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So I know this forum is deader than dead...but--anyone else holding out hope to see Timesplitters 2 (and Future Perfect!) added to XB1 backward compatibility?

Not sure what the chances are, but maybe it's possible? Sure hope it happens--would be great to have a way to play this on a modern TV!

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#2 Posted by The_Greg (539 posts) -

I would like to see all games added. I'd love to play Timesplitters again but it isn't the top of my list.

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#3 Posted by glots (4294 posts) -

If Blinx got a second chance, anything can happen. Also how is this a dead forum? Unless you meant the sub-forum for TS2.

I just wish they could modernize the control schemes for old shooters with these re-releases.

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#4 Edited by The_Greg (539 posts) -

I'd like to play Brute Force on Xbox One.

Soldier of Fortune 2 would make me happy but that will never happen.

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I mean, that'd be cool. Oh heck, that'd be cool. I was going to add a 'but', but you can buy digitally if it comes, so yeah. Why I was really going to add 'but' in though was that I'd rather have three because I have three on the Xbox. I have two on GameCube. I've been seeing some people (including my brother) not being able to buy Panzer Dragoon Orta off the store.

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So does Crytek own the IP, is it up to them?

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Yeah I could see it happen. I never thought Battlefront 1 was ever going to be backwards compatible considering it's absence on Steam but there it is.

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@ntm I've got both 2 and 3 on the Cube too but would be happy to buy either of them digitally for $10. Easier than digging out my old disks and finding a way to hook up my old system.

@glots I meant this TS2 subforum, only other thread was from 2009.

But yeah, it's true, if Blinx came back, anything can happen.

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That cover is so fucking 2002.

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@dahnosaur: Yes! I have two copies for 8 player matches and am hoping I will not need to rely on OG Xboxes any more.