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Who's going to pick it up again?

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If I do pick it up, it'll be my first time. I've been leery of farming games for a long time now, but it would be nice to have a game to relax with rather than stress over, and I do like dating sim elements and lovable characters in my games. Plus the hype for it is strong. So maaayybbbee?

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Wow! Didn't think it'd be so close to the announcement. I've been holding off for the switch version so I'm definitely getting it.

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I am definitely buying it again. Switch is the perfect fit for Stardew. One of my only gripes with the PC version is that I have to sit down at my PC to play it.

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I am absolutely double-dipping. This game is fantastic, and having it in portable form will be awesome. For anyone who has no experience with these types of games, I had never played Harvest Moon or anything before SV and it ended up probably my favorite game of 2016.

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Golf Story has been making me think about how nice a Switch version of Stardew Valley would be. So, well-timed, I guess.

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As someone who uses their Switch almost exclusively in handheld mode on the couch, I think this is a near-perfect platform for Stardew Valley. The only thing I'm concerned about is the right thumbstick. It's in a bit of an awkward position, particularly in tablet mode, and (I'm assuming) having it control the cursor will be a bit of a pain.

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Now they can finally concentrate on the most important version. And I can actually play it not just look at it in my PS4 menu. Vita 4 lyfe

Let's see what comes first, the Vita version or a sale on the Switch version.

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Oh heck yes. Day one purchase for me. I liked Stardew Valley a lot on PC but felt it would be way better as a portable game. With the Switch, it'll be perfect.

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I've bought it twice already and I can't think of a great reason not to buy it again!

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I was going to buy Golf Story, but I think I'll get this instead since I haven't played it before.

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I can see myself getting this again - maybe backend of this year or start of next. Overwhelmed with games at the moment, but put 45 hours into Stardew originally and have wanted to play again.

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Does multiplayer/co-op come out then as well?

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Oct 5th is also the full moon closest to the fall equinox this year. Otherwise known as a harvest moon.

Reddit poster.

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Seems like a really good fit on the Switch.

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I have it on PC, but there were so many times I wanted to just sit on the couch and play more remotely. I tried with my laptop but it was still sort of cumbersome since I wanted a controller. So really this seems perfect.

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I might double dip :) I never did everything on the PC version anyways and Switch is my main gaming platform now so i prob should get it.

Besides gotta support Indie devs/smaller publishers

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My favorite game of last year. One of my favorite games ever. You best believe I'm doing the triple dip on Stardew.

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Definitely buying it again. I played ~80 hours of Stardew when it came out, but that was almost a year and a half ago, and the idea of occasionally messing with my farm while in bed or in transit is too appealing. Plus, I haven't played with all the updates he's made to marriage and the like.

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I'm torn. I could get it on PS4 or Switch. Not sure.

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Seems like the perfect game for the train or laying in bed. I'm in.

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@bill_mcneal said:

Does multiplayer/co-op come out then as well?

It doesn't seem like it. News from today on Gamespot says a multiplayer beta is coming late this year and full release early next year.

The Switch port of Stardew Valley was developed by Sickhead Games and retails for $15 / £11. It will also be the first console version to receive the game's multiplayer update, which will allow players to share their farm with up to three friends. Chucklefish has said it plans to begin beta testing the multiplayer update on PC later this year; it will launch for that platform in early 2018 and come to Switch and then other consoles after that.

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Bought it on Xbox backend of last year and stopped playing when I decided to get a switch and that version was confirmed. Played 40 hours will be min maxing now I got an idea how to play.

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I've played the PC version to the second year about 4 times now. I've been holding off for the switch version to play again. It'll be weird not controlling with a mouse, but I feel pretty confident that I've nailed down the path of getting the community center done year 1 while setting up a solid farm. Going to try to make the switch version my definitive farm.

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Yeah I played on the PC and made it to winter of the second year twice now but never got to the third year. Been playing the hell out of this on the Switch though; I have a stationary-bike and elliptical at home and end up doing like 2 hours of cardio while playing this. It's awesome because while I love going to the gym I usually hate doing cardio.

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I've been playing it on the switch. It's a mostly good port, only a few noticeably egregious bugs and issues. For example: I can't use two of the tables in the museum. I don't know why - just can't put anything on them. Some tooltips are unchanged (it tells me to use right click to load/unload a slingshot - it's the Y button). Extremely long save times. Can't use the touch screen. Slingshot controls are either terrible or inverted horizontally - it's a little hard to tell which, but it's definitely unpleasant.

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Any chance for a physical version? I don't trust Nintendo when it comes to digital purchases at all considering their track record.

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@nick: shit that may work out well with split joycons, but I feel I wouldn't have the coordination for it.

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@ripelivejam: That's how I played it on PC with the Steam Controller. Setup the motion control for the mouse when holding the right pad. Worked pretty well but needed more refinement than I cared to put into it.

I would take that or at least touchscreen inventory control.

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@ripelivejam: It totally works with the split joycons. I've actually also got a treadmill and while I don't use it as much I sometimes go for a run while playing the Switch and it works great with one joycon in each hand.

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@deathtrap:Yeah there are a couple issues for sure. You mentioned the museum, for some reason it's really difficult to place anything, the cursor is way too sensitive or something. The slingshot is unusable (i never use it anyway so no loss there), i've noticed the cursor disappear sometimes in the guild place where you buy weapons when trying to buy/sell stuff, and also sometimes i can't click the community centre bundles icon from the inventory (although closing the inventory and opening it again will fix this). Nothing major that would keep me away, just a few strange little bugs.

@puchiko: i haven't heard any plans for a physical version, but i'm ok with that. I already own the game on Steam and the $19 CAD i paid for it on the Switch is not an issue for me. In fact I like this game enough i'm happy to pay for it twice.

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I bought it, and it's definitely a great version of the game. Now if only I had the time to actually play it.

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Bought it on the Switch, my first time playing. I feel like I'm doing everything wrong but I'm enjoying it a lot...It's quite relaxing. Some annoying things like the loading times (Which the dev has acknowledged). It'll be interesting to see the game when it's patched.

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@cube: There is no fail condition or time limit so you can't do anything wrong. Best thing to do on your first playthrough is to explore and enjoy what parts of the game you like.

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First time playing it. Its definitely fun. Don't know if I'm doing everything right but do the occasional quest here and there. Farm all I can. Started expanding my home before Winter arrives. Also 6 hearts full on Penny. Started getting used to giving birthday presents. I've pretty much ignored all other cause of Stardew Valley.

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This thread made me start up a new farm (and oh wow, the Riverside farm is super nice and pretty - I stopped playing before those new bits got added) on PC and I now remember just how enjoyable and calming that game is. Glad to hear the Switch version is (mostly) pretty good. I might even grab it sometime down the road.

I've always liked how there's never any rush for anything in the game. You can miss-time a harvest with a season change, and I suppose there is the bounty board thing occasionally, but that's about it. You just keep on farming or fishing or whatever you want.