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Warframe is now in open beta, so if lacking a beta key was holding you back, go ahead and give it a try.

I've enjoyed my time with the game so far (having a co-op buddy certainly helps). Things to appreciate:

  • Unique art style
  • Drum soundtrack
  • Strong sense of forward momentum
  • Different classes with fun active skills
  • Sliding, jumping, and wall running
  • Combination of guns and melee
  • Weapon and warframe crafting
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I've been playing since just before update 6 and kind of stopped once they announced update 7. Seems to have really screwed over a lot of people who spent hundreds of hours in game and were able to upgrade all of the Warframes and are now more like level 1 players due to the way mods now work. I've also seen that a few people lost a lot of money due to a bug in the mod fusing where it would cost hundreds of thousands to use a rare but a common would cost only a few hundred. However, none of this affects new players or people who hadn't put much time in. It's a game that I enjoy a lot and now that the object creation page has been fixed (error 500 since the new site launched) I can get back to updating the wiki.

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I downloaded it and it's okay. Been playing it a bit with a friend.

I gotta ask though, the fuck is up with the laser doors? They seem to randomly turn on and off and at times just won't turn off. It's stupid as shit. How do I beat the laser doors? There is clearly something I am missing.

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@superwristbands: keep an eye out for the security cameras. Take them out, and no more lasers. Alternatively, some of the warframes have powers that ignore the lasers completely.

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@uberexplodey: just spent about 5 minutes in a room with my friend stuck on the side of a laser wall. I saw what was two cameras, shot and destroyed them, and nothing. After awhile (minutes) the lasers went away and the both of us did absolutely nothing to make it happen.

Maybe they are glitched? It's absolutely infuriating though.

edit: we are starting to notice cameras and moving forward more quickly, so that's cool, but it still doesn't explain why they go down after a few minutes.

edit2: didn't say it the first time, but thanks for the info duder.

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Be thankful they fixed it now....I was playing when this was an honest bug and would annoy the shit out of everyone.

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I was playing in the new environment and one guy got out in front of me and another player and it seemed he didn't really know about the cameras so we were stuck inside the building while he was fighting a bunch of enemies by himself outside. It does seem like they've changed the radius on them though so they can detect you from further away. It kind of sucks at the moment though because I'm just not getting any health or shield drops and before I had enough to get by. I don't know if they have changed the Corpus Walkers by the seems really aggressive. The one's you're meant to worry about is its bigger brother with the yellow legs but they have a much slower fire rate whereas the regular ones have a high rate and there's usually quite a few of them. The new bow is also fairly useless against them.

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Yeah the lasers are still a pain, but overall I think is really a cool co-op shooter. Anyone who liked ME3 multiplayer should check it out.