SMM2 Community Level Codes

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This is going to be a page for people to put their course i.d's on

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Course i.d for my first ever level. GB8-QLK-38G

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I'm trying to make my levels teach specific mechanics for my daughter. Here is a level teaching jumping.


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Newest Map!: "Lava Run is so hot right now" : W5K-RW6-WMF

An Auto scroller, im very happy with this one!

No Caption Provided

Simple first level, super easy: 8WS-3YT-H2G

Another level, an airship in the clouds,Super Mario 3 style!


an auto scroller:


A Song of Ice and Fire: LPR-7MJ-66G

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A vertical SMW castle level. Pretty difficult I think.

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My first thing. Y1L-HB4-RJG

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I wanted to make a vertical level all about Bullet Bill position manipulation. Therefore, I give you A Boy And His Bill: V4S-HWJ-YMF

It's pretty hard, but mostly because it challenges your usual sense of timing. It took me around ~20 attempts just to upload it, but it's definitely doable.

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It kinda sucks and was nearly too hard for me but here it is: PWF-HFC-6WF

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It’s a standard level, hard but not kaiso hard. I’d say about a mid-tier super meat boy level of difficulty.

I will try all your levels now! :)

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I made a new one. A bit harder with a couple traps: W2T-L0D-50H

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@turboman said:

My first thing. Y1L-HB4-RJG

I like the idea! Wasn't able to get far though.

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Here's my 20 second level. It's called Quick Tactical Brown. It's not good.


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This is my first stab at a Mario Maker level. Tried to keep it short and simple.


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Sup Duders, I'm hooked on the maker tools in mm2! My Maker name's Darkbomb, My maker ID is G97-2SG-8GG, I plan on having regular uploads.

My first creation: 30V-JG1-15G

Koopa Troops are attacking Fire Flower Forest, stealing and hoarding away all the fire flowers... Mario must recover them! It's a hard level but not unfair, multiple paths!

Here's the next level: YFS 30N X7G

Chase the Koopas through topple tower! It's slightly easier than the first. I designed this level to immediately follow my previous one, I wanted to focus on verticality this time so here you go.

The boss battle to the two previous levels: 8GD-GVK-G4G

The easiest of these, the idea here being that Bowser's best troops are defeated, and Mario's stomping mad. I just had fun making an airship level, mess that Bowser up.

Here's a coin collecting level : 1XC-7CV-HLF

Keeping in a theme of having different paths available to you, I tested this level speed run style, but the subcon part is chill, you can take your time if you just want to explore and have fun.

Have more levels!


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I made a thing! YHM-LWC-N6G, "Don't Get Greedy". I think it's pretty clever. I've had this idea since the original Mario Maker, which I never had. Now it's finally come to fruition!

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Its my first time making Mario. Very excited. He is on my stylus.

Here is my first ever level

TM6-V3W-B7G (JT First)

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First thing I make. It's more than manageable.

Name: Spike Ballad

ID: 3NN-277-5NF

Type: SMB1

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D5Q-N7Y-R1G. This is my first level. It is a troll /parkour /timing /puzzle level. Enjoy!

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The only Mario game I've played was Super Mario Land 2, and that was around 2001. So I tried to make a short slightly challenging level.

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I was inspired by that 'don't jump' level in the story mode and made a short puzzle level out of that mechanic. Hope you all enjoy it!


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I have a couple of levels. I'm pretty happy with the second level I made called "Luigi loves pipes" I'm a little rusty with the creator, but I hope I can make some awesome levels like I did in the first game. (shame nobody played them) - Edit - added another couple.




TH8-8Y5-6GG (This one is art)

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My kids made a level for me: Q47 NG6 H6G

I made a level for them, they hated me when they saw me beat it in front of them: MGY 2Y4 09G

Thank you to those that played the first one, showing my kids that their level had been played made them very happy as it had gone almost 24 hours with 0 attempts.

My daughter made a new one this morning: 3DM JCN FCG

They worked together, in co-op, to make another: FWK 0CK CHG

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Made a simple progressive fight against multiple Boom Booms: 1WJ-X0K-B7G

And then attempted to make a shoot 'em up: CGR-23G-22G

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My first attempt at a puzzle style level. I tried to telegraph the puzzles so it's easier enough to figure out.

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As someone who didn't have a Wii U, this is my first quick try at a stage involving swinging around across various obstacles.

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I made a level themed after an episode from the TV show Barry, so probably don’t play it if you haven’t seen the show. Well, it’s namely on the “Ronny/Lily” episode so it’s really for those who’ve seen that episode. Here’s the Course ID:


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Made a short little level while trying out my stylus, nothing extraordinary, but pretty happy with it.


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My first upload, trying out the 3D world style:


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First attempt here. This game can really eat up a Saturday afternoon.


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My first ever Mario Maker level, it's short but give it a go and let me know how it is:


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First level of this game, combining everyone's favorite things in video games:


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A Perilous Climb


SMW vertical level. It's quite long and challenging but has some new SMM2 mechanics to check out. Anyone who makes it past the muncher claws deserves a pat on the back.

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Are we just posting links in the thread? Alright. Here's the stuff I've put out thus far:

A Totally Normal Mario Level (Me, messing around with the toolset after years of not playing Mario Maker)


Airship Blockade Breaker (A remake of a Mario Maker 1 level I made. It's fairly difficult and I intentionally put a pretty rough jump at the beginning of the level)


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I made a desert level that alternates between day and night:


And here's a Koopa village that ends in a ghost house:


And here's a level themed around grabbing goombas with swinging claws:


Here's my fourth level, Climb the Clocktower:


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Made an easy, short little race. I was kinda thinking about the forest race level from DKC3 when I made it for some reason.


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1T9-H79-GVF"Two Key Keep" Its a small level combining a puzzle with some light platforming. First level created, I'm pretty disappointed that it seems impossible for anyone to find your level. But still very fun to create and upload!

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My first level! : YR1-FJN-S5G

First desert level: HVG-1LJ-B8G

Fire & Ice: RJH-C1V-32G

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F1S-QTB-KXG I’ve never made much in level editors, let alone Mario Maker, so I’m pretty proud of this little level even though it’s got some rough spots. Give it a try!

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Here is a short normal type level with some small tricks. FMT-V9X-LPG

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Friend and I made a short little level. WQ3-GD5-JTG Enjoy!

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Dusty Pipe Delight (SMB3): PR5-6DJ-6NG

Grassland Grove (SM3DW): 5YB-R5X-FJF

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Loving the game so far, also made my first level. It's medium difficulty and also has a secret or two:

Boom Boom's bombing raid (F54-79W-WPF)


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(All in World-style)

2K3-DQ7-KTFFrozen Crossroads; Short and easy.

KW2-HS3-JGFCobalt Keep; Moderate challenge/length.

WBT-N4F-7CGPeppermint Pass; Medium length, should be pretty easy.

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Here's my second level. Bit difficult but definitely doable.


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Been messing around with coin collection for one of my first new levels.


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My first upload for SMM2:

[re-SMM1] Just around the corner

A tight one screen level. So as of posting this no one has cleared it yet.

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Forest Drought: TKF-6HP-LXG

First level using SM3 style using twisters, switches and slides among other things.

Mario Parkour: TT7-91Q-5SG

Level I just made based on wall jumps and jumping on enemies. No second zone so pretty short.

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WXS-K19-KYG - A level based around the swinging claws.

K1R- 0JC-9WG - A hellish nightmare involving the poison mushroom.

Enjoy! (or not in the case of that second one)