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Hell, it's about time...

Though most of it is made up of already leaked footage and screenshots, it's just great to see it all encapsulated in one (admittedly framey) trailer and not via some over-the-shoulder attendee camera. A nice little showcase of some of the psychological elements, with Sebastian running away in slo-motion all nightmarish like. Even the music gives off a Silent Hill vibe, with some grungy guitars lightly playing in the background. Resident Evil 4 meets Silent Hill is continuing to look like a fairly apt summation. In Mikami We Trust...

Anywhoo there's to be a showing at TGS as well, but I would wager it'll be a lot like this one, only they'll presumably switch in an The Evil Within title card instead of Psycho Break.

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Looks like the horror game that my soul needed. Even though I've seen most of this footage from your previous thread. The new clips is looking good, real good. They're going to bring survival-horror back in its true glory with its unique flavor. The recipe and special ingredients that's being put into this game are made with care and love, pure love. This game's sex appeal is going through the ROOF!

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This game eerily shares a lot of similarities with Outlast .. The SWAT team getting killed by a magical force, the asylum, getting stabbed with a needle when looking at monitors. It's kinda nuts.