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Hey guys,

Was just wondering if any of the other Canadian users here shared the same thoughts as me on this point in the game. The battle of Vimy Ridge is a very significant moment in Canadian history, and it is portrayed beautifully by the game, with the hoisting of the Red Ensign (the flag Canada used before 1965 for those non-Canadian users) and the smoke behind them turning into the shape of Canada's Vimy Memorial. But I can't but feel, maybe offended isn't the word, but disappointed, that while you're experiencing this most Canadian of moments, you're playing as an American. It's clear that Ubisoft Montpellier knows their history, and having Canada's often overlooked involvement in WWI being portrayed in any form of media makes me proud. But it's a shame that I end up having this disappointed feeling.

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Fellow Canuck here, and based on the great treatment and presence of the Canadians in the game is a great thing, even if the nationality of the character might underscore the history of Vimy.

I wouldn't be disappointed, more often than not the Canadians are mildly forgotten in our roles in the First and Second World War, and we get some decent attention for once. Ypres and Vimy in the same game, that's pretty big stuff for Canada.

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Yeah that's a legit feeling. I certainly...noticed...the same thing but I can't say it was too big a deal for me. Like bmccan42 said, and maybe this is an inferiority complex talking, but It was nice that Canada was mentioned at all.

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I felt the game did very well to be as inclusive as possible. It centres around the French army, but also shows both the Canadian and British forces in key battles. They even had the Gharwal Rifles to highlight how many colonial troops ended up serving and dying in the trenches, and they get overlooked far more than the Canadians.

It's very much a "glass half full" situation, they were actively trying to show as many active participants as possible.

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I'm so used to americanized video games (Understandably, as they have 10x the audience) and it was great to see it shown :) Vimy is an important battle for Canada, as it was the first time we had fought and won under our own command, and not as part of the British Army. Even as allies, Canada felt that this battle defined us as a nation on our own right, and not just a former colony. Love the idea of seeing video games cover lesser known perspectives on the world wars, instead of retelling the same thing in each game.

Given the way the game was developed - using war letters as source material - it does make sense that the focus is on France, as that is likely the material the studio could get access to easily. Also, one of the main plot points wouldnt work with other nationalities, as the rest of us travelled from far away to go to war: French and German citizens from the same family or living in the same place, forced by both nations to fight on opposite sides. And I liked that plot point - it shows the effect of war on the nation in which it is being fought when so often we hear the north american perspective of World War I and II as distant events.

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I felt enthusiastic that they took the time to express Canada's involvement, and especially the brutal and nihilistic experience suffered by the men on the ground. The mustard gas segments are pretty great.

I was not offended that they didn't make their entire game about Canada.