New Gameplay for Red Dead Redemption 2

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My takeaways:

  • Combat looks completely overhauled while still looking familiar to Red Dead Redemption.
  • Those vistas look incredible.
  • You won't play as "the good guy" in this game. John Marston was the outlaw looking for redemption by trying to make things right. Arthur Morgan, at least as presented in the trailer, fits more in line with bad outlaw.
  • The camp system reminds me of Bioware games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, getting to know characters in between missions by returning to your camp area.

What do you think?

Edit: Gameplay Trailer 2

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#2 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

Looks exactly like what I would expect from a sequel to RDR. Looks pretty, I'm just not a fan of the writing in Rockstar's games.
Also these gameplay trailers with narration are just weird to me.

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October cannot come soon enough!

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Personally like the narrator. They did the same thing with GTA 5. What I dont like is how Rockstar is again double dipping with PC gamers for the 3rd time in a row (and still no RDR 1 PC release 8 years later).

Granted, it looks like game of the year. That's all that needs to be said.

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#6 Posted by TheRealTurk (578 posts) -

It looks real, real good. But I wish they'd done a completely separate story rather than trying to do a semi-prequel. I'm not sure I'm interested in that.

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#7 Posted by Shiftygism (1073 posts) -

Looks great, hope it runs well on base consoles.

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It looks great, I just hope it's not too strict with how it wants you to treat things. For instance, I hope there's not a timer for having to get supplies for the gang so they can 'survive' and get along with you. The horse thing is okay, where you lose the horse if you don't treat it well enough. Also, it looks like you'll be returning to locations that were in the first? Awesome if so.

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@therealturk: Agreed. Gameplay looks amazing, I'm sure it will be a ton of fun. I just wish they had gone away from the gang that the first one was based around. The new main character looks like the most boring generic video game character ever. I guess the same could be said for Marston until you play that game so who knows, maybe he is an interesting character.

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Unless there's a Steam icon or PC symbol at the end of the trailer, I could care less anymore about RDR. The fact I had to play it on PSNow on my PC to play the original, pffft whatever Rockstar. Don't forget to announce a PC port 2 years later this time.

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#12 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

Do graphics themselves even need to get better than this?

Can't wait to get this on xbox one x

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Hot damn, both the filters and coloring used in this game look fantastic! And it's a small detail, but I think that alligator is well animated.

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Visually this looks stunning. I like how in depth they got about animals in this trailer ranging from picking the right horses in certain scenarios to looking out for predators like gators and bears and how they interact with each other. The good/bad morale tech looks intriguing too, but would like to see how that plays out more in game.

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I really wish this wasn't a prequel, but gameplay-wise this looks fantastic.

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Looks amazing, but I'm not entirely convinced that's running on a PS4/Xbox One. Just looks to darn good. The scenic scenes are just breathtaking.

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#17 Posted by Dan_CiTi (5250 posts) -

oh my fucking god...finally a game worth playing this year.

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@ntm: According to IGN's preview from May, the camp mechanics are not timer based or anywhere close to a rigid State of Decay system, so rest easy.

I love Rockstar's narrated gameplay trailer format so much. Even if the story winds up being shit, I cannot wait to dump 100 hours into exploring this world.

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"The game is an attempt to capture this pivotal moment, when the age of outlaws was ending and the modern world was born."

Oh you mean like every western movie ever made?!

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Like someone said on Twitter: that protagonist looks like the Google result for "person."

Also I'm so done with Rockstar's style of cutscene, writing, and acting. It's always the same. Humor's always the same (and bad). Even the cadence of characters is always the same.

Combat / world interaction looks interesting, though.

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That narration is weeeird. Kinda like what you'd write if you were showing your game to investors, not the intended audience.

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The visuals are pretty amazing; I like how clean and simple the UI is as not to intrude on them. My only concern is cumbersome game mechanics for the sake of authenticity. Will you have to carry a single animal at a time to sell? Doesn't seem like a profitable venture. That's really the only concern that popped into my head while watching this. The dead eye looked real smooth, hopefully duels will also be as smooth as that was one of the few mechanics a lot of players struggled with from the first game.

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#24 Posted by vilhelmnielsen (1777 posts) -

Let med go bowling with a cowboy, you cowards!

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I don't think I have been this hyped for a game since The Witcher 3. Hopefully Spiderman can take my mind off this game for bit. Also looks like they are doing the Max Payne 3 style of hyper realistic gun carrying.

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I hope the survival elements, like ensuring the camp is well-fed, are fully-fledged and not just a nuisance. I like that the game seems to have more varied biomes than the last game. The world looks beautiful. And the bullet smoke trail is a neat way to indicate where an enemy is.

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I was acting all hardcore and tried not be fazed by the video, but it won me over within 15 seconds, ha. I failed.

In terms of style and art design, this is clearly a huge step up from the first game, which, outside of the amazing Tall Trees chapter, was a fairly generic looking western world. This is clearly going for a more cinematic, beautiful, colourful and ornate vibe, which is great.

Folks loved that Marston fella as an anti-hero, but I'm glad he's in a different role this time. Found him a bit one-note in the first one.

It looks good! Not sure about the little writing and dialogue I've heard, but we'll see soon enough if it's as strong as RDR1.

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@banefirelord: Cool. I think it would have just gone against the exploration and soaking in the atmosphere.

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Looks great. I can't wait for November.

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Very neat stuff. Curious how the combat works, it looked a little jilted in the video.

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Loading Video...


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I liked the original and this looks pretty cool as well.

Now tehy should hurry up and make another great Max Payne game cause MP3 was amazing.

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Neat, the look kind of reminds me of Westworld from Westworld.

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Looks good! I agree, the narration had a very synergy tech investor feel. I also expected a Starship Troopers-esque "Would you like to know more?"

