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"5/5" - Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb.com

In all seriousness, this bug just made me chuckle a bit.

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New site design, you've done it again. Masterful.

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Jeff is the west coast Alex.

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It was Jeff all along. I knew it!

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Was it a shoot all along? Is Jeff just protecting the business?

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I always knew Jeff was a tsundere. Deep down he really loves RDR2, even though he'll probably knock it in GOTY talks.

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As someone that loves RDR2 more than any game I've ever played, am past the 100 hour count and have already started the game over, I am not having a happy time listening to the hate during GOTY talks. I will concede to Tetris Effect though.

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@gtb08: I just got to Chapter 3 after 20 hours, Is the game more fun because your familiar with how things are going to go down? On the second play through, I could see after 100 hours maybe being better at the controls.

I am hopeful for a PC version to improve the graphics and modding out some...

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Alex "Jeff Gerstmann" Navarro

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@stabfreely: I was in love from the start, but I absolutely have a handle on the controls now. I dont get frustrated for getting bounties in St Denis by crashing into people because i ahve a firm grasp on my own momentum. Would you go 80 through the suburbs? no way. I've got it to the point where running as Arthur, I stop running at exactly the point I need for him to drift right in front of a door, it really feels so natural after getting used to it. I found the story too compelling to do much idle stuff my first playthrough, so now Im working on the challenges, finding all the nooks and crannies of the map, and growing a giant beard and getting weird.

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Makes me laugh too!