RFG Remarstered is trash on base consoles

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On a base, slim ps4 (I'm assuming a non-x xbox would perform similarly), it's nearly unplayable. The only time it's near 60 is when absolutely nothing is going on, like at base camp and when you're not moving. The game should've been locked at 30 fps on base consoles.

It's been years since I played the last gen version but I don't seem to remember it slowing down quite as much as it is on this version. Gunfights with several enemies slows the frame rate down and any explosion or environmental destruction causes the game to buckle to Just Cause 3 levels of performance. Basically anytime you're doing anything fun the game's terrible frame rate is there looking you right in the face.

I know they upgraded the graphics some but it's pretty obvious that the game was shipped before optimizations of any sort could be implemented. There's no excuse for performance this bad from an up-res rerelease of an almost 10 year old game.

Just thought I'd give a heads up to base console owners thinking about getting the game. Not sure how it runs on the pro/x but it might be a game only for pc gamers so they can brute force through the bad optimization.

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Brad mentioned some frame rate drops on the PS4 Pro version and that just sounds baffling to me. It's a ten year old game that ran perfectly fine at 30 on 360, why the hell would it have any issues on modern consoles?

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@justin258: It's gotta be a lack of optimization. I'm so bummed with it. I don't know why you'd do a re-release of a cult classic to gauge interest in the series and then put forth a product that runs like ass.

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@shorap: Are they gauging interest in a series or are they just making a fast buck without at least making a decent product?

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I'm not somebody who really notices or cares about framerate but a re-release of a last gen game has no excuse for not running at a rock solid 60fps.

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Not surprised that it doesn't run at 60fps, because that's just been the norm with re-releases since PS4 launched, but not even a solid is 30 is pretty shitty.

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@luchalma said:

I'm not somebody who really notices or cares about framerate but a re-release of a last gen game has no excuse for not running at a rock solid 60fps.

There have been several cases where last gen games on a base PS4 don't run at a solid 60FPS (The Last of Us lets you choose between variable 60 and consistent 30 and Skyrim runs at 30 on everything except PC), but there's no reason why Red Faction Guerilla, a game from 2009, can't run at a solid, consistent 30 on a base PS4.

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Even after the patch it still has crash issues as well. Got one earlier when I was destroying EDF buildings with the light mech. The frame rate was a slideshow and then I got a crash screen.

Think I might be done with it until they release a patch to address the frame rate. If they don't, then off to the library it goes. At least that way some people won't get burned by buying it.

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How did it run on 360/PS3? The CPUs in the PS4/Xbox One are kinda weak so it doesn't surprise me if something physics heavy can cause issues. I'm sure this is mostly optimization related tho if the PS4 Pro runs it OK, as that has the same CPU or close to it as base PS4.

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It runs well on the Xbox One X, FWIW. I'll fire it up on my launch Xbox One tonight to see if it struggles there and report back, because now I'm curious if this is a PS4 issue or if they just didn't give the base consoles a quality version.

Also, I'm having a blast replaying it. I had some fond memories of this game, and I'm enjoying playing it again way more than I thought I would. It mostly holds up gameplay-wise, and looks better than you'd expect, largely due to improved lighting. It's still a great game.

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@notnert427: the X is probably just running it better since it's more powerful than even a pro.

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It would have been cool if they totally remastered the first Red Faction (the best one still I think). If they make a sequel, I hope it's similar to the first. I hope they aren't looking to see how interested people are in more Red Faction with this remaster because I'm interested in more Red Faction, but definitely not the remaster of a game I find to be only okay and not worth even finishing, so not worth getting as a remaster.

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I'm playing on a launch PS4 and I'm not finding it to be that bad. Yeah, the framerate can become pretty bad in high-destruction situations, but I haven't experienced anything as bad as JC3's performance, at least not on as consistent of a basis. I definitely wouldn't call it unplayable...

...except for all times when it literally becomes unplayable because it crashes. I'm finding that to be a way worse issue, as it has happened to me at least 6 times by now. It's always when I'm right about to blow something up, even something small in an empty area. I'll throw bombs on a small shack, and right when I hit circle to detonate, BOOM (not the fun kind), the game crashes. It's happened in a variety of situations, though, and it needs to get patched ASAP.

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Honestly it may not be a matter of it not being properly optimized and it may be just "the game". If it's a Remastered edition (with a dumb name) it's likely they didn't do anything but visual overhauls. You'd expect some sort of performance upgrade, but I remember playing the game when it came out and all the destruction stuff was very harsh on consoles and even PC.

It's a big reason Volition wasn't adding those destructible elements to Saints Row, and a big reason why still so few open world games have that. Like realistically only things like Just Cause, Red Faction and Crackdown (sort of) have the type of open world large scale destruction that happens in these games. We've had how many years since this game came out? Other than Just Cause which also has problems with framerate and running on modern consoles when destruction starts happening, it's been pretty barren when it comes to large scale destruction. Mercenaries? It also tangled with some of that.

You could still be dealing with optimization issues, but just pointing out that destruction games generally all have framerate problems, and chug when those things get going.