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In a game so charming and so full of detail and craft, the alarmingly bad "Simlish" really stands out. It's over-processed and doesn't flow very nicely and the main characters (Cappy, the Broodals, Bowser, etc.) are probably the worst offenders.

It's the only thing in the game so far that misses the mark. I can practically hear the business meetings in my head whenever someone in the game speaks.

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Aw I always found it really charming haha. I prefer the gibberish in Banjo Kazooie and Animal Crossing, but I didn't mind it in here either tbh

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Yeah, I can see what you mean. I find it weird in New Donk City all the New Donkers speak a Simlish language when Mayor Pauline definitely speaks English. Not only does she sing "Jump Up, Super Star" but whenever you talk to her, her voice cues are stuff like "Hi!" or "Oh?".

There are moments where I do think the gibberish is kind of cute though. I like hearing the Tostarenans speak in their gibberish. Reminds me of Animal Crossing talk.

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I have zero problems with it.

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I like it. It feels like they're unifying language across Animal Crossing, Splatoon and Mario.

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This really is nitpicking.

That being said I sort of agree with you.

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I like it. Makes me feel warm inside.

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Go and play Breath of the Wild. Listen to the voice acting in that game. You'll now be happy they didn't use real voices in Mario Odyssey. Problem solved.

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@mocbucket62: Those are the Sand Kingdom people right? I very much did enjoy their gibberish.

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Something about the male New Donkers voices that really sound off putting to me, otherwise I'm fine with everyone else's.

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I like it, especially the new donkers, it makes it feel like even more of a surreal dream than it did to begin with.

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I agree. It's especially weird in New Donk City. I can over look it, but I'm over Simlish.

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No way!
All games should use "simlish", all.

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The humans (from what I've heard) sound downright creepy.

Implying Mario is not human.

I feel a little guilty playing this mostly with audio off, though I do that with most games unless they're a real strong narrative and sensory experience ala Hellblade. Seems charming and quirky from top to bottom.

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I like it a lot actually. I feel like it fits well with the Mario world, and is pretty cute. I liked it in animal crossing too though.

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One of the most enjoyable gibberish languages to me personally.

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@mocbucket62: Wait, there's actually a place called New Donk City? Haha, amazing.

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Doesn't Zelda use Japanese interjections or mumbling? I had thought that they were keeping in line with that kind of design.