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It's interesting seeing the old Joystiq articles. I don't remember for sure where I heard this - it may have been when Sessler was on the Bombcast after his departure from G4 - but I think I heard them telling stories about the Joystiq staffers walking down to the Gamespot building and essentially having a little protest after word broke about Jeff's firing. Seems like they looked at what was happening as a bad thing for the industry; they weren't just reveling in the mismanagement of a competitor.

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@asmo917: That was Ziff Davis people (1up, EGM, GFW) for sure. Maybe Joystiq, as well? I don't know.

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Not exactly on topic but his blog is ancient and it doesn't hurt to have an opinion in retrospect: If there's one thing I find very hipstery about this video game journalism business, is the random ass names. What the hell is an arrow pointing down?

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jouseldelka: I've been wondering that since Giant Bomb was just some tumblr. It's a really nicely designed, but I've never understood the name. I don't recall hearing an actual reason for it on the Bombcast, even though they have mentioned arrow pointing down before. I think it had to do with some name Ryan just liked.

There's a couple of ancient posts on the forum from some guy like four years ago, and even then there wasn't much of a conclusion.

I think it has to do with an arrow pointing down on a t-shirt, or somesuch >_>

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Arrows pointing down on a shirt are usually meant for pointing to the genitals. It's the kind of trashy nonsense Ryan and Jeff loved.

And the protest was the 1UP guys, featuring our own Patrick Klepek in the crowd.

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@jouseldelka: I always thought the name was referencing the way mouse pointers are usually up pointing arrows on a computer screen. I thought it was a pretty clever way to say that they were trying to go against the grain and think outside of the box, do their own thing.

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The website is down now :(

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At least the Arrow Pointing Down podcasts are still available here.


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Arrow pointing Down. Those were the days.

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I'm not even sure why it popped into my head... but I wanted to know how they came up with that name. A quick Google search led me to this thread.

Someone needs to get scoops, famed news editor for giantbomb.com, on this cold case.

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