Who here is getting this game? It comes out on September 14th.

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#1 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

Wow, like The Walking Dead: The Final Season, no other threads were made for this game. I mean, it's kind of understandable? I feel like, at this point, I am not assuming that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be something super amazing for one reason or another, but considering I played the previous two, and assuming it is going to be good enough, I am going to get it. I can't say I am super excited about it, but I do hope it exceeds my expectations. If nothing else, the game's visuals look great and will perhaps be a good game to look at on my upcoming 4K screen on the X. I hope it's not that shallow of an experience though... A few other things I want to mention though, who exactly is making this game? I mean, it hasn't been super clear and the developers didn't clarify from what I saw. I know it's Eidos Montreal, but does that mean the exact same team that made Deus Ex? Can anyone confirm?

Also, I just found out that for this latest outing, Jason Graves isn't doing the soundtrack like he did the previous two games. The person that took his place is Brian D'Oliviera who previously worked on the Resident Evil 7 soundtrack. I've never heard of him, to be honest, and though I wouldn't put RE7's soundtrack as one of the more memorable ones of last year, it was a good soundtrack nonetheless and was a part of the game that helped put it at the top of my list of best games last year. Lastly, I just wanted to say that something that kind of made this game look disappointing was the juxtaposition of watching similar gameplay of this game, and then after, The Last of Us Part II, where the game-y look of this was almost alleviated entirely in TLoU: PII, be it how intelligent the mechanics are, or how enemies call out to one another and search around.

It almost felt like it was hitting the nail on the coffin of this game to me or any other game that can't be more ambitious.

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#2 Edited by nutter (2292 posts) -

I liked Tomb Raider 1 and 2 way back when, but fell off the series aside from Anniversary or Legend, I don’t recall which.

The reboot and sequel are two of my favorite games of the last decade, so yeah, I’m down to close out the trilogy. Very much looking forward to it.

As for all the details around whos making it, I don’t follow that sort of detail that closely these days. If I get burned, it’s just $30-$60 bucks. It’d be a bummer, but I got over Mass Effect and Destiny last year, so I can deal with the notion of Tomb Raider failing to deliver, if that’s how it goes.

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#3 Posted by ATastySlurpee (679 posts) -

I'm buying it Day 1. Loved the 2013 reboot and Rise. They are great! Also, I think if you preorder it, you get it 3 days early ( maybe that's digital only?) Kinda weird its not Crystal Dynamics this time, but I think the foundation was already there.

I just hate that it comes out the week after Spider-Man

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#4 Posted by glots (4383 posts) -

I enjoyed the previous two games, but unless both Spider-Man and Spyro fail horribly, I’m not going to pick this up right around release...and even after those, it might have to wait it’s turn once RDR2, Hitman 2 and Darksiders 3 have been dealt with. But eventually I’ll play it.

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#5 Posted by ozzdog12 (1164 posts) -

I’m getting it. I loved both entries and the DLC for Rise was fantastic! I’m just glad this is not some timed console exclusive again. I’m buying both Spider Man and SotTR the day they drop. I’m excited for it. Saw a video on Twitter the other day that got me pretty excited.

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#6 Posted by soulcake (2818 posts) -

I forgot this was comming out, but sure i'll buy it.

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#7 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

@ozzdog12: Hmm. Yeah, I was curious about the Baba Yaga DLC, and if I should get it around the time of its release. I didn't.

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#9 Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

Rise kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Skipping this one I think.

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#10 Posted by ozzdog12 (1164 posts) -

@ntm: The Baba Yaga DLC is good. It’s the only one that is added to the campaign, the rest were separate modes but still fun. The zombie Croft manor was neat and different. The Co-Op mode was absolutely fantastic (you could also play solo) but it was really good imo

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#11 Edited by NTM (11872 posts) -

@ozzdog12: Yeah, I'd be most interested in the one that expands on the story. I read about the Croft manor one though, and that's definitely interesting.

@liquiddragon: I'm not asking because I agree or disagree, but I'm just curious what it was about it that rubbed you the wrong way. For me, I liked it fine, but like the first, it has some issues that I feel keep it from being a really, really great experience. When I got an X and tried it out again, I found it kind of hard to get back into. I felt it was a step above the first in the most important ways that the first failed at to me, like voice work perhaps above all. Again, it may seem awkward that I'm asking, but I'm not really asking for you to justify your reasoning, I'm just curious is all.

