wall

3rd edit: Maybe we should post the name we use on the 3DS to make it less confusing, my nick there is Forcen.

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#8 Posted by GoranP (1265 posts) -

Friend limit is 100 (currently I expect a max of 50 people for this, but we'll see how it goes). No clue about region stuff.

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#9 Edited by SpaceKangaroo (172 posts) -

4553 - 9944 -1241

Nickname: Dingles

Fine wit da PM!

I've got X. Leveled up a fair few O-powers so shall spam everyone with them while I can!

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#10 Edited by nzjem (15 posts) -


I'm getting Y and find with the PM

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#11 Edited by redyoshi (1286 posts) -

2595 - 0380 - 1366

I'll be getting X, I'm cool with the PM.

My nickname is Clyde, by the way.

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#12 Posted by MezZa (2684 posts) -


Name: Zach

PM and table is ok with me.

Planning on getting Y first at midnight by walmart or download. Planning on picking up X as well somewhere down the line.

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#13 Edited by vikingdeath1 (1212 posts) -


Getting X in the morning!

Fine with the PM!

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#14 Edited by TooWalrus (13391 posts) -

Oh, me! Me me me! I'm going out with my little brother to get the games in a couple of hours. I'm getting X, he's getting Y. My friend code is: 2122-5993-6455

Nickname TooWalrus, PM me, YO.

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#15 Posted by mracoon (5099 posts) -

Friend Code: 3239-3561-4910

Played 3 random battles online so far and somehow managed to win all of them, which is crazy as I've never played a Pokemon game online before. Also, did a wonder trade and managed to get a (French) charmander. Don't know why you'd trade that up but I'm not complaining.

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#16 Edited by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

Excuse me for a moment while I figure out how to figure out my friend code...

Done. Friend Code: 3780-9657-6078

I'll be picking up Y. X seems to be the popular choice so I'll breed some Y exclusives as soon as I can. I'm cool with the PM.

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#17 Edited by ThaMilkMan (388 posts) -

Friend Code: 3093-7398-3347Nickname: Milk

I will be getting pokemon X hope to trade with you all and battle soon!

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#18 Edited by Benny (2009 posts) -

Friend code 0748-2105-1435

Nickname: Ben (pokemon y)

add me to the PM list!

I have all kinds of awesome lower level pokemon like Eevee, bagon, Riolu, so PM me and tell me you've added me as I'll be keeping my eye on my inbox while playing so I can add you right away and give you some O powers! Level 2 catch rate! etc!

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#19 Posted by Lumley (1035 posts) -

Friend code: 2638-0210-5895

Name: Alex

I've got Pokemon X. Add me to the PM list.

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#20 Edited by murph267 (22 posts) -

Friend Code : 0404-5937-2704

Name : Yune

I got Pokemon X. i am good with being put on the PM list and the table.

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#21 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) -

Friends Code: 1032-1247-4392

Name: Stay Puft

In-Game Pokemon Tag: Hideo Kojima

Pokemon Game: X

Favorites Food: Waffles

Hobbies: Long walks on the beach and welding

Heroes: Nick Offerman and Asses McGee

Favorite Color: Green

Where I imagine myself in 10 years: Playing Pokemon with a fine mustache.

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#22 Posted by GoranP (1265 posts) -

Trading page added.

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#23 Edited by Forcen (2294 posts) -

@thamilkman: I can't add your friend code, i get "friend code" is invalid. Can anyone else confirm?

Added the rest.

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#24 Posted by GoranP (1265 posts) -

@forcen said:

@thamilkman: I can't add your friend code, i get "friend code" is invalid. Can anyone else confirm?

Added the rest.

Confirmed. Please double check your code, Milk Man. I'll make sure to tell everyone that your new code should work in the next PM.

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#25 Posted by alanm26v5 (555 posts) -

Friend Code : 5370 - 1559 - 1227

Name : Alan

Pokemon X

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#26 Posted by ThaMilkMan (388 posts) -

@goranp: My appologies. The correct vode is 3093-7398-3347

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#27 Edited by Snail (8887 posts) -

I feel like there should be an official trading thread, separate from this one, and that that document should be linked there. EDIT: New thread title makes more sense.

