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Posted by personandstuff (645 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: Who will win the great SpyParty rematch? (46 votes)

Brad 20%
Ben 37%
Somehow, Vinny. 43%

I was pretty excited for the rematch. Sad to see they couldn't do it on Friday. Brad seems more into the game but I think Ben will probably ending up being better at spotting tells.

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#1 Posted by Mikemcn (8591 posts) -

Brad has been forged in the fires of Mile High Club. He will not crack under the pressure.

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#2 Posted by imhungry (1124 posts) -

Ben has those young man reflexes, Brad's going down. #TeamMillennials

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#3 Posted by citizencoffeecake (1543 posts) -

You know Ben has been all up in the lab developing new Spy Party tech. Don’t get me wrong, Brad is capable but I don’t know that he has that young man drive, that passion.

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#4 Posted by ppx89zbn (80 posts) -

Brad has the wisdom and patience. Ben is too devil-may-care. #teambrad

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#5 Edited by rahulricky (299 posts) -

Brad will get flustered trying to track all the variables. Ben will blunder through for the win.

Whoever wins, we also win.

PS - who do I petition for a GB-wide Spy Party scrub league.