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Eh, looks a lot like sf4. If you just made a new engine on ps3 maybe sf4 would look like this. Sf4 was an old engine after all. I wouldn't mind a more real sf2 look just for a change. Hopefully they've got some new gameplay ideas. Sf4 was a really good redesign and amalgamation of 3, 2, and alpha.

I could live with street fighter 3 with 2's graphics.

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It always amazes me how fast the internet moves. I was up when this video was accidentally posted on Capcom's youtube early this morning (US Western time), and it went from excited forum posts, to the video being made private 5 minutes later, to 5 minutes after that, news articles and people uploading mirrors and screengrabs.

As for the news? Well, last time Ono talked about SF V it was to say that we shouldn't expect it until 2018, so... while this is exciting news, I'm gonna hold off on getting too excited until there's a timetable.

In other news, forum posters the world over apparently don't know how to use the word "exclusive."

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@forteexe21 said:

As long as it isn't the F2P that some stupid exec tried to push through, the (obviously timed) exclusive isn't that bad.

If it's "F2P" in the way that KI is F2P then there is literally no downside.

I really doubt Capcom will be that generous. SF fans also wouldn't be satisfied if they follow KI's scale and have a roster of just 8 characters for the first year.

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@bargainben said:

@nags said:
@chicken008 said:

It's not a PS4 exclusive if it's on PC as well.

PS4 console exclusive.

So like Advance Warfare is a PS4 console exclusive. If you want to play the PS4 console version of the game, its only coming out on PS4.

I think it's more like "exclusively on PS4 and PC." You know, like how people use the word "exclusively" in a normal context.

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@bargainben: No. Not like that. AW came out on other consoles. From the looks of this, SFV will be console exclusive to PS4 and released on PC as well. No twist. No fancy word play. I don't see any other console under that title. Do you?

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Waiting for the seventh re-release.

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Said this elsewhere, but very interested to see if we get the same furious outrage people claimed over Tomb Raider being exclusive* to XBox One.

Somehow I doubt it.

TR is a timed exclusive, which I personally don't like. We don't know if SFV is a timed exclusive or a console exclusive at this point. If it's a console exclusive-- and one that wouldn't have been made without investment on Sony's part-- and therefore isn't coming to the Xbox One, I think that you'll still have people that are angry but the amount of ire will be justifiably less. In fact, in that scenario I think more criticism ought to be heaped onto Capcom for not having enough faith in one of its core franchises to fund it itself and make it multiplatform.

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Get Bopped FGC, sell your XBones.

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And PC you say? Great news for my PS3 TE stick that also works on PC then!

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Seriously, this Next Gen cycle so for seems to be about the PC and the Nintendo Wii U. Xbox One is lagging far behind and the PS4 is doing enough to hold steady.

With that said, I'm excited for the next Street Fighter game. It seems to take place after SFIII, which means I hope they bring Sean and some other characters we haven't seen in a while back again, like Karin from the alpha series. And it will be cool to see what an adult Sakura looks like.

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Pulling Street Fighter V as an exclusive will override any momentum from Killer Instinct towards making XBone the default console for FGC.

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Bullshit! Id rather play on live then PSN! Well, guess this means Im playing on PC. Cant waste that TE stick!

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I'm no fan of exclusives, but they exist, and I understand why. This is a particular pain though, because I was about to buy a pair of (very expensive) arcade sticks for KI. Now the two fighters I wanted to play this generation, so far, are on different consoles :(

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I own a PS4, not the Xbox One, but I still think this kind of practice is incredibly dumb.

It makes much more sense to release it on all three platforms than it does only on PS4 and PC. Though there's other factors that we might not know about. If Sony is funding the game, then that'd make sense... but there's a PC version, so...

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@professoress: Why is that? From what Ono said, they were having difficulties getting the necessary funding. Is there something im missing? Im not too privy on this stuff, frankly.

An unfounded belief that SFIV and all it iterations and DLC probably made enough money to more than fund the sequel.

As I said, unfounded, but based on the incredibly successful pity campaigns being run by pretty much all devs/pubs these days.

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Hope capcpom pulls through this rough patch; seems like people want to see them fail for whatever reason.

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@artsandrules: I feel like it's fairly safe to say that the PS4 will have more fighting games than the Xone, due to the Japanese not giving two shits about the Xone.

@haz: I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Sony would fund the game even with a PC version. I'm sure Capcom very much wants money for this game (remember that in the grand scheme of things, fighting games have kind of become a niche thing), and also Sony very much wants console exclusivity. Not necessarily true exclusivity, as I don't think they're really trying to compete with the PC. The PC is neutral ground, it is home to mostly gamers that are to some degree different than console gamers, and while there is a decent following of fighting games on PC it's nowhere near as entrenched as fighting games on console. Even if the PC version is technically superior most people would prefer a console version since everyone has the same hardware. More importantly, you can be sure all tournaments will be PS4 only; it's kind of weird but every FGC person I've ever talked to about using a PC version of a game for a tournament thought of it as somehow less legit than a console version of the game.

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Posting this again because it's still the best thing I've seen today.

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@617_jbug: Interesting. Are these made available in some form to the owners of the previous "versions?"

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This is going to be one salty weekend.

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I didn't see any new footage in the trailer, only street fighter 4 stuff. God I hope SFV doesn't look like Street Fighter 4

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I didn't see any new footage in the trailer, only street fighter 4 stuff. God I hope SFV doesn't look like Street Fighter 4

Yep, that's SF5 alright. Certainly not final build but they're still going with that look.

Upon more research there seems to be a lot of theorising that this is going to be very much inspired by SF3. Which I'm A-OK with, while I pretty much missed the boat on that one, it's probably my favourite of the series.

