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But I don't see how's this game so fantastic, as everybody claims.

OK, it's not really, utterely a bad game, but what? 9.5|10? One of top 5 best RPGs? Oh, what?

It's actually a little boring to me.

- Story OK,

- battle normal,

- searching the world is boring (it's always either bandits camp, monster nest or a hidden treasure),

- I don't complain about graphics, but it's quite a slow game on ps4. No prob with that, but my brother got no patience and he clicks on everything really fast, and once he corrupted a save in the game when the system couldn't take it. There's a few millisecond input lag on everything...

- music is OK, but I don't recall a tone after 30 hours in the game

It's just a game. Not impressed.

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#2 Posted by Efesell (4510 posts) -

I mean this is all wrong but that's okay. It's allowed.

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That's ok, I didn't particularly love The Witcher 3 either.

...but, uh, I know there are people who did love it. Not everything is for everyone and that's ok. Apparently that's a thing that needs to be told every day on these forums this week.

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#5 Posted by Richardqx (159 posts) -

OK guys, sorry. I was afraid you'll come on me like this. Forget about it.

But I was not trying to be controversial, I just said what I felt...

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No game is perfect, and I really disliked the first two Witchers, but thought the third game was worthy of a lot of its praise.

Graphically it was beautiful at the time of release, and still looks damn good to me, but to each their own.

Audio wise, the voice acting is good to great, and the music serves its purpose.

The main story has its cliches, but is delivered in a great way, with the exception of the Dandelion bit. I fucking hated everything about Dandelion, and actively tried to get him killed. Outside of the main game, to me the best writing is saved for the side quests, even though a lot of the actual mechanics are ‘Go here grab thing/kill thing’.

I thought the combat was good, but know a few people that hated it. Still I loved it when you are surrounded, and just cut through everyone while looking like a badass.

Overall I thought the Witcher 3 was closer to great than good, and far away from bad. The fan base can be annoying with how defensive they are about the game, but the same could be said for most franchises. Sucks you didn’t enjoy it, but you’re free to feel however you want.

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@richardqx said:

It's just a game.

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Ok but do you have like, anything else to say about it besides what you felt of it being ok? That's fine, but what's there to discuss? Obviously you're in the minority of gamers so to agree or discuss I need something. No, I don't think the combat is that good here. It is absolutely ok for the entire game. It functions, it works, it makes me do a little bit of witching and rpg'ing to make my character better. I'd rather the combat be amazing, but ultimately it's not what I love about the Witcher 3 and I guess the game would be better if the combat was better but I mean it's hard to argue that the only right way to do something is to be perfect in all facets for all time.

I love the characters and interactions. The main story I felt was enjoyable, unlike a lot of other open world rpgs. Not without padding, but enjoyable and I was honestly interested in what was going to happen. Some of the side quests I felt had amazing characterization, voice work and stories. Those are some of the things that had me enraptured by the Witcher 3 that few games on the market have ever done.

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I personally am part of the "10/10 one of the best games ever made" crowd, but that's totally fair! I can absolutely see why some people would bounce off of it, and even if I didn't "understand", its still fine lol.

I bounced pretty hard off of the Witcher 2 when I first played it. After hearing all the hype when it came out on PC, I picked up the enhanced edition when it came to 360 and was....less than blown away. A year later though, I came back to it and thoroughly loved it, so anything can happen lol.

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#9 Posted by imhungry (1127 posts) -

Nobody is 'coming on you', there's plenty of different opinions that get brought up on this site all the time so there's no need to worry about that, but you didn't really give much information about why you have this opinion so there isn't much for us to discuss/respond to.

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@richardqx: To be fair most people are being reasonable about your opinion. No one is really "coming on you" or arguing. And there's only really been 3 posts so...

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No offence but your WRONG!

If you don't remember this song you might as well be playing something else

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#12 Posted by zulululul (55 posts) -

@richardqx: I'm with you. I love the visuals and a lot of the conversations. What I hated was the combat, it doesn't fit the tone of the game.

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#13 Posted by Efesell (4510 posts) -
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OK, so...

