Who here is getting this game? It comes out on September 14th.

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#51 Posted by HansBak (26 posts) -

I'll wait for feedback from players. Rise was disappointing to me

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#52 Posted by blackichigo (446 posts) -

I'm in no rush to get it. I've gotten the last two games on sale and felt okay about it, but I bounced off the second one pretty hard. If it's just more of what the last two games were I don't think I'll get it anytime soon.

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#53 Posted by The_Nubster (4358 posts) -

I'll probably pass.

For me, the first two games lived completely on their gameplay. The climbing felt great, and bow and arrow was incredibly satisfying to use, and the stealth-while pretty basic and easy to cheese-was very empowering and it was all animated hella well to boot.

The story, unfortunately, is kind of a mess. It's a completely separate entity from the gameplay, telling a different story with its words than its actions. The way Lara acts is not how she's portrayed in the narrative, and no one in the game world seems to acknowledge this disconnect. It feels very bizarre to play through, but like I said, the gameplay was really good.

But I've climbed a lot of things. I've shot a lot of arrows into dudes' heads'. I'm pickaxe'd plenty of throats. I think I'm good.

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#54 Edited by Sweetz (1184 posts) -

I just replayed through TR2013 and immediately went into replaying Rise, which I'm replaying through now, and I'm really enjoying it. I never get tired of these or the Uncharted series, I don't care how samey they are, they're just kind of "my jam". Probably because I lean heavily into being what I call a "casual-core gamer" and I have fun with cinematic and visually impressive games that are "design to be finished" (read: not all that challenging).

What's funny is that Shadow coming out is not what prompted me replaying the earlier games. I kind of forgot about Shadow coming out on account of it doesn't seem to be getting much attention from the press at all, which is a shame.

This actually started with me going through my Steam library and looking for something familiar, polygonal (playing a ton of indie 2D games recently, need a change), and action/adventure oriented to play. I happened upon Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which I had held in high regards and had not played in many, many years. That game didn't hold up at all for me! I got really frustrated with dodgy platforming in the latter half the game (it's got the old Assassin's Creed problem where it feels like Lara sometimes jumps in a completely different direction to where you were aiming the stick).

Sad to see that old hero torn down, but being disappointed in that game prompted me to revisit the newer ones, and they're holding up a lot better. In fact, I think I have newfound respect for them after realizing how nostalgia coated my opinion of the first era of Crystal Dynamics games was (and I already had zero nostalgia for the old Core design era games; "tank controls" are the worst).

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My birthday was yesterday and my dad ended up surprising me with a gifted preorder for the steam version so yeah, I'll definitely be playing it on launch day. Though I wouldn't consider the series as one of my absolute favorites, as a whole it's fairly inconsistent, but these recent games have been able to deliver fun, adventurous, action-filled romps that satisfy a certain itch for good action/adventure releases. From everything I've seen of this new one, It seems to be just that and that's all I really want out of a new modern TR. I just hope my aging PC can run it well.

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#56 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

I really enjoyed the other games so there is little doubt I'll get this one, but I still want to wait for reviews or a quick look first just to be safe. Ya never know when some weird shit can happen!

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#57 Posted by avantegardener (2385 posts) -

The 1st 2 are perfectly fine, and had good time with them, but I've definitely had my fill of new TR. To be honest I'm really out growing 3rd person action games. They have to have a super appealing narrative or character aspect to draw me in. That new Spider Man might be an exception.

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#58 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (782 posts) -

I'm looking forward to it. I've played the 2013 reboot twice, the sequel once, and thoroughly enjoyed my time with both.

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#59 Edited by mattchops (352 posts) -

Green man gaming is doing a preorder for 25% off, which makes me think this game is not going to be very well received.

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#60 Posted by Otacon (2337 posts) -

Need to play through rise still, but looking forward to this one. I hadn't actually heard about the devil change, everything I've seen of it so far looks good.

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#61 Posted by Lazyaza (2560 posts) -

Pre ordered it today. Very excited. Absolutely adored the last game (enjoyed it vastly more than Uncharted 4 for example) and I have very high hopes for this one.

