Newspaper Seller Bugged!

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Getting a little annoyed. Newspaper Sellers appear on the map. I ride to the location and they are gone. I open the map and they are listed in every location other than the one I just rode to. Trying to time it according to the time of day, but that's not working. I'm calling this a bug - anyone else having the same issue?

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I'm not having that exact issue, but I'm unable to buy newspapers now. I've bought the one in Valentine, but no other town will let me. He stands there, holds up the newspaper and says his lien, but no prompt to purchase when I focus on him.

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That kid is a menace.

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I was having a different bug regarding the newsie (or at least I think it's a bug). I am just unable to buy them. The kid will call me over, and then say nothing when I get close to him, and there will be no prompts. I thought maybe at first it was just that I already had the paper he was selling and had to wait for a new one (I'm not entirely sure about how quickly time passes when in the game but I still try to buy one after a few days of playing and he doesn't speak to me).

Not that big a deal, but just a minor bummer because I just assumed the papers would have stories of my exploits of me and the gang throughout the game. I kinda wanted to see that stuff.