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@nodima: That was the scene that made me want to post on here. The environment art looks stellar.

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@machofantastico: I don’t think it looks so impossibly good that it couldn’t be. God of War, HZD and Lost Legacy are pretty eye-poppingly good looking and Rockstar has had a long time to try and squeeze everything out of current console hardware. Supposedly this was in-game footage running on PS4 Pro and there will also be support for X.

But we’ll see in a few months. I know that it’ll make my Pro sound like a jet engine in any case, so might have to consider buying it on X.

Oyeah, I also think the game looks good. I’m not really hyped for it all that much, but I’m sure that I’ll buy it at release or close to it.

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So you have to become friends with your horse, just like Fable.

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I really don't want to waste money on upgrading my base consoles to a Pro/X just to play the optimal version of this. Please let there be a PC release on the horizon.

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This looks preeeetty good!

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Looks damn nice. I wish this was PC, but for now I suppose I'll just hope the base Ps4 version won't be gimped.

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It certainly looks amazing, but that's probably not coming as a surprise to most people, I just hope the PS4 amateur version will be in a state that's playable. (It's a different discussion but I really hate this halfway upgraded console thing that happened with the current console generation).

A more organic open-world where you have multiple ways of dealing with the situations you encounter sounds pretty enticing. Instead of just shooting and killing everyone as the only "solution".

If RDR2 delivers on what it's promising I will have a hard time playing other Open-World games that it's not up to this potential standard in terms of writing and your freedom of choice regarding how you handle encounters in the world. The Witcher 3 is my personal favorite game of this generation and I has really made it difficult for me to play Open-World games with cookie cutter mission designs and lazy writing.

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I'm hoping the game plays fine without auto-aim or lock on. The first one could have been better in that regard. It's all they showed off, but the gameplay looks so much like Max Payne 3 that I hope it's purely optional.

The focus on the camp and the characters is the most interesting thing to me. Red Dead's greatest strength was it's writing and cast of characters, I think, and this seems like a meaningful evolution on that. So far some of my fears of Red Dead's writing dipping into GTA5 levels of bad seem to be unfounded. I just hope that they find the right balance between playing Arthur as good or bad. The bad shouldn't dip into Trevor levels of poorly written shock value, but he can't be too goody two-shoes if he's supposed to be believable as the main enforcer of a old west gang.

Have they said if they got all the relevant voice actors back? Dutch certainly sounds like Dutch did, but I'm not sure. Marston being recast would be the greatest video game voice acting travesty ever.

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@cerberus3dog: I had the exact same response in regard to the camp thing. Feels like a way to do something like BioWare did in the Normandy for ME or the camps in Dragon Age. I really, really hope that is what it was like. With the trailer talking about their expanding stories and so forth, that's what it seems to me its really supposed to be like. Of course not the same, and there will be some differences but if its mostly that I am definitely on board. If its more of like a "camp sim" of some sort, managing camp life of your band, not so sure about that part.

I enjoyed Red Dead, I didn't think it was the best thing ever so I am excited for this. I'll play it starting day one and probably enjoy it. I am not "uber" hyped for it though necessarily. I was impressed with the trailer though in the way that it looks gorgeous and gunplay looks interesting.

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I honestly love their narrated game play trailers. Regular gameplay trailers, unless it's long uncut footage, usually do a really shitty job of showing what the actual game is like. Although the tone of these narration trailers are a little sterile, it conveys exactly what the game will be.

With all that said, this looks fantastic.

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@brackstone: I'm gonna say Marston's voice actor is back and they are deliberately avoiding mentioning it to generate buzz and hype. I want to believe because they seem to be avoiding the subject all together. They've only shown one glimpse of his face. I don't know what is the more Rockstar move. They didn't bring him back so they avoid focusing attention on the new voice actor all together in hopes that people will overlook it. Or avoid mentioning any details until the voice actor is revealed in game where we get a close up on John saying something like "What's the plan for today, Dutch?" Fans will lose their minds either way which leads me to think they did everything they could to bring him back so they get a overwhelming positive reaction instead of a negative one.

@maxszy: I hope the camp focuses a good amount of time on those character interactions. If those interactions in camp are good enough to make me want to engage with the morale, buying/selling furs, horse maintenance systems then that's something I could be into.

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@frytup: Ahh. Well put. I don't really like the voice over explaining this stuff to me, it's just a pitch script. You put your finger on it quite well.

Game still looks well done either way.

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#48 Posted by steveurkel (1611 posts) -

They talk about new gameplay and shooting mechanics but there was nothing new about any of it... deadeye was the same

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@ssully said:

I honestly love their narrated game play trailers. Regular gameplay trailers, unless it's long uncut footage, usually do a really shitty job of showing what the actual game is like. Although the tone of these narration trailers are a little sterile, it conveys exactly what the game will be.

With all that said, this looks fantastic.

Yay, someone agrees with me! Rockstar's gameplay trailers do a fantastic job of showcasing the game's features while also not really revealing anything sufficiently substantive to constitute a spoiler or really lessen the effect of walking into that open world for the first time. Polygon had a really good article recently that articulates it far better than I can.

I've probably rewatched the trailer, oh, five times since I posted in here yesterday and keep catching new details every time. Exploring fantastically detailed open worlds are half of why I play video games and if that trailer, the IGN preview from May, and Rockstar's track record are anything to go by I'm about to have a new best-in-class. Haven't been this hyped for a game since Skyrim.

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This narrated approach to showing the game off is just like they used w/RDR. Personally, I like it and people who don't have a clue about the franchise can get a better understanding of what the game will be. Loved RDR, especially the story, and quite looking forward to this game. I'd be surprised if it's not GotY material, and filled w/many improvements on an already great first game. I especially like the idea of seeing Marston's earlier years.