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Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: Do you think Toad is cute? (615 votes)

I think Toad is cute 58%
I do not think Toad is cute 42%

I've always thought Toad was cute, like a weird little toddler who wears a mushroom hat and who's just always happy and trying to help. In recent years I think he's become kind of a meme with the raspy voice in certain incarnations and what not. But even with that voice, I think he's cute.

I mean how can you not think he's cute?

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The smear campaign is real.

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#54 Posted by RockHardly (6 posts) -

I think he's terrifying.

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#55 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4313 posts) -

yeah that's a cute little dude.

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#56 Edited by ShadyPingu (1807 posts) -

I would not call him cute.

Affable, pleasant, friendly? Yes. But not cute.

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#57 Posted by Qrowdyy (366 posts) -

Charming? Yes. Cute? No.

I don't got 'd'awwww' when I see Toad like I do when I see a puppy.

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#58 Posted by Rejizzle (1103 posts) -

I think Toadette is cut. Toad is handsome.