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There is a countdown on the Witcher's website for something that will be revealed tomorrow. Well I think its a trailer and that it got released early on the xbox dashboard. It's a CG trailer called "Killing Monsters" so I assume its the same thing. Of course it looks pretty but it would be nice to get some gameplay soon.

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He's got a fucking beard. A BEARD!

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That's one sweet beard. Also here's the trailer:

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Well it's a CG trailer, but even if it doesn't really have much to do with the game itself I really enjoyed the style. Gerald is such a badass.

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I played 3 fantasy themed games during 1 year. Those games were Dark Souls, Skyrim, and Witcher 2. Dark Souls had the weighty and precise mechanics, Skyrim had large scale exploration, and Witcher 2 had the world and characters.

I feel that Witcher 3 has the best chance of striking the balance between all those elements.

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I need new pants...

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I like the new hairdo better.

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Well, after finishing The Witcher 2 just hours ago, which I started almost immediately after finishing The Witcher, I'm now officially psyched for this title. I love the character of Geralt, the setting and amazing style these games have.

I'm so ready to take on the Wild Hunt!