Why the hate?

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Maybe jumping into the game late after months of people passing this game off as 'meh, its ok' tempered my expectations but overall it is a lot of fun. I have very few complaints when it comes to gameplay and consistently walk away feeling satisfied with my time spent. The biggest fault is the almost barren community. Which brings me to my question: What went wrong here? Would a vastly improved Titanfall be a contender for best new online shooter?

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It just doesn't have enough content weapon or level wise to sustain a large community. It was a really fun game, but it was hurt a lot by only having one weapon of each type.

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I think Titanfall is a classic case of expectations being too high. It's a solid shooter, but for whatever reason people were expecting a mindblowing revolutionary experience. If it had come out without the hype I think people would have enjoyed it a lot more.

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It's sole gimmick was "hey you can fight on Mechs!!!!", thing is that fighting on mechs was pretty much the same as fighting on foot except the camera was a little higher above ground and at least as far as I'm concerned it felt you went down even faster than as a dude so... didn't much care for it.

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It was just too thin. Personally, the appeal of multiplayer shooters for me are having a bunch of challenges and unlocks to complete, giving me a set of goals to always complete and trigger those endorphins. Titanfall had too few weapons and not enough of these challenges. I enjoyed getting to the level cap, but after that, I was finished with it. If Titanfall 2 has more to it (which I'm sure it will), I will be entirely onboard for the long haul.

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I don't know if I would categorize the attitude towards this game as hateful.

Instead it was more of a let down. I for one did want to play the game but to shell out $60 for a multiplayer only shooter didn't seem worth my money. I do know plenty of people, like Chris Watters over at Gamespot, really enjoyed Titanfall and kept up coverage of the DLC.

I do look forward to a Titanfall 2 and hope they can expand on those original ideas further and make them better.

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I never got the feeling people hated it, they just weren't really excited by it.

For me the mechs fight against what I think has made most modern shooters popular.

When you think of Battlefield and CoD and others, these are 1 shot, 1 kill games. This means that while great players do tend to win most, poor players can still "easily" get kills (and no, bots aren't really that satisfying to plow). The mechs completely undo this affect. In any game with a clan who is even trying a little bit to organize their drops, we'll wipe the map completely. So I dunno. It's a bit more Haloy in that regard. Finally I think not having a campaign hurt them more than they imagined it would.

I think if you take that and combine it with, like others said, the wild overhype we received, and it makes sense that Titanfall is mostly just whispered now.

I do think Titanfall 2 could be a big deal though. It's a cool game, and I enjoyed it for a week or two, just got bored fast.

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I actually was really into it, and I still play it occasionally (the Xbox One player base has stayed pretty active in comparison to PC).

I can understand some of the complaints of limited content, but there was a decent portion of people that I think just wanted the game to be something it never was intended to be - largely due to this weird misconception some people have that multiplayer shooters have to grow in scale and player count becoming more like Battlefield over time.

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I really liked it a lot, and I played a bunch of it on the 360. I also bought the PC version, but it is like a wasteland most of the times I get on.

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It was a $60 game that should've been $15-20 for the amount of content it had in it. It's still a fun game. It was just overhyped to second-coming levels. When you expect the absolute best and only get something alright, it's a little bummer (but only a little one).

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Hate? Did anyone hate this game? I mean I don't love it and they over promised for sure, but hate? I never once got that vibe from anyone. The weapons were ok, but they lacked customisation. The single-player was a joke but was forced upon you to unlock the Titans, and I mean the world just lack atmosphere. Again, I really like this game and have put a lot of time into it, but it's a solid 7/10 game to me.

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If Titanfall had come out with the amount of content that usually comes with the COD multiplayer, I think people would have stayed with it longer and maybe had not been so meh about it. The mechanics were solid and refreshing it's just that it lacked so much content when compared to other shooters that people got burned out rather quickly.

I really just think that the game needed more content for the multiplayer though. People don't buy COD or Battlefield for their campaign modes, nor do they care too much when those are rather bad like Ghosts or any Battlefield game that is not Bad Company.

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@limond said:

It just doesn't have enough content weapon or level wise to sustain a large community. It was a really fun game, but it was hurt a lot by only having one weapon of each type.

It's a lack of content and a tiny base of players, I felt pretty burned by Titanfall.

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I thought it was plenty fun, though i sucked at it initially. Should have kept on playing it while it was still bumping. Also sounds like they added a bunch of crap later on; i'll probably jump in sometime and hopefully be able to see how it is.

From whst i could tell it didn't take much time at all to reach max level, and i could tell it was otherwise light on content. Sad to say since it really sounded like Respawn was going for broke on this game, but i feel a Titanfall 2 could realky fucking kill it given the right tweaks and a boost in initial content.

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Great game, but it definitely had a hefty amount of hype before launch. And unfortunately I think it suffered because of that.

In a world where Titanfall was released without any advertising or prior knowledge, I could see a stronger fan base holding to it.

All speculation of course, and it is a great game.