Also there's already a SF5 forum on shoryuken.com. lol at this point Capcom really has to own up to it

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@theinnkeeper: No. I bought vanilla on 360. Switched from 360 to PS3 in between versions, so I bought Super on PS3. And finally, I moved from consoles to PC, so I had to buy it again on PC. I don't play competitively, but I had to rebuy them anyway which I didn't mind because I figured each was the final one. I mean, I would have had to rebuy anyway due to the different systems, but I didn't think I'd be buying a new version on each one. It's cool though. I just know better now and also don't see myself leaving the PC ever again.

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@jonnyashley: You must not have played much SFIV if you think there's no difference.

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@nags: In terms of the visual evolution between SF2, SF3, and SF4, it looks a LOT like SF4 and Street Fighter X Tekken, which is a disappointment to me for a new numbered Street Fighter game. Not hating on SF4, but I was ready for a larger step.

If it's true that they're trying to get back to the basics of SF3, they should also be pulling from what made that game so visually lush, from the interesting desaturated colors, to the elasticity of the animation, and be bringing that into 2.5D

So far I'm more impressed with how Xrd has married classic sprite animation with 3D

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Is anyone really surprised that it is a PS4 exclusive? I mean, from what I understand most of the more serious players (like the EVO people) always played on the PS3. I've never really seen or heard of many people playing Street Fighter, or really any fighting games in general, on the PC or 360.

Am I missing something here?

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Pretty excited for it. I passed on Guilty Gear but have been itching for a fighter

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A fan asked Ono on Twitter if he was secretly working on Street Fighter V for next-generation consoles, to which the designer replied, "I don't have R&D budget and staff."

Sony aren't stupid enough to flat out buy an exclusive because of how dumb and useless it is to do so. Sony more than likely helped them in a Bayonetta 2 situation, provided devkits, tech, engineers, help and aid in all kinds of things. Given how Capcom are doing it's likely the Xbox One version won't be a thing until Super SF5, even outside of Japan.

(PS. It's only the US that cares about the Xbox One. The UK is in the second spot. They know the sales numbers around the world, it's possible this isn't a Bayonetta 2 situation and Capcom saving time and money. It's messed up.)

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@stonyman65: EVO and the FGC uses 360 for USFIV because of the lag on several stages on PS3.

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That logo is real cool.

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I didn't see any new footage in the trailer, only street fighter 4 stuff. God I hope SFV doesn't look like Street Fighter 4

Nah bruh

No Caption Provided

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This blows I've supported capcom and their multiple fighting franchises through out the 360 span and now I'm force to drop an absurd amount of money for a PS4 or a half way decent PC to play a game near and dear to my heart and childhood.Crap man I said it once when it was tomb raider and I'll say it again exclusives suck. I can only hope its exclusive to the PS4 in japan kinda like destiny.

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@hassun: Interesting perspective. One I hadn't thought of. Maybe you are right.

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ok, you got me, I now HAVE to own a PlayStation 4

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I played a chunk of 4 but fell off and never got back on with the re-releases.

This looks a lot like that. Really doesn't differ as much as I was expecting looking back at all the other main entries in the series. Maybe what I have seen so far is deceiving but that is my initial impression.

Admittedly, after seeing that Guilty Gear game I was hoping SF would get that sort of treatment. Or maybe the KOF treatment.

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I'm pretty sure this game will eventually be available on at least Xbox One as well. We'll know whenever Capcom's no longer contractually obliged to blow smoke.

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I'll be kind of bummed if this comes out soon. With Ultra SF4 having just come out in the middle of the year this'll really split the player base.

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Said this elsewhere, but very interested to see if we get the same furious outrage people claimed over Tomb Raider being exclusive* to XBox One.

Somehow I doubt it.

Yeah, I wonder why that is.............

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This probably doesn't bother me as much as it should. Fighters have been better on Sony platforms for a while, so that's where I usually buy them anyway. I like the Sony D-Pad better for fighters, I like the Xbox stick layout better for shooters, so that's how I buy my games, platform wise.

Sucks for people who only bought an Xbox I guess, but I wouldn't say Street Fighter is a deal breaker at this point.

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@lukeweizer said:

Is this Adam Boyes working his Capcom connections or Japan not giving a shit about the Xbox One?

Or just some timed exclusive to counter MS' Tomb Raider deal?

Why do I give a shit? What am I doing with my life?

Much more likely Sony pulled a Nintendo as Capcom has been in financial troubles for a while and a year ago Ono was very open about the fact that there simply wasn't the funding to start development on SFV.

So a year ago they hadn't started development.... now there's a trailer. High hopes.

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So a year ago they hadn't started development.... now there's a trailer. High hopes.

All that they show n that trailer is 2 characters, only one of which actually did moves, a stage and some particle effects. The real work in a fighting game is the balancing.

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Is Iron Galaxy developing this?

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@zzombie13: What? SF4 and Marvel were both better on the 360.

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Capcom must really be in some deep shit. Between Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter 5 does Capcom just not have the money to make games without one of the console makers footing some of the bill?

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@westernwizard: They played it on PS3 at pretty much all tournaments though. Also at least on the dualshock the game was playable, on 360 you wouldn't get anywhere without a stick.

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@corevi said:
@grimluck343 said:

So a year ago they hadn't started development.... now there's a trailer. High hopes.

All that they show n that trailer is 2 characters, only one of which actually did moves, a stage and some particle effects. The real work in a fighting game is the balancing.

And, you know, actually differentiating it from the previous game in the serious. At this point I'm expecting it to be closer to Ultra Street Fighter 4.5 Turbo CE.