One of the biggest parts of the Witcher 3 is searching the opened world. But all you'll find behind those '?' are three or four things over and over again. 1) a bandit camp 2) a place of a power 3) a hidden treasure 4) a monster nest

- now I remember my favorite Gothic 1 or 2. There wasn't anything generic on their worlds. OK, the witcher 3 is much bigger, but where's the point of a large opened world for u to search, when it's generic? Take games like GTA - GTA is a huge open-world game series, and there's really plenty of secrets, mysteries, to discover, plenty of things to do. In the witcher 3, it just feels too generic over again.

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#15 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2068 posts) -

Best RPG ever created.

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#16 Posted by BongChilla (360 posts) -

Don't let perfection be the enemy of good.

Its a good game and for people who enjoyed the first two its incredible by comparison.

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#17 Posted by Efesell (4510 posts) -

The open world of Witcher 3 feels hand crafted to an almost unnecessary degree.

Now the notion of 'nothing generic' to the worlds of Gothic.... yeah alright sure. That's a belief someone can have I guess.

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#18 Edited by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

It's ok. I wasn't a fan either

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#19 Posted by Richardqx (159 posts) -

FrodoBaggins: If you were born like 2002 and started to play 7 years later...

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#20 Posted by zulululul (55 posts) -

@efesell: I found myself combat rolling myself into boredom. Another aspect of combat I disliked was the frequency that I was attacked by enemies off screen.

Overall I still played the game a ton, I just found the combat to be a bummer.

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#21 Posted by Efesell (4510 posts) -

@zulululul: I mean that's fine if you don't like the combat because you think it plays bad I was more confused about the other part of not fitting the tone of the game.

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#22 Posted by zulululul (55 posts) -

@efesell: I stand by that comment as well. I find the game to be more methodical, slower paced, and thoughtful whereas the combat is noisy hack and slash. I wish I could graft Horizon's combat on to W3.

That is my opinion/experience.

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#23 Posted by Brackstone (915 posts) -

I'm with you, I actually thought it was a step back from The Witcher 2.

The way I see it, it's main competitor is Skyrim, and while it's not as big or as open as Skyrim, it's big enough that it doesn't matter. However, whereas Skyrim has boring combat, generally uninteresting writing, poor presentation and so on, The Witcher gets those things right. Not by being particularly great at anything, but it does a lot of things surprisingly well for a game as large as it is. The sidequests aren't all the most amazing knock your socks off things ever, for example, but they're certainly a step above 90% of videogame sidequests, so by industry standards, to have that many side quests with that high a bar of quality is quite impressive, even if each one isn't really all that amazing in the grand scheme of things. If anything, the sidequests are let down by the main plot.

If the combat were better and the main plot more interesting or better paced, I think I'd rank it a lot higher than I currently do. I wish the game had maintained that Bloody Baron level of quality, but it just didn't.

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#24 Posted by indure (104 posts) -


I actually didn't enjoy the Witcher 3 as well, but that is because it wasn't a good fit for what I was looking for in an RPG. That being said, I'm concern you can't understand why this game is considered a masterpiece. I think you are looking at the game in the wrong terms. It isn't a game with fun and interesting mechanics, it is a game that is 100% built around story, characters, and world-building, which it does top notch. At its core, it is you inhabiting another person's life and having to make all the difficult decisions that not only tangibly affect the people around you but also the fate of the world. CD Project Red did a great job in this, giving you meaningful and tough choices, good ties to the people around you and like Efesell said the world building is next level, even unnecessarily so. Take for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyKsC3bklIE, a fully voice song about the love of your life, that you just encounter in a tavern (no real story attached to it), because ... CDPR is crazy in their level of detail.

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#25 Posted by Big_Denim (840 posts) -

I absolutely love the world and characters that CD Projekt Red have so lovingly realized and translated. I have my qualms with the game (Dandelion portion of the story and lines like "How you like that silver!?"). It's still a fantastic game in my opinion, though I totally recognize why some people don't enjoy the combat and exploration. Some of it is certainly clunky to say the least.

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#26 Edited by Justin258 (15661 posts) -

Different strokes for different folks. I really enjoyed it, I thought it was a gorgeous game with some great writing and a combat system that I enjoyed despite its flaws.