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#12 Posted by Humanity (18946 posts) -

The reboot I thought was really great, and I was able to overlook the nitpicks a lot of people got hung up on like wearing a tank top in the snow and such important details. Rise of the Tomb Raider I thought felt a little more disjointed, and a little too one-note with the snow environment - still a really enjoyable game but didn't feel as strong about it as the first.

This third entry looks like a quality game but strangely enough I'm not sure if I'm ready to dive back in. Currently I'm a little more inclined to try out the new Spider Man but we will see. It's a shame about financial quarters and such because if they had released Tomb Raider this month I would have bought it no questions asked, as it's a complete wasteland out there for big new releases (that interest me anyway) but starting from next month it's getting a little more crowded on the schedule and some choices will have to be made.

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#13 Edited by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

@ntm: I really enjoyed the 1st one. I like Japanese things in general and I found all the ancient Yamatai stuff a lot more interesting than anybody was willing to give it credit for. Besides the limited interactive cinematic moments, I thought it did a really fine job of following in the footsteps of Uncharted games in a more open environment. As the 1st game in an entry, Idk how anybody could ask for anything better.

I'm sure some of my enjoyment stemmed from my low expectations. GB really didn't give it enough credit.

Rise on the other hand, I remember someone (I think Brad?) was arguing it having a good story during GOTY. To me, the narrative, the writing, and the characters were all 3 or 4 steps down from TR. Lara wasn't the brightest bulb in TR but in RTR, she is completely stupid and so was every single character in the game. Seriously, the writing was utter garbage, not a single likable character, . In terms of gameplay, I don't think they really improved that much from TR.

The added tombs were nice but they were nowhere as involved as ppl were describing it. I actually enjoyed playing RTR just fine. It was more of the same but there is enough to the flow of the loop that it feels dynamic and engaging.

Really my issue is, like I said, the writing. It's awful. While the Uncharted series kept building on Drake and co. through the years, Crystal Dynamics regressed Lara's intelligence to that of a child and made her engage w. characters completely unmemorable in a story that I could not begin to care.

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#14 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

@liquiddragon: I thought Rise kind of just retreaded what the 2013 game more or less did, but did it better and slightly more interesting. The writing to me wasn't necessarily bad, it just felt kind of basic. Everything you saw was very cliche to me. The gameplay in terms of shooting and combat, in general, was hardly improved much over 2013's game from what I remember.

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#15 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

I'm definitely interested, but not gonna get it day 1. Still have the 2nd one to play and there are other games coming out close to this that I'm much more interested in (Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Spyro). Looks really good so far from what I've seen and I enjoyed the first one so it's definitely on my list.

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#16 Posted by nicksmi56 (850 posts) -

It's on my lookout list if I ever find myself in possession of a PS4 or Xbox One. I've played the first reboot, but never finished it. Gotta get back to that one of these days. Loved the Metroidvania design and the general atmosphere of the island, with the climbing and exploration doing more for me than Uncharted ever did.

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#17 Posted by steveurkel (1608 posts) -

It is my most anticipated game for this year. I can't explain why but the initial trailer had me so giddy watching Lara walk around and knife dudes and it seems like the company just keeps getting better with each incarnation of the series. I got the WoW expansion this month and by then should be time to get really into this game before Forza 4 a few weeks later. I still fire up Rise of the Tomb Raider almost weekly just to run around it at 4k on my PC it looks gorgeous and the game is just so much better than a Tomb Raider game deserves to be. Everything about that game is great even though I have like 40 hours in and haven't finished it but may have to do before this one comes out now that I think about it. I hope they make a shoulder cannon DLC so you can truly be the predator it looks like the game is fitting to be.

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#18 Edited by cikame (2911 posts) -

I haven't played Rise of yet, having a hard time getting past how much i don't like reboot Lara Croft.

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#19 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

@cikame said:

I haven't played Rise of yet, having a hard time getting past how much i don't like reboot Lara Croft.

Rise is very much more of the same as the reboot, so if you didn't like that I doubt you'd like Rise or the new one coming out.

I really enjoyed the other games so I'm down for this one. I don't think I'll get it day one but I'll definitely get it at some point.

