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I'll preface this by saying bastion actually got me to buy an xbox360 and I enjoyed it immensely, probably one of my favorite games , and I even just double dipped for it again on pc.

I love the look and style of transistor. The art is AMAZING, and the music is fantastic, but the part where it's a game is just not gripping me.

I feel like the combat while having a lot of options doesn't feel good. I was fine with the tactical play with pausing and planning out actions, but once I got in I kind of wanted a more twitch based system.

I would like to be able to change my abilities on the fly not necessarily in combat but at least not have to wait for the terminals. I feel like to many times I tried out a combo that I didn't like and then ended up back tracking or pushing through with a setup I wasn't having any fun with.

Also the game crashing multiple times over the course of first chapter did not help and now I'm not sure I really feel the need to finish it.

I gladly purchased this for my personal quest for a super giant games made reboot of mk shaolin monks but I just don't think this one is for me this time.

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No, I loved everything about it.

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I think it's a much better game than Bastion was. Bastion was aesthetically pleasing, but I didn't really like playing it. Transistor's story didn't blow me away as much as I was hoping, but I definitely enjoyed playing it.

It's one of those games where things need to click before it's actually fun though. At the beginning I felt like I was just stumbling around and pretty much only succeeding by brute force, which isn't very satisfying, but once you find some good function combos and figure out some good strategies you start to feel awesome.

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One thing you can always count on from any game, especially if it reviews well, is a posting from someone explaining how they dont like it, get it, or it just isnt good. Congrats, you have kept the string alive. i was actually worried, but knew someone, somewhere would pull though.

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@zeik: That was pretty much my experience as well. The attacks you have in the beginning of the game just aren't that fun to plan out during Turns. So instead, I tried to play it more like Bastion and use the Turn less. As you get further though, you get better attacks and are able to make much more satisfying combos that are actually fun to plan out in Turns.

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Anyone? Someone? No one?


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I liked it just fine. Why does mine or anyone else's feeling invalidate yours?

ps. I've never had it crash. You might want to investigate it if it other games are crashing too because Transistor isn't that complex or taxing.

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I love it, I'm just terrible at playing it.

Well worth my 15 bucks, and I would definitely suggest it to people as something well worth playing.

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I'm enjoying Transistor, but it didn't grab me nearly as quickly as Bastion did. I'm certainly hearing and seeing a lot less talk about this game across the web than I did with Bastion. I hope that it isn't indicative of sales.

@me3639 said:

One thing you can always count on from any game, especially if it reviews well, is a posting from someone explaining how they dont like it, get it, or it just isnt good. Congrats, you have kept the string alive. i was actually worried, but knew someone, somewhere would pull though.

Almost as important as the dismissive, passive-aggressive poster. Keeping the trend alive since the mid 90s.

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So you went into Transistor just expecting Bastion 2 and that's why you don't like it? Ok.

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I like it the second time around a lot more, mostly because I understand the combat system fully now and you have access to all your skills from the first play through. The combat in the early stages of the first play through is very dull.

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you know i didnt play bastion,but bastion looked good enough that i thought for a second to buy a 360.i havent been interested at all to play transistor.i dont know what it is but i just dont care about anything that game has too offer.

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the gameplay really clicked for me in the 2nd half. it's probably cause i'm bad at games, but i like how the powers short circuiting kind of forces you to try new combinations. never really found a be-all end-all combo (maybe spark() combined with jaunt() and whatever the corrosion/damage over time one was) but i had a good time trying out different things.

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@garris: It was OK. I talked at length about what I think is wrong with the game in other threads so in short, it was kinda average for me and also didn't really hook me. It also crashed for me which ultimately made me put it down instead of going into NG+ and messing around a bit more. Three times I had to redo the beginning only to have it crash before a checkpoint, and at the fourth time I decided that I'm just not going to waste anymore of my time.

So to break the jerk-trend of the thread, no you're not alone, I didn't think it was all that either.