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#27 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1644 posts) -

Easily one of my favorite games of all time. I can understand how some might not enjoy the combat, but I totally had fun with it. Everything else was absolute top tier. Not to mention the two DLC's that both had some of the best storytelling and worldbuilding of anything I have ever played.

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#28 Posted by poobumbutt (960 posts) -

@richardqx: Oh, cool. The "maybe if you're a child" argument. What's next, gatekeeping?

I respect that you don't like the Witcher 3. I love it and think it belongs with the greats of the industry. But it's also one of those games where I can see the cracks that would be HUGE problems for some people, so I get it. And even besides that, obviously someone's opinion should be appreciated regardless.

But it's possible to do all this without making snide comments and making your post feel more mean-spirited than it needs to.

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#29 Posted by turboman (9893 posts) -

The only thing worthwhile in Witcher 3 is GWENT and this has been my opinion for years.

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#30 Posted by The_Last_Starfighter (510 posts) -

Hands down one of the greatest videogame accomplishments of all time, it's a shame you're not really enjoying it.

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#31 Posted by TheChris (524 posts) -

No offence but I’m gonna be a bit offensive now...

Nah, but really, it’s okay to have wrong opinions about stuff :P

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#32 Posted by SethMode (2020 posts) -

@turboman: So, you have bad takes outside of wrestling I guess?

I'm just kidding, of course. But this thread is as hyperbolic as your post haha.

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#33 Edited by Nodima (2615 posts) -

If it had remained a lower stakes game, I could have played that game forever. The DLCs and the first two thirds of that game are world building of the highest caliber, and though completing every single task does reveal how formulaic a lot of the side quests can be (person was killed as a result of their hubris, couple was torn apart by their love for one another, one guy in the crew hoped to take the money and run and so on) the actual writing of them is engaging enough to see you through.

I don't think it rates in my all-time catalog but it was definitely an awesome experience and a great time sink (I put nearly two years into that game to see it all the way through).

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#34 Posted by Veektarius (6410 posts) -

But I was not trying to be controversial, I just said what I felt...

If you're not trying to be controversial, why would you post a bunch of controversial opinions on a public forum?

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#35 Posted by imchardo (61 posts) -

I didn't enjoy it enough to finish it either. I tried twice and got about 75 hours in each time and just fell off it.

I'm unclear why it's failed to grab me - big open world action RPG is my favorite genre. I put over 300 hours into each of Skyrim and Fallout 4. But Witcher 3 is one of those games I am just resigned to being luke warm about.

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#36 Posted by Rahf (500 posts) -

Dear OP, it feels like you're dancing in and out of a viper's nest. Sometimes you're actively intimidated, and other times you're trying to poke one of us as if we'd ever bite and harm you.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that's the beauty of free speech. It's a shame you didn't muster more criticism than five incredibly generalized sentences to, what I believe to be, one of the most nuanced video game narratives and experiences this decade.

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#37 Edited by FrodoBaggins (2068 posts) -

@richardqx: I've been playing games since the very early nineties. Played most of the greats, Square, Bioware, Black Isle, Obsidian etc etc. I still think The Witcher 3 is better however.

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#38 Edited by BrunoTheThird (834 posts) -

Sometimes we're just indifferent to the greatness in front of us. I have no problem critiquing classics like The Last of Us harshly, because they're extremely flawed in multiple areas, but I'm very in-depth and detailed in my reasoning. I played it twice and hated almost everything about it, and for valid reasons I've divulged fully on the site, but characterization is the one area I didn't have a leg to stand on. That's where the fact it's regarded as a classic becomes very, very clear, whether I liked it or not. Joel and Ellie are about as well realized as protagonists can possibly be, and that ascends like a rocket above the awful gameplay and utterly trite setting.

I think when we flippantly dislike things, it comes across as unsound or petty to those of us who really relish in breaking things down in a passionate but thorough way. If your arguments were more layered and specific, and less like the simplified, often one-word reasons you gave, people would be genuinely interested to hear about it.

In terms of sheer world design, characterization, scope, voice acting, storytelling, and depth, the game is simply and undeniably extremely well made. Just because you dislike something doesn't necessarily mean it negates those qualities. For example, I accept that Blue Velvet is an amazing example of cinema, but I've never felt more contempt for a piece of art in my entire life. So be it. It isn't controversy, it's honesty, but it comes down to whether you go for a mocking and flippant critical vehicle , or a thoughtful and analytical one, that dictates how it's going to be received.

