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Game finally unlocked about an hour ago, I'm at work, but have been watching dudes play it on twitch, looks great, very 80's feel vibe to it.

Some live gameplay going on at the link below if anyone wants to check it out.


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After 2 hours of playing, I gotta say this is probably one of the best zombie games I've ever played. It's got the campaign structure of Left4Dead, the gameplay mechanics of Killing Floor, and a little of the BLOPS2 Zombie mode, all rolled into a single game. Seems like there's only one 5 map campaign right now, hopefully they'll roll out more as time goes on. I can see spending a lot of time playing it tho, it's just as polished and fun as Sniper Elite v2, but with zombies and variants on them. A couple of people mentioned while we were playing coop that they actually got scared a couple of times, which is pretty crazy. I didn't, but I can see how the onslaught could freak people out.

Now that I think of it, it's also got kind of an RE4 vibe to it.

Also, still $11.99 on GetGoGames if anyone is interested.


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Wow, already? Nice! I can see this being a fun diversion, if nothing else. I love the sniping mechanics in the regular game.

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Will Vinny and Brad do a quicklook of this?

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Sounds cool, hope there's a QL.

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I still need to get a copy of the original game, I bloody well loved the demo, and haven't partaken in anything with Zombies since Dead Rising 2 so I could get behind this expansion too.

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"Formerly?" Ohhh you got that all wrong dunny!

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Half a mission in, and I can already tell that this is great. That first "defend your position" objective is so, so good. 80's-style music kicking in, a zombie horde shambling through the mist... if the rest of the game is like this, I could get a LOT of mileage out of the meager five missions.

I honestly wasn't expecting much more than a neat little gimmick expansion, but this really is impressive.

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Killing zombies that were once Nazis has been done to death. I'd much rather a game let me kill Nazis that were once zombies.

Oh no! There are Nazi zombies everywhere! What will we ever do?

Wait, I found a cure. The Nazi zombies are turning back to normal! We've saved them!

Hang on a second, they're still Nazis! Get 'em!

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Still a fun game than the original sniper elite v2