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I wasn't into it immediately, and sort of actively disliked it at first, but then it suddenly clicked with me once I figured out how to play to my liking, and I've been playing it a ton ever since, experimenting with builds and doing challenges, etc.

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didn't really did it. Story wasn't interesting and many details were hidden or just throwaway explaining, the Transistor never fucking shut up compared to Bastion where I didn't feel he was constantly yammering, the art was great yet the environments got very same-y.....I can see why people appreciated these 2 games but I didn't like either.

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I really didn't like it. I felt that the story was poorly done and the combat was really lacking in a lot of areas. If Bastion was a game where every design choice Supergiant made ended up being spot on, Transistor was Bastion from an alternate reality where every design choice went wrong somewhere along the line.

It's a pity, because there is definitely a lot of potential in Transistor, but so little of it was realized.

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@jesus_phish said:

I like it the second time around a lot more, mostly because I understand the combat system fully now and you have access to all your skills from the first play through. The combat in the early stages of the first play through is very dull.

OK, that's good to hear. I've been busy with school and other real life things, so despite buying it on launch day, I've played all of 90 minutes of Transistor, much of which was spent meticulously reading every description of stuff in menus and exploring each area to make sure I missed nothing. In that time I beat the first boss, and while I'm intrigued by the story and finding out more about the setting, the combat hasn't grabbed me yet. Am I meant to do much of anything when not using Turn()? I find I usually just run away/Jaunt away while waiting for Turn to recharge, unless it's a piss easy fight with weak enemies where I can mash a basic attack and autowin.

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@bisonhero: You can build your functions toward being able to utilize skills more outside of turn, and sometimes it is better to not jump into turn immediately, but I tended to build toward using turn as much as possible, putting skills like Jaunt in passive slots and utilizing invisibility to keep enemies off me while it recharged.

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I'm not enjoying it because I haven't started playing yet.

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@garris: Well the game hasnt run that well on my config ... but of what I have played I was hooked , really liked the combat systme and how you can use the tactical interface , in reality I dont mind playing this way most of the game , if I wan to play a 100% action rpg I can either play Dark Souls x or load up Bastion. Also the sessesionist/art deco inspired visuals are wonderfull and the little story of wht I played got me hoocke also liked how you can get more story bits by using the powers in different slots etc. So in a nutshell I am enjoying it , but wont play untill it gets fixed for my set up (if ever if not then I will have to play it with all the bad stuff anyway)

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It was ok.. But wasn't mind blowing and was too short.

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I would have said I wasn't, but I'm still pretty early in the game. I fully planned to play more and finish it, but haven't played it since release (Drakengard 3 has largely taken up my free time too) but with people saying the beginning is pretty dull is encouraging me to play more sooner than I planned to push through and start opening up more combat options.

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@garris: I think it is a good game and I am enjoying it but it does suck when you try to experiment and find out your combo basically sucks. You also have to experiment if you want the full info on all the different npcs. That said it is better than Bastion I feel mostly because the narrator is not as tiring.

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I haven't enjoyed it so far, really, at about 4 or so hours in. I am tempted to just dump it off to the side for the time being to play other stuff. In fact, that is pretty much already happening, as I have decided to move on to Watch_Dogs and Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us for this weekend. I didn't like Bastion all that much, either. I've always found the critical adoration for Bastion a bit odd, and am seeing pretty much the same thing with Transistor.

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I wasn't expecting bastion 2 but I was expecting the combat to. Be more action orientated with being able to pause and plan out being the optional part not the other way around.

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I'm underwhelmed, honestly. I've tried different ability combinations and none of them feel great to me. I loved Bastion a whole lot so I'm unfortunately comparing the two. But it just hasn't grabbed me. Doesn't help that I'm almost taking the art and music for granted at this point. "A Supergiant game? Of course it looks and sounds amazing."

I'm a few hours in but haven't even played since the weekend. Damn.