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Thought i'd share the sale I found in r/GameDeals. A Russian website called Yuplay is selling a region free version for 1199 rubles/monopoly money, which exchanges to $33.78USD/real money. Just go to the site, select the PayPal option in the drop down menu, and pay with the security of knowing that PayPal might get you your money back if things go tits up and EA decides to ban your account (which I highly doubt will happen).

I know a lot of people were hesitant on getting a $60 multiplayer game, so a ~$30 multiplayer game is probably a lot easier to swallow. I've already gone through the process and I'm currently pre-loading the game on Origin.

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Some of those key selling sites can be sketchy. I would urge anyone considering this deal to research the site before buying.

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With a name like that you'd think this site was owned by the same people behind Game Bomb.

I mean legit or not it's hard to not be suspicious.

Anyway it's cool if it works. No interest whatsoever in Titanfall but might keep the site in mind for other games.

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Why are they selling it so cheap? I wonder if it's selling stolen keys or something. I agree that it sounds pretty sketchy.

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@random45: I believe it's so cheap because in Russia (as well as other eastern European countries, I think), game prices are dramatically lower than elsewhere in the world. Something about rampant pirating being an issue, and the lower prices being a means of combating that or something. I dunno, I'm an American, what do I know?

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That sure is tempting as I get a new computer on Tuesday and will be able to play it....I'll just wait for a sale in the future.

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@andorski: Cheers for this!

Thought the beta was fun but nothing incredible so the chance to pick up the game for 20 quid was fantastic. Should waste a few hours before the Dark Souls II PC release.

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@jjweatherman: As I understand it Origin treats cd-keys as region free. They lock the region and release date based upon the account details within Origin.

So, for example, the key I just bought unlocks based on the European release dates whereas the OP's version is already pre-loading.

They've certainly never cared up till now, I don't think something like Origin can afford to lose any business whilst trying to becoming a legitimate steam alternative. Though, damn, it's always a bit pant-squeeky tapping in a paypal password when coming from a page mainly in Russian :)

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Be careful with getting a Russian key. I got one for BF3 and the entire game was in Russian and the only way to switch languages was to add the English language files back into the game after every update.

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Eh.... Sometimes it's better to just pay full price for security and peace of mind.

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Dammit...Man I was about to jump in on it but then when all you other duders started saying stuff it gave me pause ;_;

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Russia is teh sex.

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Just to confirm, this definitely lists as a multi-language version when registering the key - though can't test until the European release date

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What a great way to pay someone for a game while still pirating it

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Get VPN (Hola Unblocker)

Goto Origin.Com

Use VPN to Mexico

Click "reservalo ya"

Click "ir a caja"

When you are on the page where it asks you to connect to your account, turn the VPN off.

Login to account. You can change your language at the bottom if you like.

Enter details.

Purchase. Price should be MXN499

Got the digital deluxe version for $48 doing this^

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For anyone wondering, apparently all versions of Titanfall download language data for every region (That's why its so big apparently), so you should be able to buy this and switch it to English no problem.

I haven't tested it though, already bought it off Origin.

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Bought Titanfall + Season pass for £28/$46 from Mexican Origin site where's it is being sold for £60/$100 on UK one the only problem is that it is taking forever to pre-load atm :/

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Yeah somehow the Mexican origin store sells the stuff quite cheaply ... which is good I think , altho Im not interested in Titanfall whatsoever

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For anyone curious about the language issue -

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@shadow said:

What a great way to pay someone for a game while still pirating it

Not quite sure how this is piracy?

I mean I collect a lot of Criterion blu-rays which I have to import from the US. I'm still paying someone for a legitimate copy of that product, even if it's bought outside of my own country. If I just downloaded a rip that'd be piracy but not buying a real product.

I guess you could argue you are taking advantage of a poorly organised regional lock or inappropriate locations but I can't see paying the people who make a product for a copy of that product as piracy?

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@ultraboi: No kidding, the audio is currently unpacking for me about which totals 35000 MiB. I haven't had an install process take this long since the windows 3.1 days.