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#39 Posted by turboman (9893 posts) -

@sethmode: Are you a fan of Dark Souls game by chance because I have some more opinions I'd like to share.

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#40 Posted by SethMode (2020 posts) -

@turboman said:

@sethmode: Are you a fan of Dark Souls game by chance because I have some more opinions I'd like to share.

These are the rare occasions that I lament the lack of a "like" button.

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#41 Posted by SethMode (2020 posts) -

@nodima said:

If it had remained a lower stakes game, I could have played that game forever. The DLCs and the first two thirds of that game are world building of the highest caliber, and though completing every single task does reveal how formulaic a lot of the side quests can be (person was killed as a result of their hubris, couple was torn apart by their love for one another, one guy in the crew hoped to take the money and run and so on) the actual writing of them is engaging enough to see you through.

This take shook me a little bit. Particularly in how much I agree with it (and I DO put The Witcher 3 in my top 10, personally -- I just...never thought about how formulaic the side quests were in the moment!).

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#42 Edited by Rahf (500 posts) -

@sethmode: this is what I loved about it. In a sense, and whether deliberate or not, they took all these familiar little narratives and spent more energy on presentation than necessarily innovation. Couple that with the overall cynicism that permeates the Witcher series as a whole, and you're given a work that feels positively intriguing.

I mean, take the Red Baron and provide the synopsis: alcoholic man hurts family through his violent stupor and drives them away. Seeks forgiveness for his actions.

At first glance, I feel like I've both heard of real-life events, and plenty of fictional stories, where that particular scenario is either floated or presented in full. But none of them are as twisty and macabre as that entire storyline. And when it wraps up nobody's the same, for better or worse.

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#43 Posted by SethMode (2020 posts) -

@rahf: Definitely! I think it's kind of a boon to the game in some respects, it's just not really a way I thought about it before. It's a credit that it can make fetch and murder quests so intriguing, really.

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#44 Edited by NTM (11827 posts) -

When pointing out that there are mundane things behind the question marks, that's true, but there are many, many hidden exclamation marked places that have side quests with random NPC characters, and it fleshed the world out a bit. Even after 200 hours or more, you'll still find some. I love the story, characters and find the world relaxing to explore (albeit, also a bit dark). It's my favorite open world game for sure, beating out Red Dead Redemption and probably favorite fantasy RPG as well, beating out Dragon Age by a bit. I played 400 hours of it on the PS4, and bought it on the Xbox One X and put 50 plus hours into it already. I'm just holding off playing further until I get a 4K TV. It's not perfect.

I think the combat works better than most of its ilk (open world, sword-playing fantasy RPG), but it's not spectacular and it isn't even that challenging on its hardest, which I am playing on the X version. There can be a few minor glitches here and there and yeah, the things behind the question marks are undeniably repetitive and dull, but in my first playthrough especially, the things behind question marks were simply there to say 'hey, explore the world, maybe you'll find something interesting!' and I often did, which wasn't the question marked areas. I also really like a lot of the soundtrack, but not every track is equal. It was what was in between those question marked areas that I liked, not the repetitiveness of hitting all those marks.

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#45 Edited by NTM (11827 posts) -

@brunothethird: The Last of Us is incredible in gameplay and setting (the setting is in large part why I loved it, but also the gameplay too, almost making the characters and story throughout the game just the cherry on top)... So, valid reasons as to why the game is bad? Valid to you maybe. I've seen some pretty bad arguments for why The Last of Us doesn't play well. It seems to be the only game I really don't see a lot of validity in one's criticism toward. That said, it's a different discussion. It's not perfect, but even its issues (like enemy A.I. not being able to see friendly A.I) is negligible when you think about what it could otherwise be.

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#46 Posted by lead_dispencer (539 posts) -

Witcher 3 is the pinnacle of what the human race can accomplish. Not only are you wrong, you’re stupid. Please leave earth immediately.

Sarcasm aside. I enjoyed the Witcher even when people had its gripes. I enjoyed the combat where people loathed it. I spent too much time play a virtual card game when I thought it was going to be bullshit.

