How is it REALLY?

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So I loved (maybe slightly hyperbolic there) Battlefront 1. I thought it was a lot of fun, I dig the Star Wars universe, and it happened to be one of the few shooters I managed to be good at. I was really looking forward to 2, but now that this whole microtransaction issue happened I'm a bit bummed. I personally don't care about loot boxes, I steer clear of them in 99% of the games I play, and enjoy getting them from time to time in League of Legends and formerly in Overwatch when I used to play that a bunch.

Anyways, I feel like this loot box issue has taken front stage with Battlefront, and sometimes I think all it takes is one bad aspect to a game to totally sour people's (read: critics) views on the whole product, at least in my opinion. So I want to know, is it really that bad? Is it at least fun? Is the campaign really terrible? I'd like to hear from people who were into Battlefront 1 in particular because I feel like that game got a bad rap and I ended up really enjoying it, and level up so far as the early 50's even.

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I've had quite a bit of fun with it, at least as much as I did with the first. It's a bit of a chaotic experience, there's stuff going on all around you at all times, but that's kinda what you sign up for coming in. I think the Starfighter Assault mode is definitely improved, and seems to last quite a bit longer. It's definitely my favorite, but the big 20v20 mode is really fun too. One part I do miss is the cosmetic customization, as shallow as it was. There is none in this game, which kinda sucks because I liked being the Stormtrooper with the rad ponytail :(

I haven't had any experiences where I felt like someone with better cards than me was dominating either. In fact, I've topped the leaderboard numerous times and I didn't spend a penny on lootboxes.

I think people overestimate how much of an advantage you get from star cards. It's nothing out of line with say, Call of Duty perks, in my experience so far. Even the things like "Increase damage" start at 2% and top out at 10%, which just doesn't matter in this game. You're rarely in a situation where you feel like 10% extra damage is what killed you, it's usually that Boba Fett shot you with a rocket and you were going to die no matter what. I just think the progression system itself is kinda bad. If anything, I miss the simplicity of the last game's star cards. This system is more trouble than it's worth - none of the cards are all that exciting.

The Campaign is okay. It's nothing special, but if you're coming to it just wanting to shoot some Star Wars guys in some Star Wars environments, it's what you're looking for. The story is unbelievably predictable and cliche. As in, there was a moment where I actually couldn't believe it was doing what it did. But it's fine enough.

Since you enjoyed the first game more than most, you'll probably enjoy this one more than most as well. As long as you have the ability to accept that Battlefront is not Counter Strike and sometimes you're just going to die because somebody in an X-Wing randomly strafed you and there was nothing you could do, you'll have a good time.

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I came for the Star Wars and it delivers Star Wars. I think Dan was being hyperbolic by saying the campaign was "bad." It's really a wrapper to deliver the Star Wars and it does that well. The story isn't revolutionary, but it's a lot of fun. I really wanted a new AAA Star Wars story to play through, and this scratches that itch. I Haven't played much of the multiplayer yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to like the star fighter battles the best. It feels like the closest thing to Rogue Squadron we're going to get, and it does it pretty well.

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I didn't like it. It just played bad. Story, meh

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If you enjoy COD gameplay you will like the MP it's not for me.

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@kittentactics: Weird, one of the reviews of the game said you can get a Star card which increases the number of battle points (or whatever they are called) by like 20%. That absolutely seems like a huge advantage.

I also find it baffling that people are just sitting back and saying, "'s really not that bad." We said it wasn't that bad when it was *just* cosmetic items as well. Like at least they're not selling game-affecting gear/buffs! Now they're rolling out paying to gain an in-game advantages and people are saying, "'s only a 10% damage increase." It might not seem like a lot but that can still affect games.

It's just so blatantly obvious that companies like EA, Activision, and Blizzard are gaining ground on this issue by incrementally pushing out larger "micro"transactions, upping the bar of what is acceptable. And a lot of people are eating it up.

I know this sounds like a slippery slope argument and it kinda is. But considering the track records of these companies? This micro transaction culture will probably get worse until people stop accepting these things as *just* a small advantage.

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If you're like me and don't care about this loot stuff and want a DICE shooter in the Star Wars universe, you'll have a good time.

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I havent touched the campaign, i do enjoy the multiplayer but the progression needs a major overhaul.

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I haven't felt any unbalance as far as getting murdered cause dude has better cards than me, that being said it could certainly be present. The business laid out by EA is shady at best but I was able to unlock Darth Vader after playing for about 2 or 3 hours max and in general the "Star Wars'" is real good in this game. Everything looks and sounds exactly as it should and gives you the most immersive Star Wars experience available on modern consoles. I really liked the previous game and this is more of that spanning each era of the cinema universe and for me that's plenty for me. Can't speak for the campaign, it seems fine and inoffensive but I have only done a single mission so far, the arcade mode is a decent time.