Not sure what it is precisely, but something about the formula of this series has just really appealed to me very strongly, they're just really damn fun to play and I thoroughly enjoyed 100% both the previous entries. I guess its mostly the level design and traversal but the combat as well, just love it so much more than Uncharted. Everything I wanted Uncharted to be and do is basically in these games which i guess is ironic since the first clearly took notes from U1 and the second notes from 2 and 3. U3 I was similarly let down by so I feel like this series specifically exists to address my frustrations with Naughtydogs games haha.

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#62 Posted by gamer_152 (14790 posts) -

Seeing as how I only got a few hours into Rise, I'm not all that interested in Shadow. I had a great time with the 2013 Tomb Raider, but Rise didn't feel like a big evolution of it, its mechanics were a generic grab bag of the action-adventure stuff from a hundred other games, and as other users have said, it felt bloated. I'm sure I'll go back to that game one day, but whether I'll ever pick up Shadow, I don't know. I'm just not convinced it's doing anything that different from other games of its species.

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#63 Edited by BoOzak (2681 posts) -

I'll be getting it but i'm a bit bitter that it's Eidos Montreal making it since I would rather have a new Deus Ex game. (I dont really care that much about anything Marvel so Crystal Dynamics making a new game in that universe does nothing for me)

I enjoy these games, I feel like the stealth and shooting are both better than Uncharted even if they're not quite as polished and pretty. (although they're no slouch) I really hope she ends up dual wielding at some point though, it's dumb I know but they teased it at the end of the first game and I was let down that you never got to do it in the sequel.

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#64 Edited by NTM (11904 posts) -

I think I'm going to wait for a deep sale. I liked the previous two just fine, but if there isn't much improvement over the other two in terms of A.I. and animations or what have you, which I had an issue within the first two, there's no much reason to get this right now at full price. Plus, maybe the environments are cool, but I've had my fill of the jungle look that Tomb Raider is going for. I'm going to get a Pro and Spider-Man before I play Tomb Raider I think.

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#65 Posted by NietzscheCookie (122 posts) -

A 6 from Gamespot and a 9 from IGN is a pretty big disconnect. I need a Brad Shoemaker review before I put money down. Now more than ever.

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#66 Edited by Zurv (1029 posts) -

I wonder is ray tracing is already in. Also DLSS?

I'm a dummy with a titan V and that has a bunch of tensor cores (which is needed for DLSS) and it can do ray tracing too (but not as good as the up coming RTX cards)

I'm not 100% sold on if ray tracing is worth getting new cards.


hrmm.. i seems if you pre-order you can play it today at some point.

here is some PC perf:

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#67 Posted by hermes (2638 posts) -

Maybe when its on sale, but not right away. I will just wait and see.

I liked the post-reboot games, enough to buy them day one, but everything I have seen of this one seems unpolished, shallow and cheap. Calling it the Batman Origins or Mass Effect Andromeda of the series doesn't look entirely unearned...

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#68 Posted by csl316 (15037 posts) -

@hermes said:

Maybe when its on sale, but not right away. I will just wait and see.

I liked the post-reboot games, enough to buy them day one, but everything I have seen of this one seems unpolished, shallow and cheap. Calling it the Batman Origins or Mass Effect Andromeda of the series doesn't look entirely unearned...

That's interesting, because I've seen a bunch of reviews say it's the most polished in the series. Some even called it the best game in the trilogy series.

Seems the biggest critique I've seen is that it's just more Tomb Raider. Which I'm personally fine with, anyway.

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#69 Posted by AdamALC (302 posts) -

I really enjoyed the last two games but Brad's Bombcast take has turned it from a day one purchase into a wait and see.

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#70 Posted by Humanity (19042 posts) -

@adamalc: Yah but take that with a grain of salt. For instance in that same Bombcast Brad is always looking at Destiny as a glass half full while Rorie nitpicks it much the same way Brad nitpicks Tomb Raider. Everyones tastes differ and while I personally thought the first of this trilogy was an amazing debut, over at GB it was met with tepid approval like it's "good" but thats about it.

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#71 Posted by fatalbanana (1106 posts) -

@humanity: Yeah, opinions are fun but I might be with you on this one. The game has gotten mixed reviews to a degree that I find interesting. It very much seems like a love it or "meh" it situation but from what I've seen of the game so far I think I would fall in the former category more so than the latter. But who knows? I'll be playing the game on Friday so we'll see. At worst I have gone from reasonably excited to cautiously optimistic based on the reception so far.

