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I figure, what better way to remember and celebrate the life, humor, and patience of Ryan Davis than to endure some of what he did for our entertainment?

I'm going to watch every movie he did in TANG and WUTANG, in order and with no cheating ("Sure, I'm watching Super Mario Bros. I'm just doing laundry at the same time. And not looking at the screen.") Join me!

The following lists the movies in order of viewing. The titles link to their respective IMDB pages, and beside that is the cheapest or most common availability option. All availabilities were searched through CanIStream.it.

Netflix: disc available from Netflix.

Netflix Streaming: streamable from Netflix.

Crackle: streamable from Crackle.com.

Amazon Prime: streamable from Amazon.

Difficult to find: really easy to find.

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I say we also drink actual Tang in his honor.

...Mixed with bourbon.