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#20 Posted by cannonballBAM (792 posts) -

Looks like a Redbox rental to me.

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#21 Posted by MeierTheRed (5975 posts) -

Not buying it, Rise never clicked with me i really didn't like the whole hub world stuff. I still prefer the more linear experience of the first reboot.

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#22 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7093 posts) -

The more I played Rise, the more I regretted buying it. I had a great time with 2013. Short, sweet, and to the point. Rise just doubled on everything, both good and bad. I didn't even finish it and doubt I ever will. I was excited for Shadow at first because I had just started playing Rise when the rumors/announcements started popping up, but now? Nah, I'm good.

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#23 Posted by SloppyDetective (1618 posts) -

Still haven't played Rise; I bought it on sale when I got a 4k tv but haven't started it. Idk, the story in the first one was trash and Rise looks more of the same and that really kills my drive to play them right away. Plus the games are very bloated with mechanics and systems. This series very much feels like it's trying to do everything; just like Assassin's Creed Orgins, GoW, Horizon, and every other big AAA game is now. I much prefer a more refined and focused experience over the kitchen sink model model we see in the majority of AAA games.

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#24 Posted by Lazyimperial (486 posts) -

I'm getting Shadow of The Tomb Raider, possibly because I subconsciously hate myself. I'm not sure. :-P

Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of The Tomb Raider were great games... from a gameplay and aesthetic perspective. The shooting felt great (on a mouse and keyboard. The lack of any aim-assist whatsoever on normal difficulty made scoring headshots on the console versions a grievous chore), the platforming and set pieces hit all the right Uncharted notes, and the texture and lighting work were top notch.

That having been said, the writing and game plots were cliche, groan-inducing hot garbage. The dialogue was predominantly ham-fisted, most characters proved utterly unlikable, and there was not a single cliche that Rhianna Pratchett failed to stumble into. Oh, and the snuff film QTEs and cut-scenes were so awkwardly prevalent that I went from grimacing to laughing to nothing whatsoever. "Here is our simpering, quavering, tortured lady for you to protect from harm. Let's impale her on a piece of rebar and make her cauterize a gaping wound with a blowtorch as she shrieks in a shrill cry of pure unadulterated misery! Don't worry. Next scene she'll be strung up and flogged before plummeting into an underground blood river filled with maggots. Feminism!" Watching new-Lara get tortured for 20 plus hours has diminishing returns, Ms. Pratchett.

Rise of the Tomb Raider relented on some of the afore-mentioned torture stuff, but filled the gaps with Electra-complex madness and even more cliches. Bleh.

Rhianna Pratchett not writing Shadow of the Tomb Raider gives me some small modicum of hope. but not much. Frankly, I miss the old Lara Croft who understood the concept of fun and was actually a feminist icon. This perpetually miserable, whimpering, tortured-hero-shtick new-Lara drives me up the wall. Oh well. Still bought it.

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#25 Posted by BrunoTheThird (843 posts) -

Yep, I tend to buy sequels when the previous games were good, no exceptions. The story of Rise did nothing for me, it's weak, but the gameplay felt more like a proper TR game despite the inferior structure compared to the fantastic reboot, which is a better game overall. I actually liked the reboot's story, too; it was pretty stripped down, but had the best characters the series has probably ever had, and went with a more horror-inspired vibe. Some clear nods to The Descent.

Shadow seems to be going with that horror tinge again, which is a good move, but I hope it doesn't try too hard to up the edginess and grit. Too much can be laughable.

I'm excited for it, but I also loved Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld to pieces, so I'm realizing just now that I'm pretty biased which surprises me.

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#26 Posted by cikame (2911 posts) -
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"Why do we fall?"
"Because otherwise we wouldn't have anything to climb", The Video Game.

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#27 Posted by Nodima (2636 posts) -

I'd really like to but for now I have to count myself among the skeptics due to the developer change. With Spider-Man sneaking in just before it it'll also depend how long it takes me to get through that one; lastly, Square Enix are one of the more frequent flyers on PSN's discount page so I may just wait until the price drops down to $30 or $40 around the holidays. I do really enjoy their take on Metroid-style game design, though, and while neither game's stories or villains have done anything for me the progression and general gameplay systems just felt so damn good to me, I was really surprised by that in the first one and totally hooked for all thirty hours of my time with the second one.

