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Would anyone be intrested to watch Vinny playing Gabriel Knight 2 ?

Nothing else to add really. We all love Vinny playing old pc games. So why not to try one of the finest adventure games of all time.

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yeah, i've been wanting him to play this for a while now. FMV, great facial expressions and an actual fun story to follow.

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Yes! Very much.

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Would I watch Vinny play basically any FMV title out there? Yes. Or any of the old classic adventure games, FMV or not? Absolutely.

Sadly (FMV) adventure games that aren’t unintentionally hilarious aren’t exactly the best material for a Playdate (I would watch those, but I’m sure most would be bored out of their minds.) and I don’t think he has the time to make a solo series. At best we can hope that it’ll start snowing during summer and he’ll be streaming from his home or that he’ll pick some FMV titles during the Extra Life stream.

There’s probably also a good chance that he has played all of the old Gabriel Knight games, so not sure how enjoyable it’d be for him to just waltz through that game again. Of course you do forget a lot of things in +20 years...

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As someone unable to play this game with no PC, I, too would love to see Vinny play through this. Seems fun!

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@glots: While Gabriel Knight 2 is a very well made FMV game it's still very cheesy and full of hokey acting and line delivery. i think it would be a fun pick for a Playdate, but I also love the GK series so maybe I'm a bit biased.

Edit: But yeah he might also have already played it.