Has anyone tried Portal 2 on the Xbox One X?

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Maybe it's not a big deal considering most people with a PC and Steam most likely already have the game and can play it just fine with everything set to max with a steady frame rate, but I was still curious who here has tried it and can say how it is on the X (and, if it made you want to replay it). I reinstalled Portal 2 (and am actually reinstalling the first Portal right now) on Steam a while back. I have been enjoying it again; it's excellent. I remember digital foundry saying at the time of Portal 2's release that if you had the option, the 360 version is the version you should stay away from as it has the most visual issues, but now that they've released it on the X, it seems to be the second best version perhaps. Maybe I'm just shallow, but despite the fact I have Portal 2 on the PC and PS3, Xbox One X's backward compatibility for this game and others keeps making me want an X even more as well as a 4K screen. Lastly, although I do want more Half-Life, in returning to Portal, I wouldn't mind seeing a Portal 3 beforehand.

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And I guess this means it is time for me to reinstall Portal 2 again.

I believe the console versions of Portal 2 were locked to 30, so it'll only be the 360 lower res textures etc but rendered at a higher res on the X.

Old Digital Foundry analysis here.

The backwards compatibility on X is great, but if I owned one then I'd primarily want it for exclusives I don't already own on the PC. I hope with the next Playstation they take a hint from MS and have PS4 backwards compatibility because that thing is an exclusivity monster.