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Simply put, it’s aight...

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It really is pretty mediocre. Almost to the point where I think the lootbox controversy helped hide myriad of its technical problems and underwhelming single player campaign.

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The campaign has some cool moments, but it feels like it had a lot of content cut out of it before launch. I enjoyed it for what it was, but I am pretty happy to be done with it.

The multiplayer has been fantastic so far in terms of actual gameplay, the maps have a good variety of close and long rage encounters that reward different playstyles and there are generally a lot of different paths to objectives, which makes the occasional chokepoint feel hectic and fun.

Obviously with the whole progression system being tied to lootboxes it needs to be overhauled, especially once you clear out the initial one-time challenges that give you currency and are stuck grinding slowly. I will say that by about 8 hours of multiplayer in, I had unlocked the base level of every ability I was interested in on all the standard classes, and obviously I was able to kit out the classes I played the most (Heavy and Sniper) much quicker than that.

Probably my biggest complaint with the multiplayer right now is that the abilities/equipment available just aren't that interesting or varied. There are only 3 upgrades per weapon and what they do is set per gun, so you just grind those out and hope they're things you like. The abilities are generally just 3 flavours of the same ability (The fast sentry gun, the slower sentry gun, the super slow sentry gun) and they kind of feel like a cop-out to making actual different abilities. Hopefully they add more variety in the future.

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@strangestories: Nah, it's no more an advantage than the perks in CoD that give you killstreaks earlier. You still have to do well to call in good reinforcements, just a little less so and you are giving up a slot to do it.

After playing more, I would agree that the biggest issue with the actual gameplay is that the unlocks just aren't compelling. I had to sift through all of them and in some cases, never saw three that I felt I really wanted. So it's kind of slow to get rewards, and when you get them, you don't care. So you're kind of just playing for the fun of the game, which IS fun - but every other game out there offers fun and progression.

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@kittentactics: So people are paying for perks, something that required progression alone in most (all?) CoD games. That doesn't detract from how scummy it is, it exemplifies it.

And what about the person who is pretty good at the game *and* pays for those perks?

It's still an advantage people can get much faster than everyone else if they pay for it. In any single player game that would be iffy, but in a competitive shooter? That's downright filthy.

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i really like it, im about 75 hours in atm, and the pay to win thing hasnt really been an issue for me.

the proggression system is pretty bad, but the gameplay is fun and well its basically bf1, but with bigger maps!

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I didn't like it, but mainly because of the shallow/hollow gunplay, which is why I didn't like the previous Battlefront. If you liked the other one you'll probably like this one too, it doesn't seem that different.

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My coworker really likes the game. He's been playing for a week and really enjoys the multiplayer.

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I enjoyed it as well. I think the way the game is now is fine. The progression system is confusing and bloated and just plain dumb but really it hasn’t affected my enjoyment of the game itself. The story is not great either but it f you’re a star wars fan it’s a fun game.

That said, I’d prefer a deeper experience. Honestly, I think I would prefer a sw mod to the battlefield formula to what they delivered in Battlefront 1 and 2.

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I kinda like it, beneath all of the lootbox crap there is a solid game, the campaign is decent (not amazing though), Arcade is a great idea but there's nothing in it right now and the multiplayer modes are pretty good but there's the whole progression & balancing issues there.

As it stands right now though it has its good parts but there just isn't a lot of them, I'm hoping that the updates and "DLC Seasons" will fix that. Obviously the lootboxes and progressions need some serious looking at first, they can come back from this but we just gotta wait and see if they will or not but I'm hoping with Disney, their shareholders and various government officials now keeping an eye on the situation they will actually do the right thing (even if it is only for PR)

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people might burn me at the stake for this but it's probably the most fun I've had in a third person shooter in years.

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It's OK but if you really care about the state of the AAA industry it would be a bad idea to pay them money for it. And you're not going to miss out on much if you skip it. It is designed as a free to play game and 100% feels that way.

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I had been wanting to post this thread, thanks for doing it for me! Sounds like campaign amd progression are crummy but everything else is a decent upgrade from the last game which i also very much enjoyed.

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My opinion of the game has slowly risen after spending a week with it. Last night I finally finished up the campaign (after spending most of my time in multiplayer), and while the standard sections feel like a basic shooter from the PS2 era gameplay-wise, I had a lot of fun with the aerial combat, and controlling certain characters (GIVE ME A LANDO GAME NOW).

