Can't wait for Jeff and Dan to get back in the lab and make levels together.

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I don't care what kind of science mumbo jumbo it takes, get those two working on a level together again, east and west coast combined.

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Oh man I'm actually hoping more for a east vs west situation where they make each other play their creations. Similar to what Dan and Patrick have been known for.

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@noboners: That would be fun. I feel like the east crew would be a great maker team with basically any combination of personalities.

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I think the fact that the Switch doesn't support video out when undocked is actually a huge problem for any kind of "creation stream". It feels unlikely that they're going to do a Giant Bomb Makes Mario thing without using the touchscreen.

Hopefully they'll do something though. Lets see!

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@gkhan: You're so right! I never really considered that this was an issue. With that said though, I have found myself creating levels with the controller, and after a brief learning period it's actually not THAT bad when you learn the shortcuts. Otherwise, maybe the duders could invest in a modded switch which allows the undocked output as seen here:

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It makes sense about the capturing. I was wondering why we hadn't seen anything other than a Quick Look. I assumed there would be a long community stream last Friday.

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I know everyone is going stylus crazy, but building levels with a controller isn't really all that bad once you warm up to it.