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#28 Edited by ShadyPingu (1816 posts) -

I enjoyed the first 2 on a mechanical level, but I never managed to connect to Lara or the franchise on an emotional level. Watching Mass Alex is a really vivid reminder of what it feels like to be excited to return to a world and cast of characters, and I really felt that TR's reboot was missing that. Probably explains why I rented the first TR and got the second on a PSN sale.

I expect I'll play Shadow eventually, but almost certainly not at launch.

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#29 Posted by mems1224 (2511 posts) -

I can't wait. Probably my most anticipated game this year. The thing they're doing with different difficulty settings for combat, exploration and puzzles seems neat too

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#30 Posted by flaminghobo (4787 posts) -

I try not to confirm, to myself and those around me, that I'll definitely be purchasing a game. I'm the kind of guy that waits for a couple of reviews to pour out before slapping down money for a purchase. That said, the game's certainly on my radar.

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#31 Posted by csl316 (15002 posts) -

The reboot was great, and although Rise didn't blow me away like that I still enjoyed it quite a bit.

So yeah, definitely getting this one.

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#32 Posted by HeelBill (159 posts) -

Not buying it, but I am going to make sure I have an empty spot in my Gamefly queue around its launch so I get it at launch if not soon thereafter. I played the first two on PC, including Rise in 4k on my TV, so I hope the xbox one x version will deliver.

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#33 Posted by Dispossession (159 posts) -

I plan on getting it day one. I witnessed some of the gameplay at E3 and really liked everything I seen. I also have an itch for that type of game.

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#34 Posted by The_Greg (548 posts) -

I'll wait for it to go down to £5 on sale or get added Xbox Game Pass.

I bounced off the first two games within a couple of hours.

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#35 Edited by NTM (11872 posts) -

Is this game going to be a dud? I mean, I think it looks good enough to get I suppose, but the game just looks like more of the same without much improvement. It's just another one of these games set in a new location and the continuation of Lara going after Trinity. The way Lara can take and dish out abuse just feels stale now, and (not due to her gender mind you) seems just too unrealistic that you'd think they'd dial it down or give some sort of better explanation to it all. I don't know, my expectations right now are that I'll just feel like I'll be going through the motions without much excitement. I hope there are enough improvements over the previous games. So far the best thing I can say about what I've seen is that you look to go to the day of the dead which allows for some moments of downtime and culture, which the previous ones didn't do, and the game does look visually very good. Just posting a thought after I saw some new gameplay.

Edit - Eh, okay. This video gives me a little more hope.

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I feel bad about the animals though...

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#36 Edited by ThePanzini (744 posts) -

I really liked the action focused 2013 reboot but I found Rise was filled with too much unnecessary bloat. In first game the sandboxes complemented the more linear sections to help change up the pace but with Rise they felt like pointless collectathons, it also doesn't help that the story for both has been completely forgettable.

Everything so far shown for Shadow seems they're adding more bloat and following the same story tropes, SE games also drop like a stone in price Shadow will be an enjoyable game but a somewhat forgettable one and will be half price a month later on Black Friday.

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#37 Edited by tatsuyarr (249 posts) -

Already ordered the Croft Edition a few month ago. Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider are one of my favorites games of the last decade and I just want to play more of those. In my head this game can't be bad whatever everybody else think or say ^^

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#38 Edited by deactivated-5ba16609964d9 (3361 posts) -

I would have but it comes out in the same month as Dragon Quest XI and Spider-Man. So honestly I'm going to wait until the holidays when it is on sale. That last Tomb Raider game was really fun but I am kinda bummed that it seems more of the same as the last two in both combat and stealth. Here's hoping there is more than just what has been revealed in trailers.

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#39 Posted by Dispossession (159 posts) -

I plan on playing these games. I enjoy these types of games a lot even if they don’t push boundaries of whatever genre they’re lumped into, as long as the gameplay is solid, I can sneak around, explore and the story is solid, I’m good.

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#40 Posted by AdamALC (295 posts) -

I just played the Reboot and Rise in the last couple months and enjoyed them so I will probably pick this up.