The complaints of the story coming across as fan fiction is a little overboard, it's about as well written as your typical Star Wars story outside of A New Hope, Empire, and some of the recent cg shows. The problem isn't the writing. It's that the game isn't fleshed out enough to accommodate the motives of the characters during certain twists in the story. Jeff taking issue with Han Solo showing up is silly. Han...much more so than Luke, I would expect (and want) to show up, given his place in the rebellion at that point. If anything shoehorning Maz Kanata into the mix was silly...but they needed to cover ground from all generations of the series. The problem there, much like the twist I mentioned, it feels like they cut a section out as it seemed like they were leading to a battle on Kashyyyk to liberate the Wookiees, but nope. Nothing. Which is strange as I'm pretty sure there's a large Galactic Assault map set on that planet. Nearly every issue with the campaign is attributed to its length hurting the narrative and the shooting sections being way too straight forward which makes it a mediocre affair more than anything. A few cool sections though.

As far as multiplayer is concerned, while the loot crates are lame, it's clear you don't need to bother with them as the only thing that really matters is leveling up to unlock better blasters and attachments. Also, map rotation kinda sucks as I've yet to play Hoth in Galactic Assault and only encountered its hangar map once in Blast. They need to ditch playing two rounds back to back in one area in order to improve the variety.

Overall, it's not the trainwreck that most gamers are making out to be, but it certainly could be better. Hopefully over time they'll add enough content to make this package seem a bit more worthwhile....but with the hit they've taken in sales thanks to the loot crate debacle, we probably won't be getting as much as they originally planned. I just wish it was as engaging gameplay-wise as the original Battlefront series. Those games really felt like a nostalgic sandbox where you could take control of your digital figures and vehicles in an atmosphere that allowed more freedom, and I'm pretty sure they mixed in a good bit of enemy A.I. which allowed less skilled players feel like they were actually contributing to the efforts instead of just running to the gunfight and immediately getting slaughtered.

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I feel like the Internet had nothing better to do while this was being released and EA really isn't going to miss the small percentage of sales lost at launch.

It's well built, and the progression stuff isn't at all relevant to my 11 year old son and myself. I could care less if I play as Luke.

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I'd honestly rather play the first Battlefront. Before all this shit came down the can the past month or so, I played the hell out of the first one over the summer in anticipation of the sequel. One of the only small tiny features I wish was in the first one is having damage done to other players translate into points, instead of waiting for unbalanced assists or kills. But since the progression is bonkers in Battlefront II, I'd rather continue grinding fun gameplay in the first. At the very least I can one day get that scout trooper model :)! It looks amazing though.

Maybe one day I'll continue off the trial and buy it used, although by then what would be the point years down the road for such a game?

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To my surprise, I've actually been enjoying Starfighter Assault quite a bit. Flying just felt "off" in the last Battlefront, and it was virtually impossible to maneuver and hit anything (at least for me), but the Criterion team managed to fix most of the issues this time around. The Death Star wreckage level is fun. Doing a sweet loop through some space debris to evade someone on your tail, getting on their six, and blasting them to bits feels preeeetty cool. I still have the occasional 3rd-person depth perception issue where I crash into something I didn't feel like I did, but it feels way, way better to fly in this game. I even took off the flying assist.

There were definitely some server issues going on last night, though. It kept disconnecting me from the EA servers randomly, and I had one match of Starfighter Assault with so much lag that it was truly unplayable. I was infuriatingly warping around into debris over and over. It wasn't great. I'm on google fiber, so lag shouldn't ever be a problem on my end. Also, I couldn't even get into a match of Galactic Assault last night. It just stayed frozen on the awaiting players screen, and that number didn't change for five minutes. I can't think the game is that dead already, and I would have expected the player counts to fluctuate. I think that was another server issue.

Overall, I've had fun in my time with the game thus far. The progression is crap, and I'm honestly not even engaging with the star card system at all because I just don't care, but the game is ticking most of the boxes I hoped it would, and it looks incredible doing it. I am a bit surprised how much of the game features Episode 1-3 stuff. Does anyone actually have attachment/nostalgia to locations, ships, et al. from those shitty movies? I'll admit I don't have as much fun in the matches featuring Ep. 1-3 content, but it generally plays well enough to be an enjoyable shooter, in addition to now offering decent Star Wars space dogfighting, which is inherently rad.