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#28 Edited by GoranP (1265 posts) -

@thamilkman: You listed the same code as before. Perhaps your friends list is full or you have some sort of privacy feature set?

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#29 Posted by ThaMilkMan (388 posts) -

@goranp: no its different the first four digits are 3093 instead of 3039 as I put previously sorry for the confusion

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#30 Posted by ThaMilkMan (388 posts) -

@goranp: actually I just looked I input the right friend code but you put the wrong number in the table...haha

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#31 Posted by GoranP (1265 posts) -

@thamilkman: Okay, gotcha! Will update the table now and let everybody know in the next PM.

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#32 Edited by Benny (2009 posts) -

I've added everyone up to this point on the page, It's also come to my attention that the amount of friends you have affects a certain area in the game related to catching pokemon (more is better) so anyone who posted before this post if you add me you'll automagically be friends!

thanks for doing this as well OP.

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#33 Edited by Kain55 (151 posts) -

Friend Code: 4055-2768-5359

I think my nickname is Kain55, but it may be Patrick. I have no idea how the friend's system on the 3DS works at all.

I have Pokemon X. Just about to start it up.

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#34 Edited by Marmalade (205 posts) -

Friend Code: 2423 - 1827 - 4759

I'm pretty sure my nickname is "Marmalade" but I've never used this friend stuff before, so I could be wrong! Even had to make a dumb looking mii. :(

Pookey Man Y all up in here!

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#35 Edited by Forderz (301 posts) -

1607 2033 0458

I'd like to get in on some pokemon action.

Pokemon X, btw.

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#36 Edited by SerHulse (710 posts) -
  • 2492 - 4103 - 1882
  • SerHulse
  • Pokémon Y

PM/Table is cool, yo.

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#37 Posted by DonChipotle (3390 posts) -

1075 1382 0066

Pokemon Y

Add me to the table and the PMs, it's all good. I just want some PokePals

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#38 Edited by Forderz (301 posts) -

Man adding everyone in here took forever...

And I think that google page is set to read only.

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#39 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) -

@forderz said:

Man adding everyone in here took forever...

And I think that google page is set to read only.

yeah it is, the google page.

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#40 Posted by Carlos1408 (1622 posts) -

I'm cool with it all and have Pokemon X. My nickname is either Alvah or Carlos, can't remember.

Friend code: 1907-9167-8554

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#41 Edited by GoranP (1265 posts) -

I believe it is now set to edit. Sorry for the error!

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#42 Posted by Kenobi (599 posts) -

Slowly adding everyone...

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#43 Edited by ominousbedroom (536 posts) -

I have X and am ok with the PM stuff. Feel free to add me:

FC: 4656-6215-8774

Nickname: Ran

Adding pretty much everyone since I'm going for completion.

Edit: Trainer name Callum.

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#44 Posted by Forcen (2294 posts) -

@kenobi: Don't forget to post your own code.

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#45 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) -

If anybody is starting the game new and just wants somebody to store traded starter pokemon till they have all three let me know. Friend assisted me with mine so I'll do the same, at most takes about an hour.

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#46 Edited by NegativeCero (3141 posts) -

Picked up my copy today. FC is 1349-5765-1812. Nickname is Cero and have X version.

Edit: My trainer name is just my real name, Marvin.

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#47 Posted by metalsnakezero (2832 posts) -


reply to me when you add me so I can add you.

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#48 Posted by Fugan (10 posts) -

Friend Code: 4957 - 2751 - 8506

Nickname: Mikey

Version: Pokemon X

Table/PM's fine

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#49 Posted by TheSilentGod (210 posts) -

Friend Code: 5198 - 2654 - 1659

Nickname: Proto

Version: Pokemon Y

Table/PM's are fine

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#50 Posted by GoranP (1265 posts) -

@kenobi said:

Slowly adding everyone...

All of that will be useless if they don't have your code, komrad!