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Pinkerton was a real organization that had a hand in American expansion in the West. This seems dumb.

Edited thread title from "sue" to "issues cease and desist."


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What in the holy hell?

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The other thing youre missing here: 2k decided to say fuck you and put a lawsuit against the entity trying to give them a cease and desist...because thats how the law works??

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yay for patent trolling

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I mean Pinkerton is still an actual thing, sort of, but yeah this seems ridiculous. Trying to fight an unflattering representation of a historically unflattering organization seems a dead end.

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Part of me thinks that as we hurdle ever forward into a dystopia, this is just Securitas AB (the current owners of Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations) trying to get some sort of brand awareness. "Hey we're still around and ready to bust open some heads for you guys if you need it".

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Rip Rockstar, It's all over now. Pack it up boys

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The Pinkertons have shown up in a ton of games, movies, tv shows, etc. before, some of them rather high profile (Bioshock: Infinite, the first RDR, a bunch of movie westerns, etc.) and almost always are the antagonists or otherwise look bad. Makes no sense that this is the time they decide to get litigious. But I guess everyone is these days.

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So how do they feel about Booker DeWitt?

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Man, there are just a bevy of fraudulent lawsuits going around these days. Leeches.

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2K has a lot of money to throw around so this should be good.