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Hello, I've installed Viva Pinata and GFWL, and now I'm trying to start the game. When I execute the Startup.exe, I can see the game loading with the "Microsoft Game Studios" screen appearing, then the screen is going blank and.. everything shuts down. Thank you for your help.

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Well for starters Games for Windows Live died in 2013 and was replaced with Xbox Live games. I also had no idea Viva Pinata was on Windows 10, I searched in my store and found nothing. So I guess you're not using the American store. So I can't really help you. I would recommend going to the Microsoft technical support site and posting this there.

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@casepb: Its not on the windows store. If you have a physical copy of the game you can still play it off that. It still won't solve the GFWL issue though.

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Yes I copied the iso files from my windows 7 pc and managed to install it on my windows 10 laptop. I have no issues with GFWL now, the game is not launching so..

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Did you try launching it with comanatilty mode for windows 7?

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I'm pretty sure this game doesn't work anymore since it was reliant on GFWL

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This Reddit post says you need the latest version of the GFWL Marketplace. Which sounds right, seems like the game is trying to connect to something that no longer exists, when it can't find it, it does a CTD.