Why Silver shouldn't be a Scrappy character

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First, let me say that I HATED playing as Silver... but I like Silver as a character.
Anyway, I too fell into the hype about a third hedgehog. I was just thinking that I'd get to speed my way through robots as Silver. However, I found out that he has no speed whatsoever. I hear a lot of people call him a scrappy, an unlikeable new character who is found annoying, though I blame that on the voice actor who happened to voice one of the Donatellos in Turtles Forever. However, this is me defending Silver, stating why I personally feel that he shouldn't be hated and should be put into a new game... but with better gameplay of course. I feel that even the most unlikeable character in terms of personality can be fun to play as long as the gameplay as him is fun. To be honest, take a look at each character we meet... Knuckles is always "I'm stronger than Sonic"... when Shadow came, he went "I am the Ultimate Lifeform, I'll prove it to you Sonic..." Metal Sonic is fixated on being better than Sonic... Jet the Hawk is just pure "I'm faster than Sonic". Silver, however, isn't fixated on proving he's better than Sonic. Rather, the only he crossed Sonic is because he got in his way or thought Sonic was his enemy. He isn't out to prove he's the fastest or the strongest, he's trying to save the world but mistakes Sonic as his enemy. Sure, like I said, PLAYING as him sucked, but aside from his voice there was nothing wrong with him personality wise. The only problem with him was the voice and gameplay... while the gameplay is important to gamers, but he was written as a heroic character and, had he had similar abilities to Sonic and Shadow 2006, along with fewer glitches, he probably wouldn't be as hated in my opinion.
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Really? I actually found Silver to be just about the only enjoyable thing about that game, lol

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I'm glad you care so much.
But Sega is laughing at you. I'm not even kidding.

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@Doctorchimp said:
I'm glad you care so much.  But Sega is laughing at you. I'm not even kidding.
This guy has a point. I think you care more than even Sega does, unfortunately. :(
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Man, there are so many shitty Sonic characters, it's unbelievable.

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Joke's on the dude who was searching the Silver the Hedgehog forums.

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Wait...  Sonic characters have personalities?

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Maybe Silver should of picked a better game then Sonic 2006 to debut in.

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:

Joke's on the dude who was searching the Silver the Hedgehog forums.

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Wait... Sonic characters have personalities?

Yeah! more personality than Mario characters ever did

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I googled Silver the Hedgehog because I must have brain damage or something. Is Silver the Hedgehog basically future Trunks from DBZ?

Also, I fell down a hole of “Scrappy” characters. Apparently, Ross was the Scrappy on Friends

And yes, everyone can see this thread is 7 years old.

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Impressive necro.