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With Tommorow (March 8) being the launch of the game, and Ben/Jeff talking about it in the recent bombcast, I'm wondering if anyone else will be playing this game

On Steam I'm pewpewphil, and I mainly play the Witch Hunter sometimes with the elf


We now have a Discord Server for Giant Bomb Vermintide 2 players!

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ATM (only played beta) i like the variety in maps so far and the addition of gear levels. and there loot system seems fair compared to the first one. I am having a lot of fun.

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#3 Posted by ScruffyPK (3 posts) -

Do you unlock any areas or special scenarios by leveling up your character? What's the end game gonna look like here?

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#4 Posted by bluntmcgee (24 posts) -

How is the game with random players? Had some bad experiences in Left for Dead back in the day, when my teammates wanted to speedrun solo when I had no idea what was going on..

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#5 Posted by soulcake (2818 posts) -

@scruffypk: There's a Story mode. You unlock level's as you complete them, there 3 difficulty levels. End game is getting the best gear and trying to find all the tomes witch are hidden books that give you chance on better loot and collecting two grimoires hidden on the map witch are the same as tomes but half up your HP if that makes any sense. There is no raid but the levels are well designed and big enough to give you a lot of replay value.

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@bluntmcgee: I am playing with rando's most of the time and hadn't had a bad experience once. Just stay close to the team and you will be fine.

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I played the closed beta and enjoyed it alot, the core gameplay feels very good but there are alot of questionable design choices and things that should be done to improve QoL (salvaging/crafting system, no way to deal with griefers, host migration resetting game, training dummy is bugged and it's hard to tell if some stats even do anything to name a few) and the developer seems to be really bad at communicating. From what I gather it was like this in V1 too at launch and they haven't learned.

Will probably buy it but waiting until after the release, I'm very conflicted about this one because I found it very addicting but there are many small things that bother me. Waiting to see what the developer is up to, I'm fine with them rushing the release a bit but I wish they'd release some sort of timetable of what they're working on / planning to do.

This is obviously judging the game from a pre-release state but games rarely change that much from late beta to release.

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#8 Posted by YoThatLimp (2511 posts) -

If anyone wants to play this, I'm YoThatLimp on steam - this is my first experience with this game, be gentle.

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#9 Posted by sledgegbay (24 posts) -

I'd be down for playing in a group this Friday afternoon or weekend if anyone wants to. I'm SledgeGBay on steam, and also will be new to the game.

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#10 Posted by gunflame88 (395 posts) -

Played quite a bit of the first game and this one got me hooked too. 30 hours played in Beta only. Can't wait for the full release! Gotta agree, though, the game needs some quality of life changes, but otherwise I'm loving everything else they've done with this one.

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#11 Posted by OurSin_360 (6200 posts) -

What does this do different than the first game? I enjoyed it but it didn't really keep me playing long, the loot system got better but it was kind of a mess and the grimoire game kinda ruined the experience after a while. (basically the exact same runs over and over)

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@oursin_360: The 5 heroes now have 3 career paths each with passive effects and an active ability unique to each one (so 15 different possible classes). You level up individual heroes to get more passive talents for these career paths. There's a whole new faction of enemies along with the old Skaven and new horde and special enemy types which really make for varied encounters. There are also new bosses (rather than just one like in the previous game) and a unique boss in the final mission of each of the three Acts. There's a much better system for obtaining loot and there are new weapons some of which are unique to specific careers. In my subjective opinion the graphics are improved and it runs better at the same time. There will also be modding support.

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#13 Posted by pewpewphil (69 posts) -


I've played with a couple a of quick plays (where you get matched with random players), there generally were no toxic people that I've encountered, and everyone was willing to help each other out. However the skill level varies, as some team have had trouble completing maps on the recruit difficulty


What quality of life changes are you looking for out of the game? If anything my complain is that the recruit difficulty isn't easy enough for some players, where we would wipe out closer to the end. Though to be fair the difficulty was toned down alot from the closed beta, but recruit is no where near easy in Vermintide 1

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#14 Posted by pewpewphil (69 posts) -

@sledgegbay: @yothatlimp:

I'd be will to add anyone from here, so long as we are willing communicate, in game chat thought voice/typing would be fine.

I usually play with randoms so it'll be a nice change :).

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#15 Posted by gunflame88 (395 posts) -

@pewpewphil:Better crafting interface and better explanations of various effects and systems. For example, I didn't know that "Curse resistance" reduces the health you lose while carrying Grims until I read about it on Reddit. By the way, Recruit is not meant to be the Easy difficulty. It's Normal and up from there. The devs said in an interview that they decided they couldn't make this game easy so you start at Normal.

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#16 Posted by pewpewphil (69 posts) -


Hmm, interesting choice for not having an easy mode (for now aleast).

It would be nice if Vermintide had an advanced tutorial around the base or maybe an in game encyclopedia of their systems, like how they had a lore book for their last game. This reminds me of the talk Giantbomb had this week about games and accessibility with Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, The hunt and Vermintide. Whether or not games should be as hand holding, and/or having a community which will help out with easing new players in.

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#17 Posted by rand0mZer00 (465 posts) -


I would also be willing to add as well. This is my first Warhammer game in general, and when I saw the GB crew play it I bought it instantly because it looked so fun. Problem is, I don't have many Steam friends so if you guys would be willing to play with me, I'd appreciate it.

