PSA: Telltale games are starting to be delisted

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Just a quick PSA, a bunch of Telltale games are starting to disappear from digital storefronts. So far the ones that are gone (from Steam at least) are: Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island, Jurassic Park, and the entire Walking Dead series. I'm sure Walking Dead will show back up at some point, though the others that are already pulled seem less likely to re-appear.

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Minecraft Season 2 just went up on the Switch e-Shop in the last week funnily enough.

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I should still be able to download what I own right? Was planning to play back to the future and jurassic park on ps3

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@totsboy: Yes, at least on Steam as long as you owned it before it got pulled you can reinstall it whenever. I just checked and Jurassic Park is still available to install on my games list. Not that I would ever want to replay that piece of shit, but hey.

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it's this kind of BS is in part why piracy will survive when it comes to games. At least these games do not have much if any online only content.

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Yeah, this sure is a bummer. Since their entire catalogue is licensed, I guess it all has some kind of expiry date in the contract eventually? A date which has seemingly been bumped up as the company dissolves? Or do we expect some publisher to buy the rights to these games and they'll be for sale again eventually, published by TellTale Nordic?

I kinda wanted to eventually check out Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy, but buying them under duress in the next day or two because I'm afraid they'll be delisted isn't my favourite option. I guess there will be Steam key sellers (Humble, etc.) that will have access to these games for a while, but eventually those will run out.

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Man, this whole situation still breaks my heart.

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I bought the Batman games and Walking Dead: New Frontier just as the delisting started to be safe. Those were the only Telltale games I wanted to play that I didn't already own.