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I'm not a fan of the prequels, but I really like that era's maps for the most part. I've had some of the most hectic neck and neck matches in Kamino (the few times it's popped up in Blast), Kashyyyk is cool despite too many outer platforms, and the Blast map for Theed is probably my favorite in the game as it's structured in a way that really benefits Assault run and gunners that dig running laps around that inner circle in vanguard mode. I'm a pretty mediocre player, but I regularly go like 26-9 on that map.

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It's the best Star Wars game since KOTOR 2, but it's still no KOTOR 2 level game.

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My brother, who played Battlefront and is the Star Wars guy who just wants to play the Star Wars game, who has little to no knowledge about how bad the loot box situation was, seems to enjoy Battlefront II. If you want to run around and shoot the Star Wars guns at the Star Wars people, it still seems to very much be that type of game.

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My brother, my friend and I have been playing it together, it's pretty good. The star card thing dosent seem to really matter...well I mean it does, but it never feels like you got cheap killed or OP'd or whatever.

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@notnert427: you gotta remember that a lot of people grew up with the prequels as their initial Star Wars experience. My mom loves the OT so I saw those films plenty of times before the Preuqels came out. But, I still have affinity for them because those where the the new Star Wars growing up as a kid which makes it special I guess, for me at least.

To be honest, I feel like those movies do have some really cool locations and I’m surprised they didn’t include things like Corusant or Geonosis. The Cloning facility has a great aesthetic though and they did pretty well with Theed despite it being less iconic. Guess we will see if they add new maps in that realm in the future.

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@notnert427: you gotta remember that a lot of people grew up with the prequels as their initial Star Wars experience. My mom loves the OT so I saw those films plenty of times before the Preuqels came out. But, I still have affinity for them because those where the the new Star Wars growing up as a kid which makes it special I guess, for me at least.

To be honest, I feel like those movies do have some really cool locations and I’m surprised they didn’t include things like Corusant or Geonosis. The Cloning facility has a great aesthetic though and they did pretty well with Theed despite it being less iconic. Guess we will see if they add new maps in that realm in the future.

Yeah, I didn't really consider that, and now I feel old. Still, for me, any and all Ep. 1-3 stuff still feels like this weird offshoot. I've seen the prequels probably 3 or 4 times apiece in my attempts to try to find things to like about them, yet my recollection of the vehicles and locales is virtually nonexistent. They could have made up the vulture droids and Kamino for this game and I seriously wouldn't have known.

I guess what I'm getting at is that nostalgia is a major factor in what I'm getting out of this game. Tie Fighters, X-Wings, Stormtroopers, Hoth, the Death Star, etc. are still awesome. Naboo, battle droids, and MTTs? Not so much. That's me, though. Maybe there are people who have that kind of affinity for prequel stuff, and I actually hope that's true and that they're enjoying seeing it here.

I just thought it was a fairly bold choice to prominently include a bunch of seemingly less-beloved characters, vehicles, and locales, especially at launch. I would have expected that kind of stuff to drop later, but hell, they made a bunch of bizarre design choices with this game, and prequel content pales in comparison to a lot of it. Still, the game is enjoyable enough in spite.

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Honestly its quite bad. Or like 5/10. The graphics are awesome but everything else feels stiff and it gets boring quickly. Dont buy this game. Buy PUBG or Battlefield 1 for team shooter instead.

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It's the best Star Wars game since KOTOR 2, but it's still no KOTOR 2 level game.

What this guy said.

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I surprised myself at how much I played the multiplayer. I almost never play online multiplayer games. I was driven by trying to unlock all of the characters and to see all of the scenarios. I barely got into the cards at all. Upgraded a few to the point where I had a loadout I liked, and only touched them if I had enough crafting parts to make them better. Only played assault because I didn't want to think about the tactics of another class. It was also the best way to get new guns.

I can't really compare it to, say, Call of Duty's progression because I don't play those games. I'm here for the Star Wars. And I've enjoyed myself, despite my friends not buying it yet. I thought that was going to be the only way I'd get into this game. I think I'm winding down now, but it's been an enjoyable experience to put on a video or a podcast and blast some stormtroopers for a little while.

Looks like they are continueing the story after The Last Jedi comes out too. Looking forward to playing that.

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I have the ten hour preview thing and I got about 3 hours in before I just kinda forgot about it, it looks nice and plays fine if you like BF1 you'd probably be okay with it.

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The gameplay in general feels like a dumb'ed down arcade version of a battlefield game.

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@donchipotle said:

It's the best Star Wars game since KOTOR 2, but it's still no KOTOR 2 level game.

What this guy said.

The original Battlefront II was better than this.