Division 2 Open Beta Starts March 1st

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Who else here is ready to kick the tires of the next Schlooter?

Details on what's in it:


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I think I got enough of a taste from the previous closed beta. I've already got it pre-ordered, and I'm hyped to play the full game in about a week and a half.

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@chaser324: Same here, I'm going to hold off. Apex will keep me busy for at least 12 more days.

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Combat here is still awesome, Shooting and cover system feel great, even with a low level gun it was satisfying. Which I dont think the first one was, until you got better equipment.

Looting and searching for items still isn’t fun. The game doesnt feel designed for that in mind, yet they want you to look around..

It’s hard to tell whats lootable, and that’s compounded by the X icon (to take cover) appearing on every surface you look at.

Like Division 1, I’ll enjoy this for under $20. The DC environment looks fun.

The open beta is glitching for me and I can’t get past the second mission— It tells me to blow up debris, but you cant cross path once it’s gone. Oh well!

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I played through the first couple missions they have in this and it...feels a whole lot like any given mission from the first game.

But I thought the shooting just overall felt a little better and the armor system made it feel like I could have an actual firefight by myself instead of peeking out killing one guy and being absolutely lit up in the process.

Also pretty impressed with how well it ran on my now very aging PC.

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I'm enjoying it way more than I thought I would coming out of Division 1. It's very much the same game, but everything feels *better*. Not just visually, but as @efesell said above, the shooting feels better, the actual encounters are more interesting, and the NPC AI seems much better than the previous game -- I've definitely noticed the enemies trying stuff like flanking me that I never really noticed in D1, and the friendlies are smart about placement too. It's a neat game.

@tinygallon I had that glitch as well, if you go to Uplay, right click the game, and hit "verify files" it'll push out a microfix for that.

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I gotta say that the shooting feels much better than the prequel, is the enemies reaction to bullets new to the game?

Unfortunately, i couldn't play much of the beta since my play through was interrupted by the scheduled maintenance.

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@giant_gamer: The devs have said that they’ve toned down the bullet-sponginess of the enemies.