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#18 Posted by DasaKamov (1160 posts) -

I'l throw down with other G-Bombers. :) My Steam ID is the same as on here: DasaKamov.

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#19 Posted by Mike (17997 posts) -

Feel free to add me if you're looking for a group. I have a couple of friends playing this already and we're all low level and new. We're using Discord voice and will be playing next this evening around 9pm Pacific.

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sure whats your steam ID

I'll everyone, so I can hope on and play some vermintide if ur on

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#21 Posted by Nefarious_Al (279 posts) -

This game is pretty good, skipped V1 but glad I picked this up.

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#22 Posted by zaccheus (2097 posts) -

I've played around 5 hours and it's been a lot of fun. Never played the first one nor any Left for Dead either. There is actually some fun dynamics to random player groups and nobody has been an awful person yet, which is nice.

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Been playing a lot of this game, having a great time. I’d be down to play with some bombers

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#24 Posted by flight815 (70 posts) -

I just started playing today. Add me?

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#27 Posted by grandCurator (238 posts) -
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#28 Posted by bluntmcgee (24 posts) -

Some people from Germany here playing Vermintide?

My brother and I currently play on Veteran (lvl 20 Elf & lvl 20 Kruber) but I would like a full group of chill people for the higher difficulties eventually.

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#29 Posted by Xaviar (20 posts) -

I've been having fun with this but mostly playing with bots because the quickplays I've been playing never stick together.

I don't voice chat but I'll listen to you and text chat back!

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Got this game but haven't really played it after the tutorial yet and I'd really appreciate having a nice group for it. I have a microphone for voice chat or discord if you wanna use that.

My region is US West if that matters. Hit me up! :^)

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#31 Posted by Big_Denim (842 posts) -

@captainjudaism: I'm on east coast as well. I'll send you a request today! Always down to crush some rat skulls with some fellow bomb duders.

Any other east coasters are welcome to send me a friend request as well. I am usually on around 7pm - 10pm each night. I'm still a pretty low level and wouldn't mind running through each of the missions in order for others that are also still new to the game.

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#32 Posted by SirDancelot (157 posts) -

I've been having a good time with this game with randos but would love to jump in with some other folks on voice or text chat. Feel free to add me on Steam, going to jump in this afternoon and hope I don't lose power in the blizzard.

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Arrgh, I'm missing out and it's really bumming me out. I've had the game since day 1, but I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my PC. I only got to play the tutorial before I started the build, so I'm eager to jump in proper.

Would love to play with other GB folk. I should be done soon, so please hit me up on Steam sometime. :)

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#35 Posted by musclerider (895 posts) -

Just hit level 15 with one of my characters and beat all the missions at least once. Always down to play more

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#36 Posted by clone8642 (7 posts) -

Just bought this game, and I don't have anyone to play with! Glad I found this thread, I would love to play with other duders. Prefer voice chat

I've leveled up the dwarf to about 4 so far. I live in California btw

add me :)

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#37 Posted by zaccheus (2097 posts) -

It's fun when you are 1 minute from victory with 3 tomes and 2 grimoires and your host disconnects... :(

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#38 Posted by gunflame88 (395 posts) -

@zaccheus: That sucks. Though so far I've had far fewer host disconnects in this game than in the previous one. The devs are promising a solution to this in April, by the way.

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#39 Posted by SquirrelGOD (598 posts) -

Hot damn, I love this game. Already have Dorf up to level 30, and am up for any sort of shenanigans with some Giant Bomb folk (preferably Champion difficulty and higher, but I'm always up for helping newer players).

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#40 Posted by Indigotravel (84 posts) -

I'm swedish and are up for some good teamplay with voice chat.

Hit me up on Steam, Indigotravel.

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#41 Posted by Feenski (8 posts) -

Hey guys!

Not played with anyone apart from randos so far, feel free to nudge me on Steam. I'm based in the UK and generally play between 8 and 10:30pm

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#42 Posted by arcadefire (35 posts) -

Always down to play with some duders. Mostly been going with randoms but would like to change that.

20 Sienna, working on a dorf at some point.

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#43 Posted by sfw44 (275 posts) -

I haven't played too much, but feel free to add me.

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#44 Posted by GrimGlottis (15 posts) -

Im on vacation. I'll be playing a bunch. add me on steam: GrimGlottis

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#45 Posted by jrowley223 (6 posts) -

Just started playing, and I'd be happy to have some people to play with! My steam ID is Jiroxsan.

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#46 Posted by Sweep (10608 posts) -

Rather than everyone posting their individual steam names, we've gone ahead and created a discord channel for Giant Bomb Vermintide players. You can join it by clicking right here.

@pewpewphil: I'll go ahead and make you an admin if you want to join, and I'll update your OP as well.

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Been playing since closed beta and love it. Game has launched in so much better shape than the last one did. My Steam ID is

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#48 Posted by JulianAlgebra (3 posts) -

Just started playing this, really enjoying it so far. Add me on Steam, ID is Shiny Magikarp.

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#50 Posted by Zereta (1531 posts) -

Discord invite's expired!

Also hi everyone! Put in 5 hours into this game so far. It has me hooked and interested in a way I didnt think a Warhammer game ever might.