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#72 Edited by Zurv (1029 posts) -

I've played about an hour of it. It feels a lot like Rise of the Tomb Raider.. which for me is a good thing. I was surprised how much I liked RoTTR so much. The game is a real looker too. 4k + 60fps + maxed settings + hdr + oled + sofa + dog == profit :)

i super killed a bunch of people real fast in the first combat arena of the game. It was REALLY ez. I'm not sure if that was because it was the first fight. I hope all fights aren't like that. I just busted in and killed everyone. No cover.. just all murder time.

(i was also using my desktop with eye tracking. I might not be able to miss when i use that...) We'll see how ez it is going forward (and without tracking.)

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#73 Edited by Captain_Insano (3540 posts) -

@zurv: There was a Gamespot video on it (which is interesting given the 6 score, but they still want the clicks) which implied that playing it on Hard might be the way to go (but not on the extreme hardest one difficulty) in terms of providing a bit more of a challenge for both combat and puzzles. I think that can be changed mid game.

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#74 Posted by SethMode (2100 posts) -

I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm curious about the QL because it seems like Brad is going to specify on the nits he was picking with it, because I'm not seeing them about 2 hours in. I mean, there is no doubt at all that this is more Rise of the Tomb Raider as opposed to a step forward, but I feel like whether or not you dislike that depends on your own taste. Personally, I'm liking more Rise in a different setting with new ways to try stuff out (and I really enjoy the setting so far).

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#75 Edited by MerxWorx01 (892 posts) -

@sethmode: I haven't looked at every review out there but it seems like the major complaint might be a case of too much of the same by which I mean it was too much like the previous games and it doesn't deviant in any remarkable way. For me personally, that sounds alright. The first two games IMO shined when you were alone, away from combat and navigating lush environments. For alot of people that screams boring but I enjoy it quite a bit... I just have to finish up the 2nd game before I start Shadow... which I already have loaded and ready to run.

Good to hear some positive word on this though.

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#77 Posted by mems1224 (2514 posts) -

Really enjoying the game so far. I like all the tools you have now for stealth, I haven't even fired any of my guns yet. Just an arrow here and there and traps.

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#78 Edited by Ares42 (4369 posts) -

Put a few hours into it and so far I'm sorta .. eh.. on it. The thing that bothers me the most is that they jump into it way too quickly, expecting me to know and care about things which I have no idea what they are. I guess it might make sense if you have the last one fresh in mind, but as a stand alone game it feels very jarring.

Also not a fan of "click button to see interactables". They seem to have made a very conscious decision to minimize UI as much as possible (another minor gripe) which means replacing a minimap with icons on it for constantly clicking a button to see things around you. To me it's just a clunkier and more annoying solution.

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#82 Posted by mems1224 (2514 posts) -

There is an option to have most characters speak their native language which I recommend you turn on. It was really bugging me how everyone spoke perfect English.

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#83 Posted by MerxWorx01 (892 posts) -

@mems1224: just started this yesterday and really liking it so far. As far as the language is concerned I always just pretend that Lara understands the language and we are hear it as she internally translating it. That said it would have been nice to hear her say something in Spanish to the people she accidentally bumps into since she is conveying the words as externally. Hopefully that made sense.

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#84 Posted by BoOzak (2681 posts) -
@ares42 said:

Also not a fan of "click button to see interactables". They seem to have made a very conscious decision to minimize UI as much as possible (another minor gripe) which means replacing a minimap with icons on it for constantly clicking a button to see things around you. To me it's just a clunkier and more annoying solution.

Yeah i've always hated that. I chose to play the game on hard since i've heard this game can be pretty easy and it disables the ability to do that which is making me enjoy the game more. I know I could have just not used it in prior games but if i've got an ability that can be useful i'm going to use it.

Anyway, i'm enjoying the game but I still havent gotten to the hub so I feel like it's barely even started, looks really good even on base hardware.

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#85 Posted by hippie_genocide (2463 posts) -

@mems1224 said:

There is an option to have most characters speak their native language which I recommend you turn on. It was really bugging me how everyone spoke perfect English.

