Multiplayer is out!

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For steam users, you can now play the multiplayer beta right now. Just follow the below instructions:

To access the Steam beta, find Stardew Valley in your game library, right-click it and select properties, then go to the "Betas" tab in the pop-out window. Enter the beta password "jumpingjunimos" and click "Check Code," then use the drop-down menu above the code to select the beta. Steam will automatically download the update from there.

For GOG users, you're not getting it for "a few more days."

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#2 Posted by rayo329 (5 posts) -

Nice, I have been expecting this since release

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Now to wait till it comes to switch.

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I only have access to the Switch version right now so I will have to wait. Probably should try to "finish" it in the medium.

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What is the multiplayer exactly?

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@dgtlty: Basically it's exactly like the singleplayer but you share a farm with 1-3 other people.

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Hot tip, it recycling machine appears to cause insane lag when placed on your farm.

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Can't wait to try this with the wife! I presume the players can split up and don't need to be on the same screen/section of the map? So one person can be off foraging or cave spelunking while the other as back home tending to the farm?

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@big_denim: That is correct. You don't need to be on the same screen/map.

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#11 Posted by LittleWask (115 posts) -

Which type of game is this?

I mean from which gaming genre?

Harvest Moon-esque, is my understanding. Hopefully that paints a picture for you.

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@rubiehadams: It's a farming simulator with RPG elements

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What is the benefit to joining a game? It appears the hosting player has gets all the advantages.

Or am I totally missing something.

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#15 Posted by Silver-Streak (1991 posts) -

@crazycraven: The idea is for it to be a long-term coop game.

Everyone shares cash, but has their own skills, tools, and relationship development with the villagers.

Other than that, it makes things like handling a large farm easier, and makes mining safer.

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@silver-streak: yeah, just sounds like a good time.

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Anyone try this with mods installed? I like playing it with a few basic mods (like the Easier Fishing mod) but don't know if that'd throw the MP out of sync?