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I like platformers and Nintendo like games, I got the PS2 version of Rayman just because I like these kind of games, even though I had never played it before. So should a maybe grab this?

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It's $2.99, come on, if you have even a small inkling to play it just get it.

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I enjoyed the Wii version when it came out. $3 wont kill you. Just so you know it's a minigame collection.

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This game is nothing like a Rayman game, and when you play it on the 360 it is apparent that it was made to be a Wii game.

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Raving Rabbids isn't a platformer and it's not a great game either. There's probably a hundred $1-3 phone and tablet games that are better (and newer) than this, so keep that in mind if you think it's worth chucking 3 bucks at this on the off chance you'll enjoy it. Obviously you're not very confident about whether it's worth it, since you made the thread.

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I picked it up.