Hall of Fame Characters Not on Disc

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As the title says, the Hall of Fame characters (He-Man, Cobra Commander, etc.) are not included on the physical disc. If you buy the physical version, you get a code to download those four heroes, of which I was not aware. Since GameFly did not send that separate code along in an email or in the protective sleeve, I thought I would let other people know who may want to rent the Hall of Fame Edition exclusively for the extra characters.

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@boss_kowbel: Yeah, I rented through Gamefly. I posted about it on the QL video, and was told it was a code in the box.

Now I'm not sure if I want to "keep" the game from Gamefly for 22 bucks and get the box. Or if I want to buy He-Man, play the game, then send it back. Or maybe just play with the default armies and send it back.

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Even worse, half the time I can't use them because it doesn't authenticate the DLC.

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To be fair it does say "NOTE: Code required to access Hall of Fame Edition bonus content is included with purchase, but not with rental of this title."