Marvel's Giant Bomb

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I originally submitted this as my Square Enix entry for the 11th Annual E3 Banner Contest:

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I then decided to follow it up with a dumb video as well:

And here's the full picture:

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Now that's a good JPEG.

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Great job man. Now you need to print out a massive poster of it and frame it and send it to them!

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This is fantastic.

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Dan is Loki, right?

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This is goddamned amazing! Spot on. Well done.

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Be honest: how much did you ACTUALLY need to add to Drew's hair?

Is it "barely anything?" Is it "nothing?"

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@undeadpool: Ha. All the hair that's shown is dreamy Chris Hemsworth's!

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It looks great. Drew is still a dead ringer for Thor.

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I could also see a strong argument for Jason being Iron Man and Jeff being Hulk.

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I lost it when my eyes saw Ben/Hulk

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Thanks for the new wallpaper! Guess this one's got to go now.

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Scarlet Kish?

Will Smith...Vision?

Vinnie Caravella the War Machine?