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I haven't been around as long as some people on this site, and I haven't followed Ryan since the GameSpot days, but it goes without saying that I will miss Ryan Davis as much as I can miss the man and then some. I've posted on the In Memoriam thread and watched all of the videos that have been showing up on the front page today, but I decided I wanted to honor Mr. Davis in my own little way. By recreating him in Saint's Row the Third. I don't know how he would have felt about this, but I felt it was the best thing I could do to honor Ryan.

I'm going to miss hearing his voice every Tuesday introducing me to what's bound to be the best 3+ hours of that day, his amazing laugh, and his attitude that made all the content involving him a great thing to watch or listen to. RIP, Ryan Davis. I'll pour one out for you tonight.

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Dude, that is fucking awesome. I like to think that this is the right amount of stupid fun that Ryan might have appreciated.

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I'd love to get this character in my game. I was trying to do much the same, so I can carry Ryan into Saint's 4 in my own little way.. but I'm having no luck with the editor. I just can't get it to look right.