Did you like The Bouncer?

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Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) 9 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Did you like The Bouncer? (64 votes)

Yes and I STILL like The Bouncer! 16%
Yes, at the time. 25%
No, never. 20%
What's The Bouncer and why do I keep hearing about it? 20%
Poll 19%

I remember liking The Bouncer and I replayed it a few times for the different cutscenes for each character. It had Japanese voice which was a huge plus and the visuals for unbelievable at the time. Anyway, I'm kinda scared to pop it back in and see if it's really that awful but I'm really thinking about it...

When I played it, I borrowed it. This copy I bought on clearance for $5 I've only opened to look at.
When I played it, I borrowed it. This copy I bought on clearance for $5 I've only opened to look at.

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#1 Posted by Drachmalius (696 posts) -

Get a multitap and 3 friends over for a sleepover and enjoy the chaos that ensues. The single player was always bad, but I loved the free for all battles me and some friends had in middle school when it came out.

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It's not without issues and i like Fighting Force more, but it's a great looking game with silky smooth animation and a totally valid 3D beat em up, games like this are few and far between.

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Austin eruption did a great video explaining why The Bouncer is and always will be awful


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I remember thinking it was an ok rental... I certainly didn’t hate it

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The dude who could turn into a panther was pretty cool, I guess.

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I remember finding it fun. The Koh (?) stealth section was trash, but so are most stealth sections. And it was incredibly short. And the nature of the game meant that if you fucked up on what paths you took you had to fight shirtless incest man at obscenely high levels with crappy characters to keep playing

I suspect I would have preferred if we had rented it a few times rather than bought it. But, even as a kid with limited money for games, I didn't regret it.

Was it a good game? God no. Was it a memetically bad one? Nah.

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I recently saw a Let's Play of the game. It looks about what I expected from the devs behind Ehrgeiz.

The worst part is that the characters don't do any actual Bouncing outside of the very beginning and (maybe) very end of the game.

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I don't think I ever liked it but was always fascinated by it. Before the PS2 was released, this was one of the games Square promoted that was not Final Fantasy VIII (tech demo). Seeing early footage on TV at 60 frames (or fields) per second was mind blowing at the time.

The game though was interesting. It has that single episode anime OVA pacing that's fun, and sometimes stupid, to watch with gameplay that didn't really feel right. I get the idea of pressure-sensitive buttons allowing more moves but I think it made the game unnecessarily complicated. I do like the RPG-like system where IIRC does difficulty scaling, or at least damage scaling.

Honestly it would have been better for Dream Factory and Square to make a film rendered at realtime, minus the game part. I probably would just play Tobal 2 or Ehrgeiz if I want to play something. At least it's not Kakuto Chojin.

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It was so brief and odd, that it was kind of hard to dislike it. If I paid 50-60 bucks for it instead of the 10 I got it for, I think I would have been upset.

I remember just being glad a brawler existed at all. They weren't exactly common in that era.

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Got it for Christmas so the price didn't really matter.

It was fun to do a run in a short setting. Held some minor attention over the launch window games. I think I spent way more time in Summoner and Tekken Tag Tournament though. Fantavision was trash though.

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I rented the game in 2002 or so, and was very disappointed. Not once did I barre a minor from entry into a drinking establishment. False advertising!

Also it was kinda simple, and really short, and all the character designs were just baffling.