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I wrote this message to @jeff, but I feel that I was speaking for more than just myself and hence it would be more meaningful to make a thread. If you disagree with the sentiments below, that is understandable - but I hope many do agree with them, and make their voices heard.

Dear Bomb Crew,

There is a fantastic idea taking root in a forum thread regarding a hopeful re-release of the "China Don't Care" t-shirt in commemoration of Ryan.

The idea is for a shirt (of any appropriate design) and/or tip jar from which the proceeds would at least in part go towards Ryan's wife and family to help them through this terrible time, perhaps even helping fund the funeral (wow, that was hard to write).

I think a number of us feel powerless in the face of this loss, having been fans of the man and GB in general for a number of years. We have been left with only the options of making forum threads/posts and messaging you all on twitter with as many kind words as we can muster. Many of us want to be able to do more, especially for someone who was so important to us.

I understand that this whole affair is intensely personal to you, his friends and his family, but I hope that barrier of professional disconnection can be dropped in this case. I, for one, loved that man - certainly in not as deep a way as someone who knew him in person could have, but in my own way. Many are like me.

I know that commemorative t-shirts and money could be viewed as meaningless, frivolous or trivialisation, but I think that such concerns pale in comparison to the legitimate desire a lot of us have to show support. We know that money cannot make up for the loss, but that isn't our intention. We only wish to in some way repay hundreds of hours of life the man shared with us.

Please let us help - please give us an avenue to help. I think the idea presented is one worth considering.

Thank you,


cc: @vinny , @brad , @alex , @patrickklepek , @drewbert , @alexisg


@rorie said:

@hungry_horace: We've been discussing this since we heard the news and are going to try and make it happen. We'll see what we can do. Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted in the thread linked above. I hope y'all can demonstrate your willingness either here or there to provide impetus for the guys to make the necessary arrangements.

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I am absolutely in favor of a commemorative shirt to help support the family. Though, I'm not certain the "China Don't Care" shirt is the best choice. Regardless, if it's what people would prefer, I certainly support this effort.

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Rorie has already responded to that thread saying that they're looking into it.

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@truthtellah said:

I am absolutely in favor of a commemorative shirt to help support the family. Though, I'm not certain the "China Don't Care" shirt is the best choice. Regardless, if it's what people would prefer, I certainly support this effort.

haha, that is an excellent point. It wasn't my specific intention to say that specific shirt, so I added " (of appropriate design) " to the letter above to make that more clear.


Glad to hear the idea has merit.

@mracoon said:

Rorie has already responded to that thread saying that they're looking into it.

Good to hear! I'm sorry I didn't see that post - but the thread has few views, and an un-updated title and OP. I hope this thread can spread the idea to provide a better indication of interest within the community.

However, if you think this thread is redundant, feel free to lock it.

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I would be in to show my support anyway possible!

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Hence I thought the front should be, China Don't Care and the back should be But We Do... with some sort of GB community logo..

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If there is any way for us to help, I certainly will

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I'd buy whatever shirt they put out to help his family out. I think a ''Love Ryan Davis'' shirt would be pretty nice...

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I'm behind this idea 100 percent, in whatever form it could manifest.

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I agree.

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Real keen to help. Would be all over a shirt.

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This is a good idea, sign me up.

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I prefer the Fuck Ryan Davis shirt myself.

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Already purchased a couple T shirts last night in support, even if they are too snug. Up for a couple more guarenteed.

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Absolutely would love to help any way I can.

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Singed. I will help in anyway I can.

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The minute "Fuck Ryan Davis" and "China Don't Care" shirts are made available, I'm buying ten of each.

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I don't even need a shirt, just tell me where to send the money to.

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He and the crew have given so much over the years - aint about to step down from a chance to give a little back to anyone in this testing situation - signed sealed delivered x

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This sounds like a great idea, and I support it 100% If there will be a shirt I'll buy like 10-20.

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@mracoon: everything is so flooded so PLEASE make it a sticky so we can all see it. I want one so bad.

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I think the "FUCK RYAN DAVIS" shirt would be more appropriate. Just let us do something, anything !

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I'm in.

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I hope that the crew can provide us with some way to help out. I am a little at a loss right now.

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I am behind it. Absolutely.

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I would love to do anything in support of Ryan Davis.

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<> signed.

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I've never bought a novelty T-shirt in my life, but I would buy this for sure.

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Im sure they read, or at least see these posts, Im just not sure if PMing them is the best Idea. Sometimes giving people room to breath is the best solution. Im sure they see these threads, and they know you want to help. But I would let them approach you, or the community in general, about it.

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I would love the Olly Moss design that he made for Ryan or a reissue of the "China Don't Care" shirt. Regardless of what it is though, I'll buy it.

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Just convince Olly to let you make this masterpiece into a poster:

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Man, I'd give Infinity Dollars if I could.