end game? (Why are they holding back it back? (if they are?))

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first off, i had a good time with the game - if this is all there is, I can live with that. I'm now about gear level 450 in tier 4 and I have 3-4 side missions left...

then what? I think i missing something about the end game. There is a tier 5, but that didn't unlocked yet. What should I be doing now?

the same quality of gear drops off everything and everyone. caches, people, bounties, missions. I've seen no exotics (named weapons) yet tho.

I haven't done any of the mission on hard, but my guess is the gear is the same there too. I guess i'll try that, but this is a loot shooter, for the effort, i'd like the chance for more sexy lootz. That said, maybe that part of the grind happens in tier 5.

So i guess the real question is: when is tier 5 out and other than higher numbers is something going to change in the gear meta?

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wooo… there is some hidden stuff. I got a mission from some person hiding in a basement. It looks like it starting a quest chain. i wonder what it will be (i don't google it)

There are also hidden bosses around to get ivory keys or something too.

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The game only just officially released yesterday, and they have a full year of content releases planned. Just be patient.

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If I have to geuss tier 5 probably involves 8 people raids which hasn’t come out yet.