It’s not for everyone. But I’m surprised about your take on the music. I enjoyed it when you make it to town and start shopping or getting a long needed haircut.

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#47 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2068 posts) -

@ntm: for me, the Last of Us was one of the most visceral, heart pounding gameplay experiences I've ever had. Whenever I hear people say the gameplay was bad I can't help but disagree.

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#48 Posted by cikame (2831 posts) -

No offense taken... not sure why we needed to know though.

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#49 Edited by BrunoTheThird (834 posts) -

@ntm: I don't think any intelligent person uses the phrase "valid criticism" to mean absolute, concrete facts to all who have the honor of reading their precious critique. For me, the melee and shooting mechanics are clunky and close to frustrating, especially the PS3 version. I think the PS4 version fixed some of that iffiness just by having a superior controller experience, and it was better, but it's still one of Naughty Dog's least accomplished aspects in their games, that lack of tightness. I'm sure someone will say that's intentional, to emulate the lack of experience these characters had with weapons and combat situations, or that "I had no problems with the shooting or melee", but maybe I'm really unforgiving compared to them? It's valid, because it was true for my experience. Would you say the combat in TLoU is also incredible, or is their room in your reverence to see that it could be considered flawed?

There are stealth sections that are poorly constructed in that game, which is especially apparent on the hardest difficulty setting, and the loose mechanics made it extra frustrating. I picked that difficulty, so I have to take responsibility in that regard, but I think it's the game developers' responsibility to make each difficulty setting cohesive in its own way, but I found the A.I. of the zombies (clickers mostly) in certain sections overly sensitive to the point it felt like an artificially constructed experience on that difficulty. You mentioned another A.I. thing that bugged me, but I wasn't frustrated too much with that stuff.

The setting is perhaps one of the most unoriginal of its kind, and I have no leeway on that point, personally. I'm not saying it wasn't good or enjoyable or well put together, but for me, it was overly familiar and dull at times.

I'm not trying to be inflammatory or unfair with my next comment, but the fact you think it genuinely might be the only game that nobody can have valid criticism toward rubs me the wrong way, not because I don't believe you think it rates that high, but because I think if you can reason and articulate it clearly and well, and aren't too much of a reductive snob, you can criticize everything to some degree, even fairly, as long as you aren't just trying to piss on parades. The Witcher 3 is another prime example of an amazing video game that has its flaws, and The Last of Us is no different, nor is any other game. For me, that is, but I don't think we need to clarify every point with,"in my opinion"s and "for me"s, we know it's all personal at some level.

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#50 Edited by NTM (11827 posts) -

@brunothethird I didn't say people can't criticize it, I said most people that criticize it I don't often agree with in the aspect of the game they're talking about. Generally, there are games people will give valid criticism for and I agree even though I find it negligible, while they don't. With The Last of Us, people generally say things about it that I don't find true in my experience, so I don't agree. I am curious what exactly it is about the combat/shooting that you find clunky? This is getting off-topic, but I'll end with this comment I think.

To me, it does sound like it's just not for you. Maybe you expected, or just appreciate a different style, it doesn't necessarily mean the quality of the game is less impressive because you don't like its style as much. Flawless is a stretch for most things, but I really didn't have any issue with the game. I think the dynamic of going from stealth, gunfire, to hand-to-hand is incredibly immersive and satisfyingly brutal as you can and sometimes have to seamlessly go from one to the other. I think one criticism I've heard a bunch of times is its stealth, and how you can't pick bodies up and move them like in Splinter Cell, to me that doesn't make a lot of sense in the context of the game, but also, you can't move bodies, you just have to put them in a choke hold first

The punching animations when you're just punching air is a bit goofy, so... There's a criticism. I've played through the game about eight times, most of them on the hardest difficulty. A lot of it is about learning of your surroundings and finding the best way to go about it, but when you don't know the best ways (and sometimes even when you do) there are some exhilarating moments. I am not sure what parts of the game you're talking about in which you had an issue, but I can say that, at least in my experience, there wasn't one part that I felt frustrated in.

Ugh. I just edited this a few times. I might do it again later. Sorry.