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I played the demo last night. It felt pretty similar to last the last Rayman game which wasn't a bad thing. That being said they added something new by incorporating the wii pad. Basically rather than controlling a character, you help them get through the level by doing various things on the wii pad. For example when the guy you are help is platforming you can slide platforms over to him so he can continue. Also the game is still quite humorous the last section of the demo had a rather funny song playing while you played through it.

If you have yet to play the demo you can check out this playthrough here

In conclusion I will probably not get the game when it comes out for $60 but I may down the line when the price drops.

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I loved origins to death, this one feels like something big is missing. Don't quite feel the amazing charm and the new art style i think isn't as good as origins :(

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Yeah I loved Origins as well. I agree that this art style just doesn't seem to have an edge to it. It's almost like its too smooth or something. I played the Wii U demo, but I'm gad it's coming out on PS3 because I don't have a Wii U and I find myself wanting one less and less. I had zero interest in the gamepad functionality for this game.