Was "Virtual Console" a dumb name?

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Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) 7 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Was "Virtual Console" a dumb name? (85 votes)

Yeah, pretty dumb. 18%
It's not great but it works. 35%
No, it was cool. 45%
Poll 2%

Jeff's mentioned many times over the years how dumb the term "Virtual Console" was and that always surprised me. I always thought it was a cool label for the emulated retro game catalog but am I alone on this?

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#1 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

It was a fine name. It communicated the idea that you had a virtual version of those consoles you could buy games for. It encouraged collecting and made it clear those games were for other, older machines (because you couldn't have a virtual 360 on a Wii.)

Compared to other Nintendo names (Wii U caused huge damage and probably cost millions of units in sales) Virtual Console is pretty perfect.

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#2 Posted by mellotronrules (2625 posts) -

i think it's dumb insofar as it's a strange way to conceptualize software.

i mean i get it- if you're trying to express the idea to someone who doesn't broadly understand how hardware/software works, calling emulated software a 'virtual console' title kinda sorta communicates the idea. but if it were me i would have just gone with words like 'criterion' or 'classic' or 'legacy' or 'vault,' thereby putting the emphasis on the importance of the software vs. the physical device it came from.

just a matter of taste, though.

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#4 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

@kingbonesaw: I mean...it would be a better way to deliver old games to players if it were actually delivering a sufficient number of the right old games.

2 NES games a month, many of which are terrible games nobody would play, ain't doing it for me.

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#5 Posted by someoneproud (630 posts) -

I've heard a lot worse, at least it gives a reasonable sense of what it actually is, unlike the Xbox names... although at least I have absolutely zero clue what they'll call the next gen Xbox, so I have a surprise to look forward to I guess...

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#6 Posted by nutter (2309 posts) -

I thought it was totally fine.

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#7 Posted by dudeglove (13780 posts) -

Too close of an association to either VR or the Virtua Boy, both of which have severely negative associations. Dumb name and Jeff is right to call it out.

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#8 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2562 posts) -

Dumb name because whenever i hear the name i think its a subscription service

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#9 Posted by MrGreenMan (234 posts) -

The name is whatever, my issue is people misunderstand what is really is. Then again Nintendo and terrible names for things are kind of par for course at this point. Just like Nintendo calling indie games on their platform Nindies. It's a cringy, terrible stupid name and anyone using it makes me want to kick in the face.