That sounds like a great feature. Now someone go back in time and make every character in Jade Empire speak Chinese and the aliens in The Phantom Menace not speak in some fucked up Jamaican accent.

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#86 Posted by CheapPoison (1127 posts) -

I kinda needed to push myself to finish two. Seeing this is being received as just more of the same or in some cases a lesser product. I think I might skip this until it drop quite a bit.

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#89 Edited by Seikenfreak (1543 posts) -

Completed the story earlier today and overall I'd say Shadow of the Tomb Raider was underwhelming.

A very good looking game at more than a handful of spots, and Paititi was definitely a very different city/hub type environment compared to what you see in most games these days, so that was a nice refreshing change.

The rest of it was lacking. In particular, I found Lara's voice work to be.. flat? Almost felt like the actress didn't want to be there. Most noticeable to me was when you'd examine various artifacts or notes found throughout your journey, to which there would be an accompanying vocal reading by Lara and, in every case I can remember, was entirely monotone and dead. There is also the neat feature of having localized voice overs, NPCs and characters speaking in their native tongue, but it feels weird and incomplete because they don't have Lara attempting to communicate with the same language. So you have Lara standing there talking in everyday English to some native, who then responds in Peruvian or whatever and has subtitles, and then Lara responds in English again. Not even attempting to simplify her sentences or words and no physical hand gestures to go along with it, as a person might do when trying to express something to someone when you don't speak their language. So while the option for "Immersive Language" seemed like a neat idea at first, I turned it off almost immediately. Too jarring.

Not much to be said about the rest of the game. Story felt somewhat irrelevant to me, but not as dumb as Rise of the Tomb Raider. I haven't played many of the Tomb Raider games, but Lara's backstory and all this Trinity stuff is entirely unnecessary to my enjoyment of this series. Just let me explore cool areas. Remove all the dumb gun fights and stuff. The climbing and level progression continues to feel very linear and a direct copy of Uncharted. Whole skill system felt pointless. I would just open it, stick some points in stuff I didn't care about, and then continue playing. None of the gear felt necessary to craft or purchase. You don't use the weapons very often. Again, all of that stuff is just excess baggage that the series doesn't need. All the animations seemed like they were under cooked, looking disjointed and janky at times. I always hated how you constantly make these huge leaps of faith and then you hit the button and her trajectory changes as she magnetizes to the appropriate ledge to grab. I did like having the options to make combat easy while making all the exploration and puzzles as difficult as possible, which is exactly what I did.

If I were to make a Tomb Raider game, there would be some brief intro narrative that gives a reason for Lara being dumped and stranded in the wilderness, and then you spend the rest of the game freely exploring a vast jungle, or mountain range, or desert, an island etc and trying to survive against the elements while simultaneously exploring the ruins, caves, caverns and tombs you come across. Maybe sprinkle in some educational information about the indigenous fauna and cultures of the area. She doesn't even have to be stranded, she is just out exploring and you operate out of some remote village in the middle of nowhere, gathering artifacts and information.

After seeing credits, I had zero interest in getting back into the game to find more tombs or unlock more stuff. Meh. Just glad it was over.

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#90 Posted by someoneproud (668 posts) -

Meh, I liked the first two games fine but didn't finish either tbh. Will probably get this at some point but certainly not at launch, too many other games to play.

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#91 Edited by glots (4418 posts) -

Ended up getting platinum for Spider-Man and found a copy of this for Xbone with a relatively cheap price, so bought it at release, despite my earlier plans.

While Rise felt like a somewhat different (and more enjoyable) experience than the 2013 one, this was kind just Rise with a different location. That’s not a bad thing automatically, since I liked Rise quite a bit.

...but when this didn’t really offer any significant gameplay updates over the last game and had a story even less interesting than last time around, the whole thing felt mediocre at best.

The visuals at least shined through later on in the game, but it was also *really* framey at spots. Didn’t try-out the performance mode.

Also some of the spectacular looking events that occured in the game sure did look nice, but for example the part towards the ending with the mudslide(?) rolling over the village and how the collapsing structures got placed perfectly for Lara to run across just made me laugh eventually. I know Uncharted has had similiar stuff, but at least you were usually leaping on pieces of crumbling stone and rocks, which seemed way more natural.