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#41 Posted by butterstick1 (44 posts) -

I enjoyed a lot of what the 2 previous Tomb Raiders offered. The open exploration in beautiful environments was the main draw. While, on the other hand, the narrative and writing was its weakest part for me. But with the old writer gone and with Eidos Montreal working on this one, i feel like the story can only have gotten better. Also my girlfriend loves these games and I like getting the chance to play things with her that she enjoys as much as i do [if not more].

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#42 Posted by notnert427 (2289 posts) -

This is a wait-and-see for me. I enjoyed both of the last two games quite a bit, but the dev change gives me pause, and my Fall is already filled with Forza Horizon 4 and HITMAN 2, both of which I'll surely spend a ton of time with, in addition to non-gaming activities related to hunting/football season. Also, RDR 2 and Battlefield V are possible purchases, so I don't know that this game fits into my schedule anytime soon. It's looking like a Spring 2019 purchase for me if it turns out to be a good game.

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#43 Posted by alien765 (41 posts) -

Where are you guys getting this developer change info from? Still looks like it's Crystal Dynamics to me when Googling?

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#44 Posted by Bones8677 (3535 posts) -

I really enjoyed the first Tomb Raider in spite of its flaws. It was fairly linear but that's not always a bad thing, the pacing was fast and always kept you moving to the next set piece. I had a hard time putting the controller down because of this.

Rise was really just a retread of the previous game. While less linear it felt like a hollow experience. The pacing was slow and and the larger environments were kind of bland. The progression was almost the exact same. I played over a dozen hours and was still getting the same equipment I had in the last game. There wasn't a whole lot of new features or mechanics. I did enjoy the larger more realized tombs and puzzles, but that's about the only thing I liked in Rise over the first one.

Despite people's love for Rise, it too let some of the air out of my enjoyment. I was just doing the exact same thing again. Hopefully Shadow will be different but I'm just not very excited nor interested in where this series is going.

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#45 Posted by notnert427 (2289 posts) -

@alien765 said:

Where are you guys getting this developer change info from? Still looks like it's Crystal Dynamics to me when Googling?

Square has put the Crystal Dynamics team primarily on some Marvel bullshit, with the bulk of the development on Shadow of the Tomb Raider shifted over to Eidos Montreal. As such, there's reason to be concerned that this EA-esque move to force a proven quality studio on licensed game trash will hurt Shadow of the Tomb Raider, in addition to not helping the upcoming Avengers game not be crap.

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#46 Posted by alien765 (41 posts) -
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#47 Posted by Raven10 (2286 posts) -

Honestly so far this has looked like the Arkham Origins or Mass Effect Andromeda of this series. Not the same team that made the previous titles. Visually it looks a lot cheaper or at the very least no better than the previous games which were both big budget technical showpieces. That E3 demo lacked a lot of the bespoke animation that these types of games require to really look great nor did it have any of the setpiece moments that have defined the more recent entries in this series.

I like the concept of Lara really growing into a more badass warrior, but I really don't like the character trajectory of going from college kid to The Predator in just three games. I liked that Lara had some remorse for her actions, that she felt a bit more grounded than, say, Nathan Drake or Indiana Jones. And now she is behaving like a hardened Delta Force operative which is just not where I wanted that character to go.

So then you have the potentially interesting gameplay additions which I am not opposed to and which could be fun to play around with. But those alone don't make me want to rush out and buy this day one. I can wait until the Steam sale next Summer and get the exact same experience. So outside of it getting amazing reviews and community feedback, I doubt I will get it this year, but I'm certain I'll get it eventually.

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#48 Posted by whitegreyblack (1979 posts) -

It might have enough of a price drop by holiday 2018 to convince me to pick it up by then.

I'm not very pleased with the developer change on this one (not that I don't like them but I wish they were still on Deus Ex and Crystal D got to finish their trilogy without Square Enix meddling all over it)

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#49 Posted by TheChris (549 posts) -

Nah, saving for Valkyria 4 instead.

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#50 Posted by Sahalarious (796 posts) -

Man I want these games to be good, but I can't stand the crafting and small segmented bits of world to explore. The story is kind of throwaway, and the general feel of controlling Lara is a bit off. Im not a massive Uncharted fan but they could have learned a thing or two from Naughty Dog. I'll still keep an eye on this though because if they can get it right its absolutely a game I could go for right now.